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Questions to ask yourself if you want to be an escort

How do escorts work? What do escorts do? Are escorts legal?

These are the questions people ask most often when they first hear about this profession.
While the money, glamorous lifestyle and flexible schedule may be enough to tempt you to become an escort, it’s important to consider many concepts before quitting your day (or night) job to enlist as a professional. Questions such as how your family will accept your new vocation, will you be willing to work long hours and do you have the skills to perform as an escort should be closely examined before jumping into escorting full-time. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will your friends and family members accept your new profession? Will they be accepting of your work or judgmental? Many times escorts find that they must hide their profession from their family and friends, because their loved ones will not approve of their lifestyle. Sometimes, the deceit one must go through in order to maintain their profession as an escort can drive families apart or cause important relationships to suffer. Examine how this may affect the relationships you have with the important people in your life.
  • Do you want to work independently or with an agency? When you work independently, you must obtain your own clients, set your own appointments, do your own marketing, provide your own security and take care of your own paperwork. However, as an independent escort, you are not required to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by an agency or see clients you find distasteful. When you work with an agency, you take the appointments they set for you, allow them to deal with all of the financial issues and utilize their security guards or drivers. Working with an agency frees up a lot of time for you because you don’t have to do your own marketing, update your website or locate clients.
  • How do you feel about being on-call most of the time? As an escort, your hours of business are the hours that your clients have available, often late at night or at odd times of the day. Many escorts work long hours, up to 18 hours a day in order to make the money they need to sustain their lifestyles. Are you willing to devote this much of your life to your job?
  • What will your boundaries be and what services will you offer? Most escorts set some limitations on the kind of services they are willing to provide. Sometimes this simply means that an escort will only do in-calls or won’t perform a certain type of sexual favor, such as anal intercourse. Before you begin escorting, it’s important to define where you draw the line.
  • Do you have the wardrobe to begin as an escort? Escorts just starting out aren’t expected to wear all designer clothes all the time, however, in order to compete for clients, you must look your best, which means dressing the part. High-end escorts wear designer clothing and shoes, in addition to always being well manicured and groomed, with the latest hairstyles and clothing.
  • Do you possess the skills necessary to work as an escort? Most escorts are intelligent, worldly and up to date on current events. They can talk informatively about art, culture, politics, science and other subjects of interest to clients. They are familiar with all forms of etiquette and carry themselves with poise. Additionally, most escorts are “people” persons, who are comfortable with themselves physically and emotionally.
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