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Sugar daddy for an escort

Finding a sugar daddy or mommy might be the answers to many escorts’ prayers. Someone to pay the rent, make student loans go away and take you on trips to exotic locations sounds like the perfect solution to financial challenges. Even though it’s not possible to simply conjure up a sugar parent to fulfill your whims and desires, there are some tricks that you can use to find one of your own.

  • Let your personality shine through. Prospective sugar parents are looking for young persons who exude happiness and confidence. Smiling, active young people who are adventurous attract the attention of wealthy sugar daddy-types because they are fun to be around. It’s okay to tease, laugh and enjoy yourself openly. Escorts who are looking for sugar daddies should allow their personalities to be just as visible as their physical beauty.
  • Act with class. An escort who wishes to capture the heart (and pocketbook) of a sugar daddy should conduct herself in such a way that he can tell she respects herself and others. Observe, learn, develop taste, dress well, don’t drink or party excessively, enjoy sophisticated hobbies and use your education. Men who become good sugar daddies want a young partner who can talk about a number of things intelligently, knows how to act graciously in public and can blend in at society functions.
  • Identify your objectives. It’s important to know why you want a sugar daddy. Most escorts are the independent types who rarely need someone to take care of them. However, by taking on a sugar daddy, you are inferring that you want someone to take care of you, or at least, some aspect of your life. Many sugar babies have sugar daddies to help them pay off student loans, pay a mortgage on a more luxurious home, purchase a new vehicle, take trips to exotic locations or start a business. Determine what your goals are for acquiring a sugar daddy. Even if your goal is just to make life easier financially, identify why you want to engage in this lifestyle.
  • Consider using online sites. Many escorts report they’ve found sugar daddies through online dating sites dedicated specifically to the sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. Others indicate that they found their benefactors through regular dating sites. Either way, if you use a dating site, use your own pictures and create an alluring profile that includes more than the standard “I like walks on the beach” description. Describe yourself physically using interesting adjectives and demonstrate your personality through the way you describe your lifestyle.
  • Research any potential sugar daddies. Some men like to brag about their wealth, without really having anything to back it up with. When you think you may have a potential sugar daddy on the string, do an Internet search on him. Check out his career, net worth (yes, it’s available online for truly wealthy individuals) and do a reverse phone look-up. Verify that he is who he says he is. Ask to see the yacht he brags about. Invite yourself over to his home for dinner (and, breakfast, too — if he’s worth it!). Many women have been duped into thinking that a man had serious money only to find out he was only minimally wealthy and couldn’t afford her expenses in addition to his.
  • Turn a client into a sugar daddy. Since you already has attention through regular dates with him, convince your wealthy client to take you on as his sugar baby. Demonstrate to him that your relationship will take on a new level of intimacy and connection and his investment will be paid back to him tenfold through pleasure. Many escorts have turned clients into sugar daddies (and some into wealthy husbands, too). Just keep in mind that if you turn a client into your sugar daddy, he has more rights to voice his opinion about what you do in life and may request you be monogamous to him.
  • Make yourself available at likely venues. Attend high society functions, fundraisers and galas. Venture to happy-hour gatherings at high-profile bars and restaurants. Go to where the rich and powerful go to wind down. Whether that’s downtown or at the country club, find a location that caters to older, wealthy men. Dress well, conduct yourself with class and flirt, shamelessly. (This is not to mean that you should act slutty — flirting and propositioning men are two separate things!) Become friendly with those who appear to be the wealthiest and ask the bartender for the skinny on them when they’re not around. Never be seen leaving with anyone (even if you’re meeting him later). Always appear to be happy, upbeat and fun-loving. Smile a lot. It won’t be long until you’ll have someone on the hook for that first date.
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