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7 reasons why escorting is not a last resort career

Many outsiders often believe everything they read, hear or view from mainstream media. Much of the information released from mainstream media about escorts and the adult industry is inaccurate. As a result, viewers, readers and listeners believe that escorts are down-trodden victims who have been forced into escorting, either through trafficking or as a last resort career. There are many reasons that an escort may choose to go into the industry, and it’s not because she is unable to do anything else or that she has led a former life of abuse and neglect. High-end escorts make the industry career choices, not as last-ditch efforts, but because the option works for them in a variety of ways.
The seven reasons escorting is not a last resort career reveal that escorts choose their lifestyles.

  1. The income opportunities are better as an escort. Many escorts are qualified for other positions, but they find that it’s a constant struggle to make a sufficient income. The average salary of an escort (often in six-digit figures) significantly exceeds the income of other positions escorts are educated and qualified for. Here are a few examples from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
    • Registered Nurse: $69,100
    • Paralegal: $49,960
    • Sales Representative: $60,340
    • Event Planner: $49,840
    • Loan Officer: $67,960
    • Network Administrator: $74,270
    • Mental Health Counselor: $42,590

    When an escort can have four one-hour appointments per week, at $250 per hour, and make the gross income she or he was making in a former career, it clearly demonstrates how the income opportunities exceed the status quo. Being able to make more money in a shorter amount of time as an escort is certainly not a last resort, as many outsiders may think. Additionally, while other careers may be unstable in a dangerous economy, escorting is a stable occupation; sex and intimacy is a stable commodity that will always be in demand.

  2. The face of escorting has changed for the better. Previously, escorts had to work for an agency to be successful. (Many still work for agencies, by choice.) But, today with the opportunities presented by the Internet, escorts can work for themselves and create the type of persona and business they want. Additionally, the Internet has provided a basis for escorts to market their services based on time, not services. It gives them the chance to gain work from their living rooms (or dining rooms or bathrooms, for that matter), instead of soliciting their services at a bar or the street. Escorts are educated, experienced women with confidence, self-esteem and worldliness never seen before in companions. They are sophisticated, elegant and traveled, unlike the typical escorts of before. High-end escorts resemble courtesans of European history, which is a sincere change in the industry over the past 30 or more years. It is not a last resort to be a part of this industry; it is a privilege.
  3. Escorts are entrepreneurs. As mentioned previously, the Internet has opened up many new opportunities for escorts. Escorts can open their own businesses with little to no start-up costs, and they can manage their services themselves. Escorting allows a woman to run her business her way, with her own rules. She is her own boss, which is a freedom not available in other careers. She can set her own hours, her own standards and her own criteria for doing business. An escort is the last word on setting rates and establishing guidelines about the services he provides to clients. Escorting allows a person to be in control of his or her own destiny by working as much or as little as desired or necessary. Unlike other career choices, starting out as an escort requires no inventory, storefront or other significant costs. It’s a career that is open to nearly anyone, regardless of size, age, appearance and race. Escorts of all types and sizes are successful, which is far from being a last resort career.
  4. Escorts have qualifications for “real” jobs. Most successful high-end escorts were something else before they became escorts. They have university degrees, corporate career experience, volunteer coordination expertise and other qualifications that make them excellent candidates for jobs in the traditional world. They are not stereotypically runaways from the street; they are not drug-addled, abused victims who know no other possibilities. They have experienced the world through experience and education and have chosen to live life as an escort. They have made careful considerations and choices about their careers, and they have elected to work as a high-end escort who sees selected, screened clients. They put to use their other skills and qualifications to make their careers as escorts more effective. For instance, escorts use their marketing skills to advertise their services to targeted audiences. Escorts who have extensive communication skills utilize them regularly during their encounters with clients. Escorts who have financial experience or education implement their knowledge through keeping careful records and producing systematic reports detailing their budgets, expenses and income.
  5. Being an escort is empowering. Unlike being an administrative assistant or a paralegal, escorting is an experience that is gives women and men confidence and builds their self esteem. Escorts are consistently complimented by clients and praised for their skills and appearances. They are capable of supporting themselves through their skills and expertise, which is a huge confidence builder, in itself. They have created a lucrative business that allows them to do what they want to do as they want to do it. Because of the way in which they carry themselves, they feel empowered anytime they walk into a business, due to the way other professionals tend to them. Class and quality carry through with the feeling of empowerment, which cause reactions in others that lend to the feeling of empowerment, too. Feeling free, empowered, capable and competent is far from being involved in a last-resort career.
  6. Escorts have new experiences daily. The career of an escort is very interesting. From meeting new people, to seeing new places and doing new things, escorts live a life full of new experiences and opportunities. Many escorts get to travel to new cities and locations to work, whether they are touring or simply traveling with a client. During their travels, they not only get to see the tourist-related activities, but they also get a taste of luxury when they are away, too. Clients often give escorts luxury experiences aboard their yachts, in their penthouse suites, at concerts or musical performances and other opportunities they wouldn’t get otherwise. Spending time around wealthy, distinguished clients sometimes means a quick trip to New York City, which always means shopping, or a swift dinner flight to Paris. Escorts get new opportunities to attend galas and other events not open to the public. While it’s not every day that is full of new experiences, many are.
  7. Escorts consistently have pleasant work environments. Luxury condos, high-end hotel suites, private incalls and other locations provide escorts not only pleasant, but comfortable working environments. Often, escorts get to go to upscale restaurants, exclusive clubs and other locations as part of their encounters with clients, too. Unlike working in an office and having to deal with office politics or other details related to policies and procedures, an escort chooses her own work environment and who she chooses to be around. Nosy or obnoxious co-workers are non-existent. Over-analyzing bosses don’t factor in, and nobody is going to report your repeated bathroom break or personal phone call in the middle of the day to the supervisor. An escort’s work environment is one of her choosing, and she is responsible for making it what she wants on a daily basis. Whether an escort chooses to work from his or her living room or the cafe down the street, the work environment could change every day or stay the same.

Even though the mainstream media outlets tend to depict escorts as being trapped in their last-resort professions, many escorts feel that being an escort is the perfect career option for them, at least at the time. Even though they may choose to go back to traditional work later or use their entrepreneurial skills to open a new (more or less traditional) business at a later time, few feel that their careers are last resorts.

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