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How to keep your security private for clients’ comfort?

Escorts incur risks to their personal safety on every date. Despite careful screening, precautions taken, awareness of one’s surroundings and always abiding by certain rules to keep you safe, even the best of intentions can leave you in a predicament where your safety and general welfare are at risk.
Because escorting is a potentially dangerous (although exciting) career, many escorts work with someone who acts as security for them. Whether they have a “bouncer”, bodyguard or a friend nearby, the obvious presence of someone else is guaranteed to disturb any healthy, well-meaning client even to a degree where she will want to bail.
Choosing to tell a client that you’ve got security nearby is your own choice: you don’t have to tell anyone anything. But, if you elect to share the information with a client, here are some reasons you can give him as to why you need a strong presence in the hallway or down in the lobby:

  • Protecting your physical safety is a real concern. Once you invite a client in to your incall or date them in an outcall, you are completely at their mercy. If your client decides to attack you, shoot you or violate you or your boundaries, there really isn’t much you can do about it, especially once you’ve stripped down to your unmentionables and are preparing to become intimate with him. (There isn’t much room to hide a weapon in a garter belt!) But, when you have someone who is acting as security for you just outside in the hallway or in the next room, it’s likely that any scuffle will be overheard and recognized as more than just rough play. A bodyguard can stop an assault in progress, halt an aggressor as he leaves the hotel room or put an end to a potentially violent situation. While most clients are as safe as church mice, there are people out there who are abusive or worse to escorts. A security guard is an essential element for some escorts.
  • Eliminating the risk of verbal abuse is a priority. When you put yourself into situations where you don’t know your clients ahead of time, there may be situations where clients think they can berate, insult and criticize you. Despite the fact that the majority of your clients may be respectful and full of admiration, there are occasions that you will run into verbally abusive clients. No escort has to stand for verbal assaults; and your security can stop a mean client in their tracks. If nothing else, when a client becomes aware that someone else is hearing her insults and verbal attacks she is apt to stop. If she doesn’t stop the verbal abuse, your security guard can ensure you leave the situation without any further injuries, except, perhaps, to your pride and self-esteem.
  • Robbery is a potential threat for escorts who are assumed to be carrying cash. Many clients anticipate that escorts have wads of cash on them, especially by the end of the “shift”. Add to this their delicate legal status, and you’ll see how escorts are perceived as vulnerable, easy targets. More than one escort has made the news by being victims of assaults and robberies. While having a security guard with you doesn’t preclude anything bad from happening, it can help to curb crime against you or stop a perpetrator during an act. Escorts who have someone waiting in the wings for when times get rough can let their security guards know to not expect a client out until an hour is up (or whatever length of time the encounter is scheduled for). Any client who appears to be leaving early or suspiciously will be stopped and questioned. This provides you with an opportunity to inform your security guard what’s happened, so proper measures can be taken.
  • Many escorts employ security personnel to deter clients from testing time boundaries. Often, if an escort is late appearing from an encounter, a bouncer may inquire that everything is alright. For instance, during an outcall session at a hotel, an escort who is 15 minutes late may get checked in on by her security guard disguised as room service or other hotel authority. During an incall, security may begin making noise to alert the client that someone else is around…which usually works to deter someone who thinks they can cheat an escort out of extra time.

Because you’ve already established that having someone around for security is important for your personal safety, it’s time to figure out how to make it more comfortable for your clients. Use these tips to ensure your clients’ comfort and your own security:

  1. Ask your security to wait in an inconspicuous area. The last thing your client wants to see as she enters your place for an incall encounter is a burly man on the couch. There are ways to keep your security guy hidden from your clients. Set up an area in an adjoining bedroom, den, dining room or another part of the incall area that is away from the door. Or, request that your client enter from a side or back door that doesn’t provide a view of where your security guy is staked out. The most important thing is to make sure that you keep your client from seeing the security personnel: Out of sight, out of mind.
  2. Avoid telling clients that you have someone with you. Even if they see someone in the hallway at the hotel or in the elevator with you, they may not realize that he’s “with you”. Clients get creeped out about their privacy for three different reasons. They don’t want some other dude hearing or being aware of their “performance”. Secondly, they may feel uncomfortable that someone else knows what they’re doing. Discretion is highly valued, and the fewer the people know about the encounter, the better, according to your client. Finally, clients may be concerned that their personal safety is at risk. If they are not regulars, they may feel afraid that you’re running a scam on them and are prepping to rob them at a vulnerable moment. It’s just more simple to avoid sharing information about your security with your clients.
  3. Request that your security guard wait outside at outcalls… and hang back a few minutes in doing so. You can inform our security guard that you will be in Room 1xx. After you’ve entered and alerted your guard with the “all clear” text or phone call, he can choose to stake things out down the hall, in the lobby or somewhere else that he has a clear visual of your client as he leaves. Your security guard needs to master being somewhat inconspicuous while he’s staking out your encounters, to avoid attention not only from your client, but from hotel security, too.
  4. Consider hiring a female security guard. Male clients typically feel less threatened by another female hanging out in an incall location. They won’t be nearly as weirded out when they see a woman sitting on the couch watching television as they are to see a guy vegging out in your living room. And, women security guards are completely capable of taking care of any situation you would typically run into.
  5. Play music during your incall encounter to drown out any noise made by your security guard. Not only does music help to set the mood and tone of an encounter, but it can also hide any sounds that are a result of your security guard using the bathroom, rummaging around in the fridge or doing anything else around your place. It’s rather hard to explain noises of someone else in your home if your client thinks you are alone, so you can play music to hide them.
  6. Require that your security guard park in a location his vehicle can’t be seen at your incall. The last thing a client wants to see is another vehicle parked immediately in front of your place when he arrives for an encounter. Your client can park in your garage, in the back, down the street or around the corner. If it’s more convenient, you can arrange to pick up your security guard from a predetermined location, so that his vehicle at your place is not even an issue.
  7. Control scents that infer someone else is around. Insist that your bouncer avoid wearing highly-scented cologne or avoid applying it heavily. Men’s cologne lingers, especially when it is applied heavily. Additionally, implement a no-smoking policy for your security guard. The last thing you need is for your incall location to be smoked up for two reasons: it smells bad and it indicates that someone else is there.
  8. Tell your security guard to set his cell phone to the silent profile or, preferably, turn it off for the duration. If a ringing cell phone followed by a conversation doesn’t alert your client to someone else’s presence and this discovery doesn’t bother them, make sure that your client has a heart beat.
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