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8 ways to avoid being entertainment for nosy hotel housekeepers

When an escort checks into a hotel for work, she is apt to have a whole selection of interesting gadgets and items with her: sexy lingerie, stilettos, toys, scarves, blindfolds and lots and lots of condoms may be standard items in an escort’s bag. While these items are quite predictable for an escort, a hotel housekeeper may find the collection to be extremely interesting. And once a housekeeper’s curiosity is piqued, the rest of your things may be fair game for investigation, too.
So, because you need and want your privacy when you work from a hotel, you need to deter attention of the housekeeping staff. Additionally, if hotel management becomes aware that you are working from one of their rooms, they may ask you to leave or even report you to the authorities as a prostitute.

Very few people in the position of power care to know the difference between escorts and prostitutes

Use these steps to avoid being the focus of a nosy housekeeper:

  1. “Do not disturb” on your door. Request that housekeeping not visit your room during your stay. Other than changing the bed linens, there really isn’t anything they can do in your room that you can’t. You can take out your own trash, tidy up your room and ask for more towels. There really is no reason that housekeeping has to visit your room, especially when you’re not there. When you check in, you can ask the front desk clerk to indicate that you wish to go without housekeeping visits. Most staff members will be happy to have one less room to take care of during their workweek. But, be sure to report anything that breaks or becomes damaged during your stay. Housekeeping visits often keep track of the condition of the room on a regular basis, including whether items appear to be working and in place.With this being said, you should still take caution against leaving “interesting” items out in plain sight, even if you do have the sign out on your door. If an emergency happened (a pipe burst, a sprinkler set off, etc.) your items could be up for judgment very easily by not just housekeeping staff but others, too.
  2. Tip your housekeeper in advance. Everyone loves tips. A well-tipped housekeeper is more likely to keep her lips sealed about numerous condom wrappers, lube containers and any stains she finds on the bed linens. Because you’ve made her feel appreciated, she is much more likely to leave your things alone, too, and respect your privacy.
  3. Out of sight, out of mind. Keep things out of the sight of your housekeeper. Pick up anything that could be incriminating such as your lingerie items, condom wrappers, sex toys and lube containers. Hide things you plan to keep in your luggage, such as toys, blindfolds, scarves, etc. and discard your suspicious trash outside of the room. (Have extra plastic bags with you for this purpose.) When you’re done with a client, collect all trash generated within this date and put it in a separate plastic bag that you will dispose of in the hallway trash or a garbage can in the parking garage. Don’t leave traces – it’s hard to be nosy when there is nothing to be nosy about.
  4. Lock your things up. Hide your things away in your luggage and lock it up tightly. Some housekeepers are curious about what you have in your bags. Nip their curiosity in the bud by locking up your luggage. Use this on any piece of luggage that contains your more sensitive items that you don’t want available for open inspection by hotel housekeeping staff. While a lock may seem a bit like overkill, it is a decent safeguard. To satisfy her curiosity by working around your lock, a housekeeper would have to commit a crime, which raises stakes disproportionately.
  5. Keep safe. Use the hotel safe, that is. While it’s probably not appropriate to go toting your sex toys, dildos and vibrators down to the front desk for placement in the safe, you can gather them together in a lockable bag and request that they be put in the safe, if you fear they will be subject to investigation by your housekeeper. Other items of value such as jewelry, cash (from clients) and valuables should be deposited in the safe, too. Some housekeepers would find it highly interesting if they ran across your stash of cash from clients. Some might be tempted to help themselves to some of it. Unlike with a lock from the previous point, it’s not their curiosity that the crime would satisfy, but greed. This time, the stakes a disproportionately high against you.
  6. Keep your room neat and tidy. When you clean up after yourself, there is less for the housekeeper to do in your room. So, since there is less for her to do, she won’t be required to spend as much time in your room as she might otherwise. Pull the covers up on the bed, unless you expect the linens to be changed. Clean up the bathroom and hang up the towels. Clean the nightstands and dressers of trash and items that should go back into your suitcases. Dispose of items that are trash in your mini-fridge. When your room appears to be kept tidy, your housekeeper is much less likely to look around for things to nose into. To her, a neat room is another boring room that requires minimal attention.
  7. Lock up your computer. Make sure your laptop is password protected and put away safely. Consider encrypting your whole hard drive, too. While your laptop may be safe from theft by a housekeeping staff member, you do not want a housekeeper to turn on your computer and investigate your surfing history. Even though it is none of her business, it’s your private right to keep that information to yourself; you must keep strangers from gaining access to your property. Lock it away in your luggage. Another way to protect your laptop from nosy intruders is to purchase a laptop lock that prevents a laptop from being accessed without a password, combination or a key. These laptop locks are rather inexpensive, ranging from $30 to $100. (They’re especially useful for protecting your laptop at home or at your incall from pilfering clients, nosy roommates and curious children.)
  8. Be present. Pop in and out during the time that the housekeeper visits your room. They often hate working around a room occupant, but it may get them to speed up the tidying process and will deter them from looking around at your stuff. If you don’t want to pop in and out, lounge in the suite area while they clean the bathroom and putter around in the bathroom when they clean the living area of your room or suite. Just being around will deter the housekeeper from snooping through your stuff. After all, while you’re worried about your privacy, your housekeeper could be worried about her job if you were to give a negative report about her.
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