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Turn an MMF threesome into safe fun for escorts and clients

As a female escort, you may receive several requests for dates featuring threesomes with two men, also known as ménage à trois. Many escorts have definite rules about this type of a date, ranging from prohibition to welcoming them with open arms. Whether this is something you like to do or not, a request for a threesome will sooner or later surface in your career.
While your personal safety may be at risk every time you meet up with a client for a session, you can decrease the odds of getting hurt or robbed by doing proper screening. Finding out about your clients ahead of time through cyber investigation or in-person snooping can boost your chances of staying whole. Employing a driver or a pal positioned nearby for security during encounters is another way to protect yourself. Still, there are times when you must make a decision about accepting the risks associated with your line of work. When you do that, you must obviously realize that even though men are typically stronger than women, in most instances a woman may have a chance unless he has a weapon. But, when you are thinking of taking on a male-male threesome, you are factoring in another guy.
Unless you know your clients well or have screened them well, it’s a crapshoot, at best, to accept a MMF booking. As a professional, you know what’s best for your business. If you DO choose to accept MMF threesomes, here are some tips to always consider:

  1. Keep security close by. Many escorts bring along a driver who waits in the car, hallway or stairwell for any signs of trouble. Others make safety calls to pals or agencies at the beginning of an encounter and at the end of one to sound the “all clear.” When you’re performing in a MMF threesome, it’s always smart to have security in the next room or within earshot. If your security is out of earshot, there is nothing preventing your clients from turning on after you’ve made your safety call to your agency. You are leaving yourself wide open to a dangerous situation.
  2. Consider including your partner in the threesome, providing he knows about your career. Sometimes a client will contact you with interest about a MMF threesome, but he doesn’t have another guy in mind. By including your partner in the encounter, you are ensuring your safety. He won’t let anything bad happen to you. And, if your client is violent, the situation is much safer with your odds of two against one to defend yourselves. But, before proceeding with this scenario, make sure that your partner is “in.” Explain to him that the client will be touching you and doing things to you and that if he can’t accept seeing that, you will find another guy to join in. Putting extra pressure on your relationship by asking your partner to partake in a threesome may be too much for the two of you. However, if he’s up for it, go for it.
  3. Accept the MMF encounter only if it’s with established, regular clients. Knowing what to expect from your clients ahead of time will help you get mentally ready for the encounter, plus it will help you meet their expectations and wishes along the way. Additionally, you already know that your established clients are safe and less risky. You have already established the ground rules with these clients, such as no anal or no unprotected sex. They are accustomed to the meeting place and how you like to be paid. New clients may be a safety risk, in addition to being new to the entire process with you.
  4. Realize that a MMF threesome is twice the amount of work for you. Instead of making sure that one client is happy, you must work extra hard to make two clients fulfilled. Often, escorts report that clients in threesomes try to outdo each other, making the escorts sore and worn out from excessive penetration. At the end of such an encounter, you will be tired, sore and out of the mood for any additional clients. You won’t want to schedule any additional clients that day, so you may lose out on income. If you do schedule additional clients, make sure they are not labor-intensive clients; you may not be able to perform as well as usual due to being worn out.
  5. Charge twice your normal fee. Clients scheduling a MMF encounter often expect to split your normal rates for the time period they’re booking.

    A single client can be enough of a risk during a date. With two, the risk grows exponentially—as should your fee.

    Don’t let them get away with that. You will be spending time with two men, so charge them each your full booking fee. They both expect to be fulfilled and happy at the end of the encounter, so they each should pay your rate for your special attention. Most requests for MMF threesomes are abandoned after they find out that normal rates apply to each client.
    If you lose a booking over the deal, don’t worry about it. Easier, less intense encounters can be booked instead.

  6. Bring lots of condoms and lube to the encounter. If you suspect that your clients are going to be doing quite a bit of switching it up (front, rear, mouth, etc.), then you’re going to need several condoms for the one encounter. Never, ever allow a condom that has been inserted into anyone anally to be used in your mouth or vagina. Extra condoms will ensure that you stay safe and clean, with no threats of infection from bacteria, STDs or STIs. Lube is another element that is essential to a MMF threesome. Since you will be getting penetrated a LOT, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Regardless of whether it’s flavored, tingling, colored or whatever, bring lube and use it liberally. (If the men engage in any man-on-man action, they will be thankful you brought lube, too!)
  7. Remember that many clients who request MMF threesomes are often timewasters who are fantasists, unreliables or jokesters. Escorts tell that nine out of 10 times, requests for these types of encounters fall through when it comes time to book the appointment. People often fantasize about a threesome, only to chicken out when they think it could actually become a reality. They’re afraid they won’t know what to do or act. Many refuse to pay the increased rates that are included for MMF threesomes. Others are only wasting your time from the beginning, somehow getting off on the idea of talking about it to you only to back out intentionally. Some clients actually book the encounter, only to never show up. To weed out timewasters and ensure you get something for your time, ask the client(s) for a deposit. Typically half of the encounter fee is standard, but it’s up to you how much you ask for to hold the slot. Explain to your client(s) that an encounter like this is more difficult to prepare for, and you require a deposit to hold the time period.
  8. Establish ground rules early. Just like you’d do with a threesome involving two women and one man, set up the rules to follow before any hanky panky starts to happen. Will there be ANY contact between the two men? Is double-penetration ok? Go over condom use. Explain your concerns about unprotected sex of any kind. Ask questions about what the clients expect to happen and what they want to happen. Ensure that everyone is on the same page before anything starts happening. Otherwise, the encounter could completely blow up if something goes wrong between the two clients.
  9. Schedule the encounter at a hotel. For your own security, use a hotel room or suite as an incall location for this appointment. Book the encounter for early to mid-evening, when many people are in their rooms. If anything happens and you don’t have security nearby, you should be able to scream for help and someone should hear you. If the encounter turns badly and your clients injure you, you should be able to call hotel security after they’ve left; hotel security may be able to apprehend your clients before they leave the hotel.
  10. Inspect twice as hard for STDs. Especially if your clients are regular, established ones, you will need to casually glance at their genitals prior to fully getting it on, inspecting for STDs or anything that looks funny. Typically, you do this anyway at the beginning of an appointment while you’re “warming” your client up. But, with two clients, it’s a bit more difficult to get them both casually examined, without being terribly obvious. You can’t say, “OK, whip your willies. I want to inspect you!” Well, you could, but, it probably isn’t recommended. Think ahead about how you will go about checking them both out beforehand.

An MMF threesome can be fun for everyone involved. However, most escorts feel it’s just simply too risky unless certain precautions are taken. Ensure your safety and well being by acting smart, instead of being greedy. Twice the fee for one encounter is nice, but at what cost?

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