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11 tips for the escort who doesn’t like being naked

Some people are so comfortable with their naked bodies that they could walk around Times Square without a fig leaf on and without a bit of embarrassment. However, others break out into a cold sweat over the thought of getting undressed at the doctor’s office. Now imagine being an escort who has issues with being naked.
Maybe you feel that you’re a few pounds overweight or not as toned as you once were. Maybe you have scars. Perhaps, you have a tattoo you’re not particularly proud of. Whatever your reasons, if you’re reluctant to get naked with a client, you need to address the root of the issue. Being an escort means that at some point during your career you’re likely going to want to get naked – completely of in part – for a client.
Here are 11 tips for how to be more comfortable getting naked with a client:

  1. Do it in the dark. If you get naked in the dark, you don’t have to worry about your client being able to see your body or its perceived imperfections. However, some clients don’t want to turn the lights off. What do you do then? You can still enjoy the benefits of darkness while still appealing to your client by dimming the lights. Make sure you install a dimmer switch in your incall location, if this is an issue for you. Some escorts who hate to get naked make it work by using candlelight to their advantage. Candlelight is incredibly forgiving and automatically makes a setting seem more romantic and seductive. Candlelight gives off shadows that help you hide anything you want hidden. Another alternative is to install lower watt bulbs into your lamps or light fixtures. Instead of a typical 60 watt light bulb, use the ones that won’t give off as much light. Or, consider colored bulbs. Finally, you can throw a scarf over a lampshade.
  2. Wear lingerie to avoid getting naked.

    Lingerie can be an escort’s best friend, especially if she’s hesitant to shed her clothes in front of clients

    Quality lingerie that is sexy can get a client’s mind off of actually seeing you fully nude. He may be so blown away by your bra/thong/garter belt combination that he won’t even want to know what’s under them. Additionally, lingerie is great if you have something you want to cover up, like a scar or a mole. Keep in mind that for your cover-up job to work, your lingerie must provide easy access for your client. Easy-access lingerie can be purchased in most sex shops or lingerie shops that specialize in more risqué items. Crotchless panties, snapping bodysuits and other garments that provide easy access to key parts of your body are available. Otherwise, just slide your panties to the side and suggest to your client that he imagine you are having a quickie… or that you’re in the backseat of a car.

  3. Blindfold your client. If he can’t see you and your nakedness, you shouldn’t be uptight about it. And, many clients really enjoy being blindfolded during an encounter. As you undress, slowly and seductively allow your client to feel the removal of clothing and each body part that you reveal. Describe to him what you’re doing as you’re doing it and be sure to rub yourself up against him, so he is able to enjoy the sensations of touch, only. Make sure you make it part of the game to cover yourself back up before you allow your client to take the blindfold off. Be aware, though, that unless you tie your client’s hands, he may lift the blindfold in order to see you during your encounter.
  4. Eat a healthy diet. If you’re uneasy about your body because you feel you have put on a couple of extra pounds, eat healthier and attempt to maintain a healthy weight. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, limit your simple carbohydrates, eat lean meat like poultry and drink lots of water. Make sure that you’re eating meals with proper portions. Your vegetables should take up 2/3 of your plate, while your meat serving should only cover 1/3 of your plate. Eating healthy will help you lose fat and will give your hair and skin a positive glow. It will make you look healthier all around.
  5. Exercise. If you’re self-conscious about your body due to being a bit out of shape or flabby, get to the gym or begin exercising at home. Go for walks, do aerobics, ride your bicycle, swim or do other exercising to build up your muscles. A toned body looks great, but don’t expect it to happen overnight. Fully getting a muscular and toned body will take several weeks or months.
  6. Tan carefully. A tan body looks much better than a pale one. Whether you opt for safe sun worship, tanning beds or spray tans, keep in mind that a golden glow will enhance your body’s beauty. Many escorts have a tanning bed at their homes and tan regularly. But, avoid over-tanning. Tanning too much can cause your skin to wrinkle or look unnatural. Escorts who get that leathery look on their skin aren’t doing themselves any favors. Getting a golden glow that makes you look barely sun-kissed is the goal. You shouldn’t go to the extreme!
  7. Take care of your skin. Moisturize and exfoliate regularly. Dry, flaky skin doesn’t look good whether you are comfortable with your body or not. Make sure that you keep your skin moisturized by drinking water daily and slathering on lotion regularly. Exfoliate to remove dry skin cells that get flaky and fall off. Smooth, supple skin will get an escort many repeat clients. Clients often find that an escort’s smooth skin is one of the most appealing things about her…and they will call her back again and again just so they can touch her soft skin.
  8. Wear jewelry. A killer necklace or a stunning bracelet may take the focus off of your naked body. (Or, at least, it may help you focus less on being naked.) Earrings are a great way to bring a client’s eyes up to your face, making you feel more comfortable about being naked around him, too. But, keep in mind, that while the jewelry may make you focus less on being naked, your client may still be very aware of your naked body and will take great pleasure in admiring it.
  9. To become more comfortable with your body, do more things without hiding it

    Do more things naked. Most people who are uncomfortable being naked do NOTHING in the buff. Start out by brushing your teeth while you’re still naked. Or sleep in the nude. Gradually, you’ll start to be more comfortable with your body and you may eventually get to the point where you’re ok with walking around and lounging in your house while you’re naked. Look at yourself in the mirror while you’re naked and point out the good things about your body. You can start with the small things: your skin may have a nice color and glow, your ankles are pretty sexy, etc.

  10. Let go of the supermodel or fitness model expectations. Unless you train everyday for multiple hours per day, your body will not be one of a supermodel or fitness model. And, in addition to not training hard enough for a supermodel body, you may simply not have the genetics for that. If your body type is a rounder, curvier type, then you should embrace it and stop expecting to be leaner and slimmer. If you’re leaner and slimmer, don’t expect to grow DD breasts overnight. Accept your body for what it is and let go of unrealistic expectations.
  11. Rely on your skills to blow their minds. If getting naked is a problem for you as an escort, distract yourself by focusing solely on performing your other specialties with enthusiasm and great ability. Concentrate on giving your client the best hour (or three) of his life through conversation, massage, etc. Perform any signature moves or specialty services with excitement and pleasure. Give your client the best encounter he’s ever had, and don’t think about the fact that you’re nude during part of it. Focusing on other aspects of the date will distract you enough that you may not even realize that you’re walking around naked until you recount the experience later.
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