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7 tips for choosing mind-blowing escort lingerie

With over 16 billion dollars spent worldwide on bras every year, it’s no wonder that lingerie is an essential staple in an escort’s wardrobe. Not only do women like frilly underthings to wear, but men sincerely enjoy looking at them.
For an escort, though, it’s difficult to determine which lingerie items will find the most favor with clients. There are so many options between teddies, garter belts and stocking combos, satin slips, baby doll chemises, push-up bras, thongs, French-cut panties and bustiers. And how can we forget that in addition to the extensive varieties of lingerie, clients’ taste in the “bare essentials” differ greatly, too.
However, there are some items that no escort should be without:

  1. Baby Doll Chemise: Baby doll chemises have been described as the best thing since sliced bread because it gives the allure of simply a bra and panties, while still leaving a little bit to the imagination. Extensive varieties exist including fly-away versions (that feature a split up the middle of them to expose the naval region), sheer designs and lace types. Baby dolls fit nearly every body type, every height and all shapes. They are flattering and sexy with enough coverage where you don’t feel completely naked in front of your client. (And, you get to show up the matching panties that go with it, as the baby doll barely skims the top of your thighs.)
  2. Slip: Usually made from silky fabric, the slip gives a smooth, flowing appearance over the body, definitely leaving a few things to the imagination, but giving plenty for your client to see. It innocently lays over your curves, suggesting more is yet to come. The slip is a much more demure version than the baby doll, unless it’s skin tight. Some varieties use tightness and form-fitting appeal to your advantage for seduction purposes. Easy-on, easy off, it’s a favorite of clients.
  3. Teddy: A one-piece item, constructed much like a traditional one-piece bathing suit, the teddy covers the essential areas (usually), along with covering up the stomach region, too. Snapping at the crotch, the teddy provides easy and quick access to fun activities that your client is revving up for. Made with a variety of fabrics including lace, silk, satin or leather, the teddy may be sheer or provide full coverage. The one downfall to the teddy is that it isn’t as easy or quick to get off as other pieces of lingerie. If your client is into being partially dressed during activities, a teddy is a good option. However, if he wants to get you naked quickly, the teddy probably isn’t the item you should wear for that encounter.
  4. Garter Belt and Stockings Combo: Most clients drool if their escort arrives wearing a garter belt and stocking duo. Pair it up with a thong and a push-up bra and you’re set for a strong showing during an encounter. Few clients can turn down the appeal of a garter belt; there’s something inexplicably sexy about a woman wearing stockings with a garter belt. The silky feel of the stockings appeal to most clients, and a garter belt just adds to the intensity of the outfit. Seduction levels are high with this combination. No escort should be without this outfit.
  5. Push-up Bra: The push-up bra accomplishes what many women visit plastic surgeons for: it enhances, enlarges and raises the bust, making breasts appear larger and perkier. Women around the world enjoy the advantages offered to them as result of wearing push-up bras. Having come a long way since 1907 when the word brassiere first appeared in print in Vogue magazine, the push-up bra is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe, with black being the best-selling color. Every escort should own several of these in sexy designs. Plain versions should be reserved for lounging at home. Colorful, lacy, sheer plunging versions should be worn for encounters with clients.
    Panties: Versions vary greatly, and escorts should invest in several kinds in order to please a variety of clients. However, most escorts grow accustomed to one type of panty and wear it most often. Varieties include:

    1. Thong: The thong provides coverage in the front and entirely exposes the butt cheeks. A thong is great for reducing panty lines, and many women feel sexiest when they are wearing a thong, because they are proud of their natural curves. Thongs come in several versions: the g-string, v-string, t-strap and others, but the premise is the same: a strip of fabric goes over the middle of the butt between the butt cheeks and leaves the rest of the posterior uncovered. They are made with sheer fabrics, lace, silk, cotton, etc. With their roots in men’s garments dating back thousands of years to styles in Africa, South America and Asia, the thong has come a long way, with the modern version being introduced in 1974. Most clients find thongs extremely sexy, while others consider it butt floss and can’t get past the uncomfortable feeling they assume women experience while wearing them.
    2. Cheekies: A version of the thong, the cheeky provides more coverage in the back. However, the coverage leaves the bottom of the butt cheeks exposed (thus the name) providing more visual interest. Many clients find this version of panty extremely seductive, because it covers more of the butt, but leaves enough uncovered to cause the imagination to run wild. It’s a much more teasing form of underwear than other versions. If you truly want to seduce your clients, a cheeky may be just the ticket. It’s cross between good-girl and bad-girl panties.
    3. Bikini: A standard in women’s panties, the bikini features more coverage in front and over the butt cheeks. Usually with high-cut legs, the bikini rides low below the natural waist and gives the impression of more innocence, unless the fabric tells another story (sheer or leather). Every escort should have several of these in her lingerie drawer, as they are a staple in underwear choices, especially when they come in so many colors and designs. Lace is often a favorite of clients.
    4. Boy Shorts or Hipsters: Fashioned after men’s shorts, the boy short provides full coverage and is tight down onto the thigh. While the description indicates they are less than sexy, many clients find them very enticing in black or red lace or sheer materials. They are a cross between innocence and seduction; leaving a lot to the imagination is part of their allure.
    5. French-cut Briefs: These briefs include an extremely high-leg cut, usually scalloped with detailed lace. The leg is cut to within an inch (or so) of the waistband and provides much for the imagination to consider. These are especially flattering on women with long legs and obvious hip bones. Escorts with a little more around the tummy should avoid these panties. Lace versions of the French-cut briefs are exceptionally popular with clients.
  6. Plain White Bra and Panties: Even though most clients enjoy the lacy, frilly, red or black undies that escorts typically arrive in, many clients find an escort wearing a simple white bra and plain white bikini panties to be over-the-top sexy. Innocence and memories of their first times bring their hormones to levels they haven’t experienced in a long time. Simplicity and demureness are the key to pulling off this combination. Simple hair and make-up should accompany this outfit. This is also the requested underwear when clients ask for the schoolgirl role-playing scenarios, too.
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