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Importance of a good gynecologist to an escort

Working in the escort industry naturally exposes you to the possibility of contracting a variety of sexually transmitted infections that, while not usually fatal, may cause you some serious health complications if left untreated. Due to the sensitive nature of your work as an escort, it’s essential to have a good doctor on call to treat you and perform routine exams and tests. Discretion by a gynecologist is highly valued, along with an open mind. Utilize these recommendations when seeking out your own gynecologist:

  1. Find a gynecologist who is in private practice instead of working in a clinic. Most private practice doctors do not adhere to the same information sharing practices that doctors who work in clinics do. Private practice gynecologists are much more likely to keep your records private, in addition to the conversations you have with him or her. Visits to a nurse practitioner in a clinic requires that everything you and the nurse practitioner discuss goes on your chart; nothing is private. You will likely receive more personalized attention from a private practice gynecologist, because he or she is not required by the clinic to see a minimum number of patients or adhere to clinic policies. However, one disadvantage to seeing a private practice physician is the cost may be higher.
  2. Pay cash to your gynecologist’s office, whether he or she is in private practice or at a clinic. By paying cash, you avoid the hassle of being required to provide your social security number or real name and address. Paying cash can be expensive, however it is good for your privacy.
  3. Get a consultation before settling on a new gynecologist. When setting up the consultation appointment, you can simply tell the receptionist that you are extremely selective when it comes to your doctors and inform him or her that you will be paying cash for your consultation. That should take care of any hesitancy on the part of the receptionist. Inform the doctor of your profession, and express your concerns. Ask a wide variety of questions that you feel are important to you getting the care and attention you deserve and require. If the doctor has a problem with your profession or with treating you after you’ve been truthful with him or her, move on to find another doctor. The right doctor will listen and never judge, and he or she will treat your concerns with serious consideration.
  4. Obtain birth control from your gynecologist. Even if you’re using condoms during your appointments with your clients, it’s imperative you use some form of birth control as a back-up method. Additionally, a good gynecologist will work with you to provide you extra birth control so you can avoid that “time of the month” that could interrupt your work schedule.
  5. Request quarterly STD tests. When visiting with a gynecologist who is not aware of your profession, asking for frequent tests is not effective. He or she will tell you that unless you’ve engaged in ultra-risky behavior you are likely safe. However, if you have a gynecologist that you’ve been entirely truthful with, he or she will recognize your need for frequent testing for sexually transmitted infections and diseases. These tests should be ran routinely if you are engaging in sexual activity with your clients on a regular basis: HIV, Hepatitis B and C, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, trichomoniasis, chlamydia and a general pap smear. (A pap smear can test for HPV.) Regardless of how careful or safe you are with your clients, you should never put off being tested, nor should you let a doctor dissuade you from getting tests done.
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