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10 reasons why an average person thinks badly of escorts

Whore, slut, prostitute, harlot, hooker, tramp are words used to describe a person who exchanges sexual intimacy for money. She uses her body as a tool to make an income. Her skills make her an accomplished service provider, just as a doctor’s skills or a lawyer’s skills.
Escorts are legal. They don’t have sex mentioned in their job description, but manage to get the same treatment. Where does this stigma come from?
We have to thank religious hypocrisy, non-existent education and insecure leaders. Also, keep in mind that an average person is called average for a reason.
Most men in the West are torn between having a body and the requirement to be ashamed of it. The only thing they can think of when they hear the word “woman”, let alone “escort”, is sex. They are obsessed with sex, because it is a forbidden fruit. And they fear punishment for being obsessed with a forbidden fruit. Therefore, they spend their days trying to convince themselves that everything that has anything to do with sex is bad.
Long version:

  1. Prostitution is illegal, and this is the same.” Most people think that escorts are in the same line of work as prostitutes, thus they are perceived as something illegal. This is false: escorts are legal. But millions of people, apparently, didn’t get the memo.
  2. Women must be chaste.” For the past several centuries, females have been expected to maintain a modest state, remaining ladylike and virginal until they are married. Women are to protect their womanhood, by not giving away sex freely. They are procreators, the givers of life. They have special talents and abilities that are not to be used recreationally. Women should stay pure, according to many ideals.
  3. Passion is bad, and women should not engage in passionate endeavors.” From Biblical times when Eve at the fruit, women have been being judged that they are too easily tempted by the fruits of passion. Escorts are considered part of that “bad” category who is lured by temptation and evil. Women who embrace passion, sex and excitement of the carnal variety are scrutinized harshly, much due to the Biblical influences that dictate women are to avoid temptation and pleasure. Escorts obviously seek out carnal pleasure, so they are harshly judged.
  4. Escorts are lazy.” Critics say that escorts could get “real” jobs if they wanted to, and they choose to look down upon escorts and other sex workers for being lazy. “All she does is lay on her back all day”, has been a snide criticism more than once when referring to an escort. What critics don’t realize is that escorts are far from lazy: they put in many hours to market themselves, prepare for encounters, screen clients and maintain their businesses. The assumption is that they are just sitting around in their negligees waiting for clients to come knocking.
  5. Escorts are stupid.” Much like the lazy criticism, many people say that escorts are uneducated and unintelligent.After all, if they were smart, they could get another job.

    In fact, escorts are the opposite of dumb

    Some people have even gone on to say that many escorts are so dumb they can’t do any other kind of work. They have to be intelligent to manage their marketing, communicate with highly-successful clients and to build their escort businesses, keeping all accounting and scheduling intact. Many escorts are highly educated, and they come from senior-level positions in successful companies. And they are smart enough to realize they can make more money by escorting.

  6. Middle Ages are alive and well in many heads. History has stigmatized escorts, who provide companionship for their clients, and prostitutes, who provide something else, and the tradition continues with “modern” society. During the Middle Ages, courtesans were required to wear certain clothing or accessories to indicate their statuses.
    1. Leipzig: Prostitutes were required to wear yellow coats with blue trim
    2. Vienna: they wore green sashes.
    3. Bern and Zurich: Courtesans wore red hats.
    4. Parma: Prostitutes donned white cloaks.
    5. Milan: They wore black cloaks.
    6. Bristol and London: Prostitutes slung striped hoods over their heads.
    7. Paris: They put red shoulder-knots on their clothing.

It’s no surprise that the “modern” society continues to feel that prostitutes (and escorts, who are mistakenly bundled with them) should be differentiated from “respectable” members of the herd. Their disassociation for years have created a rift between the sex worker industry and the rest of society that may never be repaired.

  1. Stereotypes perpetuate stigma. Because escorts have been stereotyped by extreme examples, it’s impossible to get past the judgment that goes along with the assumptions. For years, escorts have been assumed to be drug addicts. They’ve been called insane. Escorts have been judged to be thieves. Are there escorts who are all of these? Of course. Is it true for all escorts? Of course not. Most escorts are hard-working, intelligent, educated women who raise families, maintain friendships and work to buy groceries and pay their mortgages. But, because the media representations indulge viewers’ worst assumptions, people naturally think that escorts are part of a negative subculture.
  2. Sour grapes. Many men think no woman would want to have sex with them. As a psychological defense, they try to convince themselves and people around them that sex is bad – and so is everything (and everyone) involved with it.
  3. Escorts have no morals. Again, confused with prostitutes, escorts are judged as immoral for their alleged intimacy with more than one partner. The thought shocks the living daylight out of the prudes who run the society. They lose sleep over the fact that something they have so much trouble getting, somebody, somewhere might be getting just like that.
  4. An escort’s career title is her label. While a photographer may be a photographer, Dad, uncle, son, friend, naturalist, etc, an escort is just an escort. Surprise! They may have pets, cry at sappy movies and love chocolate, for instance. Society bases their impressions on a label, forgetting that escorts are people, just like them. The stigma is easy to place when you forget to see the person as a whole.

And, finally, many escorts are judged to be only good for sex, not “to take home to Mom”. People who have never spent time with an escort may think that clients only see escorts because it’s an easy and cheap way to get off. Women, especially, often look down upon women who are escorts, assuming they are not “good enough” to be wives and mothers.

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