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Monogamy is overrated: Why married people still need escorts

Escorts will always be in high demand. Despite the fact that we try to tell ourselves that the human species is evolved, in social terms nothing has changed for thousands of years. In terms of physiology, even longer.

You can’t make nature go away by pretending it’s gone away

In hopes of making the nature go away, men and women invented everlasting love and laws to enforce this illusion. But guess what? Neither men nor women are hard-wired to feel attraction toward a single person – at least, not with the same intensity over time.
Our only physical purpose on Earth is ridiculously simple: to produce as many children as possible. Everything else is fairy tales that we have been telling ourselves for thousands of years.
So, why is it, exactly, that men and women want several sexual partners?

  1. Polyamory is an issue of science, not morality. Since the first days that man and woman walked the earth, the physiological imperative of humans was, as with other species, to procreate. To generate as many new human beings as possible. Men sought out many mates, women welcomed seekers. The strongest and most virile subjects were able to pass along their genes to the most females. Along the way, humans were one of only two mammals to have discovered that sex can mean pleasure alone, not just pleasure and kids. (Dolphins figured this out too.)
  2. Monogamy is misunderstood. Science has reported time and time again that several species of animals are monogamous, mating for life, much like humans pretend to. However, with recent research, many of these findings have flaws. Eagles, beavers, grey wolves and gibbons were all previously thought to be monogamous animals. Through vast DNA research of these animals, it is proven that there is hanky panky going on within these animals’ societies. In fact, only 7% of mammals are considered monogamous. And, while anthropologists research societies around the globe, they labeled most contemporary western countries as practicing monogamy, mostly exclusively. However, only 20% of the world’s societies actually practice monogamy; others live favoring to embrace lifestyles of multiple partners for both religious and pragmatic reasons.
  3. Humans are opportunistic. In the Western paradigm, boys and girls are instructed to grasp onto every chance of material wealth, vanity and sensual entertainment that life brings their way. When an opportunity presents itself for fun and adventure with a new sexual partner, most men and women will jump at the chance. It’s just human nature coupled with training.
  4. Humans are taught to strive for the best. Most people are raised with the encouragement that they can always do better, keep trying and attempt to excel. Even humans who feel they have a perfectly wonderful partner at home, may be secretly hoping to find someone better, because that’s how they’ve been taught. The trophy spouse of a few years ago may still be wonderful, but a younger, fitter and more willing partner could be all it takes for a person to stray. As a result, people may end up with several partners, as a way to fulfill their need to better themselves. Escorts are constantly called by clients because they fit that mold: prettier and more accomplished than their current partners. They represent a “step up”. They are sexy, smart and really good at sex. For most human beings, it means an improvement.
  5. Humans are hard-wired with sex on the brain. The human species is the most sexual of all species on earth, and men and women are sex addicts at heart. Males, whose biological role is ridiculously tiny, think with their testicles more than with their brains. Women use sex to guide this thinking process in the direction of their choice – which, given our education system, rarely means anything other than more debt and vanity. But it’s all for the best: men have sex they dream of, escorts have their money, wives have guilty and thus malleable husbands. Everybody wins.
  6. Variety is the spice of life. Men’s natural purpose is scouting, conquering and expansion. “New” is on every healthy men’s mind. This means new mating partners, too (see #1). Female escorts have built their whole business on this simple truth that is here to stay for as long as our species.
  7. Sex with several partners is what male mind is wired for. Unlocking this achievement satisfies our natural purpose or procreation and makes it known by letting a male feel good. The knowledge that more than one partner in the world finds them attractive enough to have sex with can be a huge ego boost for a man or a woman. People thrive on compliments, recognition and approval. Escorts provide this and cover all previous points.
  8. Sex is often about power. And, by having sex with multiple partners, a person can feel even more powerful. Much like how a woman feels powerful as she can command the attention of every man when she walks into a room, a man who has several sexual conquests as notches on his belt feels empowered, too. Regardless of the reason, it’s about power.
  9. People have different needs. We have different aspects of our personalities that sometimes we don’t want to disclose to the same partner. Having different partners to fulfill all of their needs is something that many humans find comforting. We marry in order to share the load of the never ending war against the world. Some of us have affairs in order to hear how wonderful and unique they are.

While monogamy works for a few uniquely happy couples, for many people it’s simply not enough – let alone the boredom and predictability that set in after a few years. Some of these bored people rely on escorts for a vacation away from the formaldehyde jar of their official lives.

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