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Pet peeves escorts can try sorting out with clients

As an escort, you should expect to be irritated by the things your clients do. You must overlook many of these things if you want to keep them as clients. A client’s nasal voice is not something he can really change. Another’s annoying habit of snorting as he laughs is a trait, not modifiable behavior.
However, if a client’s behavior has a true negative effect on his escort, she should inform him how his behavior needs attention. She shouldn’t complain about his actions; she should explain to him how she’d like it to change and why. A client will respond more positively when an escort explains how he will be rewarded for changes, instead of receiving criticism or ultimatums.
The top 15 peeves that escorts may feel they should address with clients are:

  • Smoking: Smoking can yellow a person’s teeth and skin, along with leaving behind a strong odor. Kissing a smoker is like kissing an ash tray for a non-smoker. A client who smokes in your incall can stink up the place and will leave the scent on your clothes and other items laying around. All in all, an escort who doesn’t smoke must have quite a bit of tolerance when she has an encounter with a smoker, especially one who takes the liberty to smoke during a booking. However, beyond a client just being smelly from tobacco, an escort may be allergic to secondhand smoke. Affected by her allergies, an escort is not able to perform properly for days. It’s wise to inform your client that smoking during an encounter is prohibited. And, it’s common to ask a client to shower prior to any physical contact, especially in order to wash off the smell of cigarettes.
  • Shaving: While some women are really “into” facial hair, others are turned off by it. But, it’s not really an issue of liking someone’s beard or not. The client’s stubble may cause an escort with sensitive skin to break out in a rash that lasts for hours or days…all from too close of contact with whiskery skin. Escorts with sensitive skin should encourage (and insist) that their clients shave prior to encounters. Additionally, if clients have longer facial hair, they should keep it neatly trimmed and conditioned.
  • Dirty nails: Depending on a client’s profession, he may have the job hazard of having dirty nails. Engineers who work hands-on with mechanical operations, construction workers, electricians, automobile mechanics and other clients who do physical labor for a living may have dirty nails. While dirty nails may be thought to only be a hygiene issue, it can be more serious than that. A client who has dirty nails may spread germs and bacteria to an escort as he touches her most tender and private parts. Escorts should ask that any clients with excessively dirty nails to trim them and clean them with a nail brush before becoming intimate.
  • Overall bad hygiene: While overall bad hygiene may not be a health risk in and of itself, it can still present problems. Being unclean can cause body odor and unsightliness, which is an immediate turn-off for an escort. Escorts find it nearly impossible to become intimate with a client who looks or smells dirty. An escort should never find it questionable to ask a client to tend to his hygiene before she follows through with her services. The hygiene issue could be oral, dealing with the teeth or mouth; physical, focusing on overall cleanliness of the body; or head, relating to the hair or scalp. To combat this, most escorts make it their general policy to require that clients shower prior to an encounter.
  • Cursing: Many escorts curse or use foul language. But, they don’t do it with clients. Many escorts maintain a very clean way of speaking. However, clients don’t always do the same. They drop “F” bombs, call everyone a**holes and take god’s name in vain regularly. That doesn’t always set well with an escort who is attempting to promote some class and dignity. An escort should never be ashamed to request that a client cut the cussing and use reasonable substitutes as he talks to her. And, this goes double if a client is actually cursing at an escort.
  • Rudeness: Escorts are people, too, and do not deserve to be treated rudely, disrespectfully or without common courtesy. Many clients think that because they are paying for an escort’s time they can be jerks, because it is their right. However, this does not carry over to acceptable behavior. No escort has to tolerate a client who is rude or discourteous.
  • Drug use: Some escorts think recreational drug use is okay, as long as a client doesn’t get too carried away. However, this is the kind of thinking that has gotten more than one escort in trouble. Drug use is never okay during an encounter, and this policy should be enforced, as drug users may become aggressive or violent. If an escort discovers that her client is using drugs during an encounter (or has used directly before an encounter), she is justified in walking out on the spot.
  • Being late: When a client arrives late and expects to still receive a booking of a full hour, he is taking advantage of his escort. Arriving late, especially habitually, is a way of showing blatant disrespect for an escort. Escorts who have habitually late clients should feel free to only allow them the time she has booked for them, which includes the amount of time they were absent. It’s not the escort’s fault the client was late, and she shouldn’t be penalized.
  • Refuse to follow directions: Escorts give specific directions to clients for reasons, yet many clients fail to listen to an escort’s directions and choose to go against them. For instance, an escort may ask a client to park in the back, instead of the front, because the snow plow comes along at specific times. If a client fails to follow directions, his car may be buried under the snow. Other situations may involve discretion, privacy and other issues that should be important to the client, too. If clients do not follow instructions, escorts may consider refusing the bookings.
  • Too much contact: Some clients like their escorts too much and want to talk to them too often. Escorts should cut off all extraneous contact with clients like text messages, phone calls and emails “just because.” Escorts should inform clients that they are not their friends and that they have a business arrangement, not a romance.
  • Lack of discretion: Despite multiple warnings and tips, some clients are just dolts about being discreet. They fail to cover their tracks on computers or smart phones, brag to their buddies and leave evidence behind. Escorts should remind clients that they expect them to do all they can to be discreet and give them a crash course on what that means. If an escort determines that a client simply can’t be discreet, she should consider dropping him from her client list.
  • Boundary pushing: Clients who consistently push boundaries by asking for prohibited services, extra time or other things they know escorts don’t typically allow should be reminded that they are crossing lines of acceptability. Boundary pushers don’t often stop, and their coercion may get worse the longer an escort caters to their requests. Escorts should nip such behavior in the bud.
  • Last-minute appointments: Even though an escort specifies on her profile that she requires 24-hour notice for all bookings, clients often ignore this and try to book anyways. Escorts with clients who think they can ignore her policy about last-minute bookings should be willing to deny their requests. Unless an escort is really desperate for money, she shouldn’t be convinced to take sudden, spur of the moment bookings, even from her favorite clients. It causes an escort to be unable to make plans and solidify her schedule when she consistently takes last-minute bookings.
  • Using an escort’s personal items: Escorts often have personal items such as shower gels, towels and other things hidden away in their incall bathrooms. Clients who seek out these items and use them should be reminded that other products are available for their use out in the open. If a client persists in finding an escort’s hidden items, he should be strongly discouraged from using them in the future. Additionally, to avoid any future problems, an escort should simply remove her items from the bathroom when she knows the guilty party will be arriving for an encounter.
  • Leaving the bathroom (or any other room) a mess: Some men just don’t see messes the same way that women do. But, that doesn’t excuse them from leaving water puddles on the bathroom floor or powder all over the countertop. Clients who can’t clean up after themselves should be reminded that their escort is not their maid or their mother. Escorts could inspect the bathroom before a client leaves and insist that he do his part to clean up any messes. Escorts should also explain that it costs them time to clean messes up themselves or money to hire cleaners.
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