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The impact of erectile dysfunction drugs on escort dates

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all claim to give men longer-lasting, more intense erections. However, these drugs are meant for men who have erectile dysfunction and find it difficult to obtain or sustain an erection, not for clients who want to get the most bang for the buck.
Erectile dysfunction drugs can completely change an encounter with an escort from an intimate, pleasant experience into a slamfest, without warning to the escort.
Millions of men take ED drugs recreationally jut to see what it’s like. Many of them think that taking it prior to showing up for an escort date is cool and will let them ride their dollars further. These clients often get a surprise when the escort leaves them high and dry, refusing to see them and their chemically-enhanced friend.
Using ED drugs prior to an appointment with an escort is much like athletes using performance-enhancing drugs. It’s unfair, inappropriate and hazardous, unless legally prescribed by a physician.
For escorts, it’s increasingly difficult to determine when a client is truly aroused. Part of the encounter is based on the natural arousal of a client. An escort takes her lead from her client’s breathing, heart rate and erection. However, if a client arrives standing tall, it’s difficult to gauge if he’s truly turned on or just affected by the pill.
Men are sometimes nervous about being able to perform when they meet an escort. Nervousness or stage fright is understandable, but popping a pill for recreation is something entirely different.

ED drugs often make it difficult, if not impossible, for a client to reach full orgasm, so the entire encounter is, in their eyes, futile

Reality is that instead of an intensified heaven the client ends up sore and raw—just as the escort. The client leaves dissatisfied, the escort is upset and tired and nobody is happy.
Men who take ED drugs without prescriptions are at risk for health problems, too. Men who take them illegally often obtain them illegally, too. Whether they are getting them the dealer down the street or an online pharmacy, there’s always a risk that the pills are not what they think they are. Impure or laced pills are often obtained unknowingly through illegal sources.
Additionally, men who have heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure complications or visual problems should never take ED drugs without their physician’s supervision. These conditions can be complicated by the use of ED drugs.
On top of that, men who are on many medications should check with a physician before taking any ED drug, as some medications can cause severe interactions.
ED drugs taken recreationally can cause dependence or reliance. Studies have proven that men who take ED drugs unnecessarily often find they become reliant on the drug to obtain or sustain an erection, which is not what most men’s aims are for the experience.
Finally, escorts and clients alike find that when ED drugs interfere with the normal encounter, it somehow takes meaning from the entire date. The session is based on ridding the client of his “situation” instead of on enjoying each other. Intimacy, affection and enjoyment fly out the window and are replaced by the need to orgasm, which is typically secondary for the real reasons men visit escorts.

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