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How to extend escort sessions? 12 creative tips

When you get a booking that is scheduled for three or four hours (or more!), it’s essential to arrive with a plan. Arriving for the appointment with the attitude of “whatever happens, happens” may be a recipe for disaster and leave both you and your client twiddling your thumbs without a plan of what to do next.
There are about as many things to do during extended escort sessions as there are clients to do them with. It’s just a matter of being creative and taking cues from your client.
The first thing to do when booking an extended encounter is to ask the client what he or she expects during the time you spend together. Sometimes, clients have very real, tangible expectations that will help you create the perfect encounter. If our client doesn’t have a plan in mind, consider what you know about your client. If your client is new, it was pretty brave of you to schedule an extended encounter for the first appointment, not knowing how you and he will click when you meet in person. It may be more difficult to plan ahead for a new client, but you should still make an effort. However, if your client is an established regular, you may be able to anticipate some of his desires for the extended encounter. Attempt to recall any activities your client especially liked or mentioned that he’d like to try someday. Try to implement these ideas during your visit with your client.
If you are simply out of ideas, think about trying one (or more) of these things with your client:

  1. Conversation: Talk to your client about their day, week, year. Don’t probe or ask questions that may make him or her uncomfortable. However, if your client brings up a subject, don’t be afraid to ask questions or discuss the topic with him, even if the topic is his wife, family or other life issues. If your client is a new one, try to get to know one another. Ask him about his favorite things to do, work, hobbies, childhood, etc. Ask him about the last movie he saw or the last book he read. Catch up with a regular client, learning what’s new since the last time you both saw each other. The conversation shouldn’t take up the entire encounter, but it can help to set the stage for a good appointment, along with killing a little bit of time.
  2. Refreshments: If you’re doing an incall, offer your client a glass of wine (or two) or a beer, yet make sure that you don’t have enough alcohol to allow your client to become drunk. (A drunk client can be a problem client.) Also, be careful to not provide your client with alcohol if they will be driving. If you don’t want to provide alcohol at all to your clients, offer them soft drinks, water or tea. A refreshment before things get hot and heavy means a few minutes taken up, which can help to break up an extended session. Also, if it seems appropriate, you can offer a refreshment half way through your date, especially if hydration may be an issue after rigorous activity.
  3. Massage: Ask your client if they would like a massage. Learn to give a good, real, therapeutic massage where muscles are loosened and tension is released through deep tissue manipulation. A good massage can last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes and up. Don’t offer to give a real massage unless you’re actually pretty decent at it. After you’re done giving an actual massage to your client, you can engage in a sensual massage where things begin to get more intimate. Keep in mind that if your client wanted a massage, though, they could have gotten in at a spa or massage parlor. Your massage must be an appetizer, not the main course.
  4. Fashion show: Model your best lingerie for your client in a mini-fashion show. Tease him from behind the bathroom door as you change your clothes, and give him an eyeful each and every time you come out with a new outfit on. Most men like to look AND touch, so make yourself available for him to inspect the “goods” up close.
  5. Foreplay: Extend the amount of time it takes for your client to climax by engaging in extended foreplay. When you can tell your client is close to orgasm, slow down the teasing and bring him back to reality… then begin the process over again. Some clients love this, others do not. Make sure your client is into this before doing it over and over.
  6. Dinner/snack: During an extended encounter, there is usually some time for some grub. You can even use the excuse that the two of you need to refuel to build up more energy for the rest of the session. If you’re at a hotel, suggest room service — it can be champagne and strawberries or macaroni and cheese or a steak dinner… whatever you and your client agree upon. It helps to break up the encounter and set the mood for more fun. Also, keep in mind that eating can be sexy. Feed each other to intensify the experience. Or, better yet, blindfold him and feed him, making him guess what you’ve just fed him. Fruit trays work great for this activity.
  7. Striptease: Perform a striptease for your client. However, he may tell you he can go to any strip joint in town to get this kind of entertainment. But, reassure him that he’s going to have a lot more fun with this kind of a striptease than he would even in the VIP room at the swankiest (or skankiest) club in town.
  8. Shower/Bath: Take a bath or shower with your client. This can occur at the beginning of your encounter or toward the middle point. A shower may ruin your hair, but a bath may let you keep your hair and make-up intact. A bath with scented candles, oil and sexy music may be the perfect mood setter for the rest of the appointment. The bath can be sensual or it can be simply relaxing. Most men adore having their hair and back washed gently by a woman… so a bath can be a great experience for your client.
  9. Cuddle: This is good only if your client is into the Girlfriend Experience dates. Snuggle time with a client can help them feel appreciated and wanted.
  10. Role play: Get out that police costume or schoolgirl garb and prepare to engage in some major role play action with your client. Even though the story always ends the same way, the role playing up to the main story line can be entertaining and can help to eat up some time during your encounter. Also, clients love this kind of thing. Ask him about his deepest fantasy and attempt to reenact it with him.
  11. Tie them up: Some clients have never experienced this type of activity with anyone. Tie up your client and tease him or engage in some degree of intimacy with him. Make sure you have a “safe word” established for when/if your client wants the end the game. Use soft scarves or other ties for his hands, and blindfold him, too.
  12. Porn: Watch an adult video with your client. This can be at the beginning to get things rolling, or it can be toward the middle of your encounter as things have slowed down a little. Either way, a porn flick is apt to get things moving, again, if your client is into this type of video.

ALWAYS ask your client if you have any doubts about any of these activities during your encounter with him or her. You never want to offend a client due to making assumptions or guesses. Your client’s encounter with you should be what he wants it to be… not what you want to do during the time with him. Additionally, if your client has any other ideas, make sure you consider them. After all, they are the customer and the customer is almost always right.

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