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5 more reasons escorts should accept credit cards

In the age of digital money, it makes even more sense for escorts to accept credit card payments for sessions they book. Whether their clients pay for their appointments online or in person, several advantages make credit card acceptance nearly a no-brainer for high-end escorts who wish to cater to well-to-do clients. Here are five more reasons why escorts should accept credit card payments:

  1. You can help your clients earn additional money-back points, airline miles, fuel credits or other incentives from their credit card loyalty programs. Who hasn’t heard of an executive who takes his family to the Bahamas every year with his accumulated airline miles from his credit card? Well, that executive may very likely be your client. And, if you can help in earning points, credits or whatever, he may be more appreciative. Additionally, it’s one more incentive you can give your clients for booking with you instead of with your competition.
  2. Credit cards are the preferred payment method for many people, including your clients. So few people actually carry cash anymore; they depend on their debit or credit cards getting them by wherever they go. Places that used to never accept credit cards are beginning to take them like they’ve been doing it forever, such as sporting event concession stands, your lawyer and your neighbor’s plumber. Because most people live in the digital age where their money is always accessible with plastic, it is important to provide your clients with their preferred payment method. If they feel that working with you is convenient and easy for them, they are much more likely to become returning, regular clients.
  3. Clients tend to spend more freely when they use credit cards. Because they don’t physically see the hundred dollar bills slipping through their fingers, clients may be more apt to tack on an additional hour to the booking when scheduling their time with you. They may be more apt to casually add on a generous tip. Also, some prospective clients may be more willing to impulsively schedule a date with you by using their credit cards, much like people engage in impulse spending. As long as you are getting paid and the client leaves happy, make the most of whatever it is that gets your client to your doorstep.
  4. Your competitors are accepting credit cards already. As you peruse other escort’s websites or profiles, you may notice they have capacities to accept credit cards and are currently encouraging their clients to use them. If you haven’t gotten started on the process, you are behind! You may lose clients to other escorts who are “with the times” and using current, up-to-date methods of fee collection. You don’t want to be left behind. By being unwilling to accept credit card payments you may be turning away potentially great clients and allowing them to become friendly with other escorts.
  5. Credit card payments are not counterfeit. Some escorts have been burned with counterfeit hundred dollar bills. Escorts are not expected to be currency specialists and don’t always know the fine details, watermarks, colors and holograms that ensure paper money is real. Counterfeiters are getting more and more high-tech and creating better and better products. But, when you accept credit cards, you don’t have to worry about whether the money you are getting is “funny money” or genuine bills. The Benjamins spend the same way, regardless of whether they came from your client’s credit card account or directly from his wallet. Eliminate that concern when dealing with clients.
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