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7 reasons why escorting is addictive

Anything can be addictive. Chewing gum, checking your Facebook, jogging daily or tapping your fingers. Anything you become accustomed to doing easily becomes a habit
, especially if it’s something you do regularly at the same time of day or in similar instances.
Escorting is much like a habit. It entails many specific behaviors that you become accustomed to. And those behaviors can become addictive. Many escorts have reported that when they stop escorting, they feel like they have lost an old friend or are quitting some other habit, such as smoking or caffeinated beverages. Escorting is truly addictive to many involved in the industry. But why? Here are the top seven reasons escorting is addictive:

  1. Routines: Escorting involves many routines that become a part of your daily life. As an escort who is conscientious about your business, you likely check your emails, phone calls and messages at least once per day, usually at the same time of day. While you’re doing that, you may tweak your profile a little bit and work on your marketing. This is all very habit-forming. Doing something daily at the same time of day leaves your brain expecting these same behaviors regularly. This becomes your routine, and you may find it difficult if you try to break that routine. Escorts who take a vacation report that they have difficulties “turning off” their minds when it comes to their regular daily time to communicate with clients.
  2. Adrenaline rush you get when meeting new people: Some people are simply “people persons.” As an escort, you must be good with people and have that innate ability to make friends easily and quickly. Each time you prepare to meet a new client, you may get a slight adrenaline rush, anticipating the meeting and how it will go. That adrenaline rush is quite like feeling high momentarily. It’s a good feeling that you want to do again and again, especially when your encounters go well.
  3. Self-employment is hard to beat: Making your own schedule, answering to nobody besides yourself and making your own work budget are reasons that many people like being self-employed, escorts included. Escorts set their own schedules and have some control over when they choose to see clients throughout a day and how often they choose to see them weekly. You get to create your own marketing plan and run your business and service the way you want to. You set your own rates and do things your way. Going back to an 8-5 job after working for yourself is often problematic for many people, including escorts, because they have difficulties transitioning to a structured work environment where they answer to a boss, supervisor or manager.
  4. Risk + reward = Addiction: Psychologists from long ago identified the Risk, Reward and Addiction Theory, and it applies to escorting, as well as many other behaviors. For instance, in any normal scenario where you meet up with a new client for an encounter, you realize that you are taking a risk. Meeting some complete stranger in private and engaging in intimate acts with him or her is a risk. Your safety, money and health are at risk. Immediately after meeting your client, you get a reward (your fee). This combination of being rewarded for risky behavior creates addictions. It’s adrenaline. It’s a rush. It feels good. It’s satisfying. Consider gamblers, stock market traders and athletes. They all engage in risky, possibly destructive, behaviors all for a big pay-off in the end. Good rewards keep them coming back for more. For that matter, even the hopes of a good pay-off keep them trying the pattern over and over.
  5. Money: The money in the high-end escort industry is terrific. There’s not debating that concept. Making 10 times or more per hour than you would in a traditional job is definitely a draw for escorts. Additionally, once you become accustomed to the income you receive as an escort, it’s challenging to scale back your budget to include income that is a bit more realistic. You are used to having extra money for this or that, and it’s nice to have money in savings. It’s hard to give the money up — especially when you can make it so quickly while doing something you enjoy.
  6. Ego boost: As an escort, you may get regular comments from your clients. They tell you that you are beautiful, sexy, sultry… the whole nine yards. The compliments really make you feel like you’ve “got it going on!” That positive affirmation can give you high just like other positive experiences can. You become used to clients making you feel good about yourself… and that is a good feeling. To think about giving that up may make you feel unappreciated and undesirable, especially if the people in your “regular” life don’t stroke your ego like that.
  7. Sex: The sex is good. As an escort, you may have a lot of sex. Sex with strangers, steamy shower sex, hot sex with your high heels on or just simply sex with a lot of desire. It’s fun, playful and different with each client. If you were to give up escorting, you might be stuck with plain, old sex with your partner. (Not to say that sex with your partner is boring or bad — but it may not be as exciting regularly as having sex with a stranger.) Sex in relationships happens once to three times per week as a norm. If you’re accustomed to having sex twice a day daily, it may seem odd to back off to the once-per-week kind. And, it’s a proven fact that some people really have sex addictions. It can be difficult to consider backing away from escorting if you really love the sex that much.

As an escort, you may truly love your job. Most people find that when they quit or leave a job (any job), they have many things they miss about it, and some of them are a little addictive. There are certainly many addictive activities you engage in as an escort.
If you find yourself taking a break from escorting in order to recharge your batteries and start fresh, try to fill any voids in your life associated with escorting with activities that keep you busy. Yoga, jogging, meditation, reading, hobbies, volunteering or other activities can keep you busy and your mind off the things you miss about your escorting career.

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