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Using templates in escort communications

Escorts are told over and over again that personalized service delivered to clients is part of what will make them successful. This piece of advice is very true, but highly personalized service in each and every instance may not be possible — especially if a caller, emailer or texter is not already an established client.
An escort can spend hours texting back and forth with a prospective client, only for them to suddenly disappear for good. An escort should learn to strike a proper balance between providing personalized service for each contact and efficiency of client communications. Templates can help you do just that.
Some potential clients send little texts non-stop, asking little questions like “How much?” “What services?”, “When?”, “What will you wear?”, “What color is your hair?”, “How tall are you?” and similar. It could take an escort nearly an hour to answer these questions (which are likely available in her profile or on her website) through texting. A quick phone call that lasts less than 5 minutes could cover all of these bases and take the escort MUCH less time. Templates are designed to turn texters and emailers into callers.
Additionally, text and email templates ensure proper grammar and spelling. When an escort gets in a hurry to customize a message for each and every message she gets, mistakes can happen.
It’s easy to set up templates. Most phones have a “Quick Text” function where you can store messages for use at any time. The “Quick Text” function is usually reserved for shorter messages, but it can be used for longer ones, too. Templates should be set up on your work phone and your work email. The templates should be somewhat generic for use with many situations, dates and scenarios. The template should always encourage real clients to call you for more information, while timewasters will be dissuaded from contacting you further.
Here are some examples of templates you could use for text messages:

  • Thank you for your text! However, I don’t accept text messages. Please see my profile at www.***.com/myprofile for information about services, fees and other details. If you like what you see, call me to book an encounter! Hope to talk to you soon!
  • I’m sorry I missed your call. Please see my profile at www.***.com/myprofile for information about services, fees and other details. If you like what you see, call me back to book a date. Hope to talk to you soon!
  • Your SMS message was undeliverable. The recipient has deactivated text messages. Please call instead.
  • Welcome to my blocklist. Please do not text me again.

Here are some examples of templates you could use for email messages:

  • Hello! For full information about my services, rates and photos, please visit www.***.com/myprofile
    My incall (at my apartment) rates are:
    $__- 1 hour
    $__- 2 hours
    $ __- Each additional hourMy outcall rates (at your place or hotel) are:
    $__- 1 hour
    $__- 2 hours
    $ __- Each additional hour
    $ __- OvernightPlease call me to book a session.
    Best regards,
  • Greetings!Thank you for your interest. You can find more information about me and what I do here: www.***.com/mypage. I’ll be happy to answer any questions that aren’t answered on that page — just give me a call!Ready to book? Please call me and we will discuss all details over the phone.Hope to talk to you soon.
  • I appreciate your interest, but I am unable to schedule a booking with you at this time. I will get back to you once there is an opening. Please note that your calls, texts or emails will not be replied until you hear from me.Thank you for your time and understanding.

Of course, after a client has established himself as a regular client, you should avoid using any template messages to communicate with him. This is where the personalized service comes into play: regular clients deserve your full attention. New or prospective clients deserve your attention, too, but until they have proven themselves and shown they are worth your time and effort, you can’t spend excessive amounts of time stroking their egos.

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