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Identify time wasting clients

For an escort it is common to get a lot of attention from admirers and potential clients. However, not all of that attention results in booked appointments. On many occasions, individuals will call or email an escort to inquire about his or her services, only to ask several questions, to chat with no honest intention of making a date. Here are some ways to identify whether or not a potential client is just wasting your time:

  • He or she asks questions that do not pertain to the possibility of setting up a time to meet. If a potential client is more interested in what your real name is, how old your dog is or if you wear a thong or a bikini, he or she may not be ready to book a date. You may need to make a judgment call as to whether you should spend more time answering his or her questions, or simply cut him or her loose.
  • After you have set up a time to meet, the prospective client continually reschedules your appointment. One time may be understandable, depending on his or her excuse. However, if a client needs to reschedule two or more times, he or she may be putting you off or failing to get up the nerve to go through with the appointment. After the second time he or she misses your date, consider just calling it quits and recommending that he or she visit with another escort. (If you wish to give him a kinder brush off, you can explain that your schedule is too full to squeeze him in during the following weeks.)
  • Big promises that guarantee a big trip, expensive gifts or different living arrangements may be empty promises. Don’t rely on the promises that a client makes to you, until he or she actually follows through and provides them. Don’t give him or her special privileges or freebies, in hopes that the gifts will come later. The client may eventually follow through with his or her promises, however, waiting on them to come true may just waste your time if the promises weren’t made in earnest.
  • Realize that many escort/client relationships flourish as a result of an escort’s own persistence. Usually, the next appointment is prompted by a request of the escort. Or, gifts are usually solicited by the escort. If a client offers more than expected without being asked, he or she may be putting you on.

Avoid wasting time on a prospective client who may or may not follow through with an appointment or with promises that were made. Spending too much time on a potential time waster may take time away from legitimate customers who will actually make appointments and provide gifts later after becoming regular clients.

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