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16 safety tips for Greek (anal) sex and scat play

Throughout your career as an escort, it is likely that not only will you be asked to engage in anal intercourse, also known as Greek sex, but a client may also request that you participate in coprophilia (or scat play). Whether you go along with his or her request is entirely up to you, however if you do engage in either activity you should be very conscientious to take precautions to safeguard your health.
The anus and fecal matter in it are ridden with bacteria that can cause infection. Additionally, if your client has a sexually transmitted disease or infection, it may be easily transmitted during anal intercourse, as well. Even when certain precautions are taken to stay safe, this type of sexual play is still a bit risky. However, using condoms and engaging in good hygiene can reduce health hazards.
Here are ways to keep yourself safe when engaging in anal play or intercourse:

  1. Clean the anus with a soapy finger. Get it as clean as possible for your partner. Additionally, any object used for penetration should be clean and free from germs, too.
  2. Always, always, always use lubrication. You can never use too much lube when involving anal sex or penetration. Your anus (or your client’s) does not produce any lube naturally, so in order to provide comfort and a pain-free (or less painful) experience, lube is necessary. Use a water-based lube. If you don’t use a lube, you risk tearing, which is incredibly painful. Read more about various kinds of lubrication.
  3. Put on a condom. Because sexually transmitted diseases are so easily spread through anal intercourse (due to possible tears and rips in the anus), never consider engaging in anal sex without a condom. Choose a regular condom without a scent or flavor. Scented or flavored condoms may cause an allergic reaction in some people.
  4. Refrain from switching to the vagina after engaging in anal intercourse. Wash thoroughly or switch condoms before engaging in vaginal intercourse. (The anus contains bacteria that may infect the vaginal area.)
  5. Start penetration by stretching out the anus a little at a time with a finger. (Make sure the finger is clean and fingernails are neatly trimmed and clean.)
  6. Relax! Tensing up only makes the process more difficult. Relaxed sphincter muscles allow penetration much more easily.
  7. Avoid putting anything that entered the anus (toys, fingers, penis, etc.) into your mouth unless it has been thoroughly cleaned. Putting something that has been in the anal cavity into your mouth may spread bacteria directly into your system.
  8. Use a dental dam when performing anilingus (or rimming). Avoid any bacteria that the anus may contain by using this barrier method.

Coprophilia is the experience of achieving sexual arousal from acts involving human or animal feces. This type of sexual activity may also be referred to as “scat play”, “hard sports”, “brown showers” or “scatophilia.” Use these suggestions to keep yourself safe and free from disease or infection when engaging in coprophilia (or scat play). Always remember that if this type of sexual play goes beyond your personal boundaries you are never under any obligation to agree to engaging in coprophilia with a client.

  1. Understand that it is dangerous to ingest or lick feces. It contains bacteria that can produce an E coli infection, Hepatitis A, shigellosis and many other diseases and complications.
  2. Get vaccinated for Hepatitis A.
  3. Wear protection when working with feces. Protection includes a condom, female condom or latex gloves.
  4. Remove any jewelry, such as watches, bracelets, rings or necklaces when engaging in scat play.
  5. Trim your fingernails to less than one-inch long. Do not engage in fecal play with your hands if you wear artificial nails. Bacteria can become trapped underneath your nails and cause health issues.
  6. Shower and shampoo after playing with scat. Use a liquid soap without a sponge. Dispose of the sponge afterwards.
  7. Bleach and disinfect all areas in your home that have come into contact with the fecal matter. For instance, if you engaged in scat play in your bathroom, clean all surfaces with bleach that the fecal matter touched. Clean everything and then some.
  8. Wash all linens or clothing that came into contact with the fecal matter. If you engaged in this activity on a bed, launder all sheets, blankets, comforters, etc. Use hot water and bleach to rid them of germs and bacteria.
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