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10 items an escort should stock in the incall bathroom

When a client comes to you for a date, he wants the opportunity to freshen up in your bathroom both before and after any services are provided. A good escort makes it their mission to anticipate the needs of her clients and provide a comfortable bathroom experience. And, because all clients are different, many different items may be required. Here are the top 10 items an escort should stock in their incall bathroom:

  1. Shower gel: You should select a shower gel that is a name brand, but one that is not the most expensive. (Some men use it like it’s going out of style, and they don’t really pay attention to how much they are using.) It should be good for sensitive skin, which should help out the more delicate clients when they get in the shower. Additionally, it should be fragrance-free or only lightly scented with a gender-neutral scent. Your clients may not understand why you don’t have a more fragrant product in the shower, but you can explain to them that they don’t want to head home to their partners smelling of an entirely new scent that might be suspicious. Furthermore, the shower gel should be one that is an all-in-one product, which can serve as shampoo or shaving lotion, too.
  2. Deodorant: Provide them with a name brand aerosol deodorant/antiperspirant that is only lightly scented or fragrance free. A spray deodorant is preferred over a stick deodorant for sanitary purposes. Multiple clients can use the deodorant if it’s an aerosol kind.
  3. Disposable razors: Provide cheap disposable, single-use razors for our clients to use to trim up “down there” or to use on their five-o’clock shadows so you can avoid whisker-burn. Giving your clients the opportunity to do a little manscaping will only benefit your sessions.
  4. Disposable toothbrushes: Provid disposable toothbrushes on the bathroom counter by the sink in plain sight. The toothbrush is a single-use item that will give your clients no excuse for not having minty-clean breath or clean teeth when they begin getting intimate with you. Most escorts have pet-peeves about bad breath or dirty teeth. This will help alleviate that concern about your clients.
  5. Mouthwash with a glass: Put out a bottle of name brand mouthwash, along with a small glass for them to use before and after an encounter with you. Again, this will help alleviate the problem of a client’s bad breath. And, when they see it out in a prominent location on the counter, they are reminded to use it.
  6. Client towels: Men rarely need a whole selection of towels. Put out two nice towels for your client to use. One large one for the shower, and one for his face and hands. And, if the majority of your clients are men, because men are men and can get anything dirty (it seems), put out darker towels that complement the decor of the bathroom. Avoid putting out several towels unless you want loads and loads of laundry to do from your clients using towels. If there are several to be used, count on your clients using them all. Additionally, if the majority of your clients are women, avoid white towels with them, too. Make-up stains towels easily.
  7. Hand sanitizer: Unscented hand sanitizer is always a good bet to put out for clients, especially during cold and flu season. The last thing a client wants is a sick escort, so be sure to encourage your clients to use the hand sanitizer prior to interacting with you extensively.
  8. Wet wipes: They come in handy for EVERYTHING! From wiping off a wet willy to cleaning off a rectum prior to anal play, wet wipes are so versatile it doesn’t make sense to NOT have them in your bathroom. They can be placed on the back of the toilet so they are convenient, but not an obtrusive part of the decor. Make sure you provide the unscented type that is designed for sensitive skin types.
  9. Powder: Because men often complain of chaffing, powder is often a welcome addition to an incall bathroom. Don’t buy a medicated kind. Simply buy an unscented, standard kind of powder. Men are rarely too picky about the kind of powder they shake into their underpants, but , just the same, they are pleased to have it. Many will be delighted that you’ve thought of them and included it in the offerings in your bathroom.
  10. Bottled water: Consider including a bottle or two of water in the bathroom. Some clients may appreciate an opportunity to have a drink or two of water before or after their session. This is simply a thoughtful touch that won’t break your bank and will add a lot to your client’s experience. It shows that as an escort you care about them and their needs, proving how thoughtful you are.

Other items you can include in your incall bathroom are men’s magazines. Although you don’t want to encourage your clients to come to your place to do their number twos, they may be happy to find an interesting magazine if they do have to use your facilities or if they are killing time before coming out due to nerves or anxiety. Consider including not only magazines like Sports Illustrated or Maxim, but also stock Newsweek or U.S. News and World Report or Playboy.
Finally, a lit candle is always a nice touch in your incall bathroom. It should be an unscented, pure beeswax candle. If a candle really isn’t your style, put a diffuser in your bathroom to help overcome any funky smells that sometimes lurk in a bathroom.
Remember that the incall bathroom is your bathroom, but keep in mind that your clients should only have access you want them to have. So, if you don’t want them to use your private shower gels, scents, towels, shampoos, toilet paper, etc., don’t put it in there where they can find it. Hide special towels, your robe, your perfume and other personal items you don’t want them to use (like your toothbrush!). Put away all personal toiletries, such as your tampons, bikini wax kit.
You want your incall bathroom to be an oasis for your clients. You don’t want them to try to take a shower around your personal stuff.
You must clean your bathroom after each client, as well, to ensure it stays clean and sanitary. Clean the toilet, wash off the counter and scrub the shower. Bleach wipes and other convenient cleaning tools can make the job easier.
Your clients rely on you to create an atmosphere for them that is comfortable and takes them away from the rest of their realities. Providing them with a fantastic bathroom experience at your incall can put you a step above any other escorts they see.

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