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Organizing escort’s little black book: 8 record-keeping tips

Escorts rely heavily on the records they keep about their clients. And, while most outsiders incorrectly assume that an escort keeps only essential details about their contact information, successful escorts keep careful track of their clients. Marketing, avoidance of bad clients and general preparedness require escorts to keep careful records about their clients. While most escorts choose to keep their client lists in different ways (hard copy, on their phones or on their computers), there are similar elements that all escorts should maintain in their little black books.
Escorts may need to get back in touch with clients for marketing purposes, to report an STI or STD(ugh!), to track lost and found items and for a handful of other reasons. And, because they need to be able to track down their clients in the most discreet methods possible, the more information an escort keeps about her clients, the better.
Here are some simple things to remember when you are organizing your clients into a contact list:

  1. Label time-wasters, jerks and no-show clients clearly. The worst thing you can do is to allow unreliable and unworthy “clients” access to you. Whether you keep your clients listed in your phone or in your email contact list, make sure you clearly label them in the name area. Some escorts list a client by his first name and then include “TW” after it to indicate the individual is a time-waster For example: STEVE TW means that the client’s name is Steve and he is a time-waster JAKE jerk means that Jake was a jerk. If you’ve clearly labeled these clients, you won’t be surprised by them when you answer a phone call or respond to an email or text. You won’t accidentally respond to them, only to remember later that the client is a jerk or is unreliable. This saves you time and innumerable headaches.
  2. List regulars obviously. Regulars may have their own category, especially if you group your contacts into types of clients. Regular clients likely have more information attached to them, including more than one form of contact information, nicknames, the last time you saw them or their favorite pastimes (services). Regulars may be buttons on your speed dial or be constants in your inbox. Regulars deserve more attention in your contact list, because you have more information to include about them. Sales professionals keep careful notes about clients in order to serve them better each time. Escorting is much like a sales career. You are consistently trying to please your clients through the services you provide to them. You will be able to provide more enhanced encounters for them when you have more and better notes to rely upon to refresh your memory about the client. Also, clients should be starred or listed in such a way that when their numbers pop up on your phone, you immediately know that one of your regular clients is calling.
  3. Keep track of the location you’ve seen clients in. Players from way back have made it a habit to keep girls’ numbers in their phone using their first names and the city where they met them in. Cindy Cleveland would be Cindy from Cleveland. Escorts who tour or have several areas where they meet up with clients can use this method, too, in order to keep track of where they’ve met with clients. An escort who tours regularly, especially, needs to be able to differentiate between John from Boston and John from Miami. It’s a simple differentiation and can help to avoid extreme confusion if you’re working on the go and answer the phone call. Additionally, if you’re an escort who works in several areas as your general territory, it can make things easier when you know you’re talking to a client from particular area, especially if you’re scheduling outcalls. Knowing the specific community that your client wants to meet in ahead of time can help you tell him your availability and schedule on the spot, instead of having to consult your calendar and detailed contact info.
  4. Include dates within your contact detail notes. Escorts who can quickly find out how long it’s been since a client’s last visit is a much more informed escort, especially when it comes time for the actual encounter. Knowing whether it’s been a week or two or a year or more since the last time you saw a client can help you when it comes time to visit with the client at the beginning of the encounter. Additionally, for marketing purposes, you may be able to establish a pattern in how this particular client books encounters. For instance, some clients book encounters around holidays or special dates that are important to them. Others allow a specified amount of time to pass between visits to an escort. By being able to recognize a pattern, you may be able to better serve your client. Also, it’s always good for conversation when you can indicate to a client that you know it’s been six months (or whatever) since his last visit and inquire how life is going.
  5. Maintain a full list of clients using their first names only. Even though you may want to keep as comprehensive list as possible, it’s also important to safeguard your clients’ privacy. What if someone else were to access your database or client list? While you need to maintain as much information as possible, your clients’ last names are hardly significant once you’ve already screened them. Within your notes, you may be able to include information that relates to your clients’ last names, but refrain from listing them in your contact lists. Your clients’ last names are hardly important when it comes time to book an appointment and show up for some fun. If you feel like you must include some additional criteria when naming your clients in the listing, use the first letter of his last name. This may also help distinguish between clients who have the same first names, such as Chris R. and Chris B. Keep in mind that some clients don’t always give you the correct first name. (If you’ve screened your client, you should know his true name, however.) Clients who have given you an incorrect name may use a different, fake name the next time they call. So, even if you have a client down as Travis W., he may call and tell you that he is Sam M.
  6. Make use of email filters for ease of communication. When you correspond with clients regularly through email, use your settings to filter messages to appropriate folders when they arrive to your account. As an example, time-wasters’ emails should be directly funneled into Trash. Regular clients’ emails should be directed to a folder for privileged clients who always have slots in your schedules. By arranging clients’ emails into appropriate folders, you make sure that your inbox contains only messages from new or prospective clients or at least something from a previously unknown email address. Your priorities should be regular clients, other clients and, then, prospective clients. Be aware that many in the prospective/new client inbox could be time-wasters or worse. Always be sure to carefully screen them and implement other precautions for clients.
  7. Keep track of the services that clients request. Some escorts organize their clients based on the services. Girlfriend Experience, Dom/Sub, Fetish, Role Play or other categories can help you distinguish the types of services your client expects when he initiates contact with you. When you know immediately whether this client is expecting a certain service, you are more prepared to discuss an encounter with him. You don’t have to ask as many questions, nor discuss the rules of an encounter, when your notes indicate that this client has already “been there and done that”. Good notes about a client and his preferences (including service types) helps to prepare you for a conversation with a client. Additionally, if you plan on doing any marketing toward your clients, organizing your clients according to service category can be extremely helpful. If you are excited about increasing your fetish business, all you have to do is send out an additional email or text to your fetish clients. If they are already organized into a category, it’s much more simple to track them down, instead of having to go through the notes for every client.
  8. Maintain all details necessary for marketing. Thanks to the Internet, escorting has undergone a huge shift in the way business is conducted. Just a few years ago, the Internet was not the hot bed that it is today for escorts who wish to market to upscale clients looking for relaxation. And, as the progression continues within the industry, various ways that business is conducted will be transitioning, too. Some escorts actively market to their current client bases with e-newsletters, RSS feeds from their blogs or posts from Instagram. In order to use some of these methods of staying in touch with your clients, you must maintain a comprehensive list of contact details for your clients. However, you must always get permission from your clients in order to contact them using their details. For instance, just because a client has given you his email address, it does not mean that he wants to keep track of your recent blog posts through emails to his private account. Additionally, other clients may not want to receive marketing texts from you. Marketing is invaluable, but you must respect your clients’ wishes and privacy at the same time, in order to make it effective for you.

Essentially, for as many escorts as there are in the industry, there are just as many ways to organize your client lists. The important thing to remember is that you must be able to access information about a client easily and efficiently. You must have accurate, up-to-date contact information for clients. And, you should have information about your last visit with your client within a notes section about your client.

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