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Does webcam promotion boost escort marketing?

As an escort, you regularly take advantage of the technology around you to communicate with regular clients and to attract prospects. Could you be doing more to promote yourself?
Of course, you can always do more. Many escorts have turned to webcam promotion in order to increase their website traffic.
However, the kind of webcam promotion that will help propel your business may not the type that you are thinking of. While webcamming is an adult-oriented online business where women (and men) broadcast sexy sessions from their bedrooms, webcam video promotion is something slightly different.
Typically, escorts who webcam use toys and pleasure themselves in front of their video capturing devices or upload their live sessions to webcam sites. While this may get you some extra cash that helps to keep the lights on, it won’t do much to promote your escort business, because it isn’t linked directly to your escort website or profiles.
Webcam video promotion that you can upload to your own site will help you get across to your client exactly what they are getting when they hire you for an encounter. Additionally, you may choose to promote yourself by uploading your video to YouTube.

Don’t be too explicit, though, as the people behind YouTube hate beautiful bodies and sex

YouTube is the most popular search engine after Google and is used to find nearly any sort of business and information. You can take advantage of this search engine, too, through providing videos about yourself and your qualifications.
Webcam basics
Webcam applications vary from user to user. Some marketing professionals use webcams as a means for communication. They use webcams for video conferencing and chatting, where all people communicating can not only speak to one another, but see each other, too. This could be an excellent addition to your arsenal. If they are set up to video chat using the same software you choose, they could get a quick preview of what they can expect when you walk through the door to see them. Your smiling face, twinkling eyes and personality can truly come through when video chatting with a client, and it could be what seals the deal when setting up an encounter with a new client.
Of course, you would only want to use this with genuine clients: if timewasters caught wind that you did this, they could be quite bothersome. Screening your clients ahead of time would be necessary before every video chat. It could be an extra feature to charge for.
Many people use webcams on their websites to provide insight to the business or services provided. Still pictures and images are great; they can show your beauty and poise. However, unless you have an amazing photographer, your clients may be left wondering about your personality. The best way to provide your clients great insight to your personality and spirit is to provide a video for them to watch.
And, while clients will come back again and again to view your photos, they will linger even longer if you’ve got a video for them to see. They will be able to get an even better vision in their minds of what an encounter with you might be like.
So now you’ve decided to incorporate some webcam video promotion into your marketing techniques. What now? What else should you consider?

  • Put a video on your homepage. A video is great for your marketing, but it needs to be effective and seen by visitors to your website. Many small businesses fail in their marketing attempts, because they don’t capitalize enough on the visitors that happen upon their homepage. They sometimes put their videos on pages within their sites, instead of providing access to them on the first page their online visitors see: the homepage. Of course, you shouldn’t put your juiciest video on your homepage — just like you don’t put your sexiest poses up on the homepage — but, you need something exciting enough that will make them seek out more in order to maximize your exposure.
  • Ensure that your videos are more than just images. Your video should be stimulating, interesting and relevant to your purpose. If you’re trying to entice your client into booking an encounter, provide him reasons to book within the video. If you’re intent on demonstrating your beauty and sexuality, that’s what the video should project. If your video isn’t doing anything more than still images can, then you’re wasting bandwidth. They should tell a story and provide something that your photos can’t.
  • Provide an interesting live webcam feed. If you’re providing insight to your world with a live webcam feed, make sure you’re doing something interesting. Perhaps, provide the feed while you’re doing yoga or putting on lotion that shows off your amazing legs. Don’t include the feed of you making out your grocery list or other mundane tasks. What you upload to the Internet should be something that would make a client want to call you to set up an encounter as soon as possible.
  • Surround your videos with keywords such as “escort”, “girlfriend experience” and any other terms that are hot topics for you. As you incorporate appropriate keywords into the content of your sight and the description of your video, you will acquire more tips for your site. If you’re posting your video to YouTube, include pertinent keywords in the description of the video so web surfers can easily find your video.
  • Consider webcam directories. If your video promotion includes live webcam sessions, register your webcam on various webcam directories. People turn to these directories in order to find interesting live webcams to watch and keep up on. The directories are yet another way to market your videos, feed and information.
  • Track your traffic. If you don’t already have a web analysis tool tracking your website, get one now. Google Analytics is a free tool that provides you simple, robust results and is used by 50 percent of the top 10,000 websites in the world (according to Yahoo also has a free tool, as well. Several others are available for minimal fees. Make sure that your tool will provide results about the number of clicks your videos receive and from whom. It’s a great way to track whether your video is actually getting you more clients or is just entertainment for the lonely web surfers who troll your site.
  • Market your online videos. Just as you encourage potential clients to visit your website or profile, encourage them to seek out your videos, too. Text messages, emails or word-of-mouth suggestions will help you to drive traffic to your videos, which will, hopefully, increase traffic to your website, too. If you’re involved in adult-oriented social media forums, talk about your videos there, too.
  • Put up quality videos. Your videos should not be grainy, poorly lit or amateurish. Your website is a quality product along with your photos, so why should your videos be anything less? If you can’t afford to obtain quality videos or don’t have the equipment or skills to produce a quality video, you may want to abandon the prospect of posting videos of yourself online. Poor videos will counteract the positive image you project of yourself to clients and prospective clients.

While you may have decided that you want to post videos and live webcam feeds, you should consider these disadvantages before you commit to anything:

  • You may attract a huge number of timewasters to your site. And, as luck always has it, these timewasters often end up calling or emailing you. While this may not be too much different than what you’re accustomed to, just keep in mind that you must carefully screen clients to ensure they are who they say they are and are legitimate clients.
  • Your videos and live streams will cause you more time spent on your marketing. If you’re posting videos to your site, you will need several of them. They should be changed regularly — if not every couple of days, at least every week. You will have to spend time to prepare for and record new videos so you have an ample supply of up-to-date material to upload. Additionally, your live webcam feed will take a certain amount of time to maintain and promote through marketing, too. Do not consider these avenues of promotion unless you have the time to devote to doing them well.
  • You will incur additional costs associated with your new marketing. Some website hosts will require additional monthly fees if you use more bandwidth with your videos. Additionally, you may have fees that you must pay to get the videos professionally recorded. If you record your own videos or do your own live feed, you will have costs for the cameras and other equipment needed for the project.
  • You may have to hire a professional for help. Unless you are a videographer and have some mad moves that allow you to video yourself, you will probably have to hire a professional to record your videos. While professionals are supposed to be discreet, adding another person to your inner circle can be difficult and will require careful selection. You will not be able to simply dial up the first videographer you hear of.
  • You will have to be very cautious to keep your face out of the videos or blur them…unless you are already allowing your face to appear in your photos. Many escorts choose to keep their faces hidden. Keeping your face hidden or blurred in a video or live webcam feed is much more difficult.
  • You may run a fine line between what you must do on your live feed to gain viewers and what actually happens during encounters. Do not ever go too far and give anything away for free. Keep your videos tasteful and void of nudity or sexual acts.
  • In your promotions, never do, or let people believe that you do, something that you are not offering to your clients. Bait and switch is a rightfully detested practice, and reputation travels fast across the web.
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