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How to stay safe while working as an escort

One of the biggest concerns people have with choosing a career in escorting is safety. How can men and women in this profession stay safe when there are so many risks?
by Ashly Lorenzana
Thanks to the Internet, escorts no longer have to walk the streets and put themselves in such high-risk situations as they were forced to in the past. For the record, I don’t recommend street walking under any circumstances. While I certainly don’t judge anyone who does this, I can’t help but cringe at the thought of how badly this jeopardizes your safety.
On the streets, you have no idea who you are getting into a car with when someone stops to pick you up. In the past, many escorts have never been seen again after getting into the wrong stranger’s car.
These days, the web helps us stay safer in several different ways. First, advertising online tends to attract a different breed of customer than you will find combing the streets on the search for escorts.
Many people who cruise around looking for street walkers are used to paying very little in exchange for an escort’s services, and they also have the confidence that comes with anonymity since you have no idea who they are at all.
What this ends up meaning is that the quality of these customers is generally much lower than the type of customers who look for escorts online. These men will generally expect higher prices and will be equally as accustomed to standard precautionary measures taken by women in the business who use the internet to advertise and market their services.
In addition to attracting more qualified clients, the web also makes it easier to screen potential clients as well. Asking a new client to provide a reference before you see them is generally a common practice these days. They will provide the name and phone number of another woman they have seen, so that you can contact her yourself and ask her about her experience with you.
I’ve had a few ladies call me up over the years and ask for a reference for a new client who I have seen. It’s important to have more than just a first name when you are asking about someone, though. That’s not enough identifying information for any escort to provide a reference. You don’t have to offer up your full name or anything, but if your name is “Tom,” then be sure to include something that will help the escort place you, such as the type of car you drive or the place where you met for the first time or where you usually meet.
This way the reference can figure out who you are and give the escort an approval or disapproval based on their experience.
If you’re contacting a reference given by a prospective client, be sure to check out the escort they are using as one as well. Do a quick Google search to verify that they actually exist and are known as an escort. Never assume everything is legit without checking for yourself. Keep in mind that any woman can answer a phone and say someone is totally safe. You need to do the homework to make sure you’re not being deceived by this new person.
Another way to keep safe is to arrange a meet and greet in a neutral location for the first time. Anyone who makes you feel uneasy for whatever reason should ALWAYS be required to do a meet and greet first, if not totally ignored and put on your “do not see” list.
Agree on a coffee shop or other public place to meet up in person for the first time. Spend a little bit of time talking with them and getting a feel for them. If you are comfortable with them, you can consider setting a date with them. If not, just be polite and when you part ways you won’t have to answer them again in the future and they don’t know where you live. Just be sure no one follows you from the meeting place to your home.
Keep in mind also that you can demand as much personal info from a new client as you need to have peace of mind for your personal safety. If you want to leave the client’s full name, employer, home address and other details with a trusted friend who knows the purpose of your visit with that person, then simply tell them that those are your conditions and stick to them.
If they want to see you badly enough, they will give you the info you ask for. Again, be sure to verify this info by doing a bit of research to ensure they are who they claim to be.
Pick a close friend and always tell them exactly where you are going before meeting with a new client, as well as when you are expected to return. If you’re gone longer than that, leave instructions for that person to start calling you immediately to check in with them. If you don’t answer and they know where you are, they can call for help.
Another tip for your safety is to always have condoms on you when you are going out to meet new clients. Don’t count on them to have this taken care of and don’t put yourself in an awkward or high pressure situation when neither of you have any at the last minute.
Being prepared is key here. This should go without saying, but never agree to see any client who asks for unprotected sex for any reason. It doesn’t matter if they are married and haven’t seen anyone but you, or claim that they can’t feel anything with a condom on. Too bad.
Even using protection, it’s also important to get checked regularly for STD’s and to use a backup form of birth control in the event of any accidents. In the US, many states have clinics that will provide these services free of charge for people who are not covered by health insurance.
There are tons of ways the web helps keep escorts safer today, but for now I’ll leave you with one final piece of advice.
Avoid meeting clients at hotels or in private buildings that they may claim to work in. This is a red flag for police stings and other law enforcement traps. Any legitimate client will have an actual residential address where they live, and that’s what you want to get before meeting them.
Don’t be lured into a sting operation. Your public reputation is at stake as well as your safety, which is important to keep in mind.


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