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15 commandments of an escort driver

When you drive for an escort, you will be her security partner, transportation provider and public relations. You help her to create an image of a successful, high-end escort, all while keeping her out of danger and ensuring she makes it to encounters on time. Although an escort may be very successful without employing a driver, she is certainly benefitted from the arrangement.
To be a good escort driver, you need to follow several rules:

  1. Respect your escort. She is your boss. She tells you where to drive and when to drive there. She pays you for your time and expertise. Drivers who fail to adequately respect their escorts do not often stay employed very long. It’s an insult to an escort to bargain to trade out services with her. She doesn’t need to give you free sex or other services for you to drive her to a client’s hotel or residence. She could just as easily drive there herself or catch a cab. Be professional when you interact with your escort. While it’s polite to tell an escort she looks beautiful, it’s certainly unacceptable to ogle her or attempt to grope her as you help her into the car.
  2. Know the route. An escort relies on you to get her to encounters, without getting lost. Use your GPS or phone for directions to encounter locations. Or, if you’re local, use your knowledge of the area to get around. Regardless of which method you use, always allow ample time to get to your destination and avoid driving unnecessarily.
  3. Stay alert at all times. When you’re working as a driver, you’re also doubling as a security partner for your escort. To do this well, you must be alert and awake. Even if your escort is seeing a client late at night, that is no excuse for you to go to sleep in the car as you wait for her to come back. Don’t get so absorbed in something else (a movie on your phone or reading a book, for example) that you are unaware of what’s going on around you. You must watch the area and pay attention for any suspicious behavior or people. Take special notice of additional people in the area (especially if they enter the residence where your escort is) or police who seem interested in the neighborhood. As you watch around you, be sure you are parked inconspicuously down the street or in the back. (Position yourself so you can see the entrances and windows where your escort may be.)
  4. See your escort to the door of the outcall. You are helping your escort demonstrate to a client that she has a security partner looking out for her and waiting on her safe return. The presence of an escort’s driver may intimidate a would-be violent client into behaving himself. And, if the encounter is in a questionable neighborhood, you know for a fact that your escort made it inside safely, without any troubles. Lastly, you will be able to identify a client in case anything occurs that would cause criminal charges.
  5. Call your escort when the time of the session is up. Because escorts don’t like to be clock watchers (and, it’s sometimes impossible to know the time without a watch), letting her know that only five to 10 minutes remain during an encounter is extremely helpful. Even if you and she have it worked out that she doesn’t have to answer her phone, she can use it as a notification to wrap things up.
  6. Always be on time to pick up your escort. You’re not much help to your escort if you arrive late to pick her up for an encounter. Get there early, so you have plenty of time to drive your escort to her desired destination. If you get there late and she arrives to her encounter late, an escort’s reputation is badly damaged. And, if she has fewer clients due to being late, that also means fewer jobs for you (and less money). She expects you to do your job well, so she can, too.
  7. Don’t leave and come back while you’re waiting for your escort to visit a client. You never know when the encounter will end: some bookings end early, and your escort will come out before she’s expected. If you’re not there to pick her up, she has to wait, possibly in a bad neighborhood. She also looks suspicious hanging out with no purpose, so your job is to pick her up to avoid unnecessary attention. Additionally, some escorts leave encounters unexpectedly because of a bad situation. A client may become violent, get drunk or demand boundary-pushing services, and an escort may end the encounter. If she comes out and you’re not there, you leave her in a bad situation.
  8. Check on your escort if she doesn’t come out when expected. If your escort has told you that she will be with the client for an hour, she should come back out within an hour or so. If she doesn’t arrive back at the car, something could be wrong. Go to the door to see if something is wrong or she needs help. It could be nothing serious, such as the client asked for an extended encounter. However, it’s best to check to ensure your escort’s safety.
  9. Work out a code with your escort in case she needs help. Ahead of time, discuss cues and signals that your escort may use to indicate she needs help from you. Your code could include various phrases that sound innocent enough over the phone to a client, but indicate to you that something is wrong. She should also have some physical clues such as turning the lights on and off or moving the curtains to let you know that you are needed inside.
  10. Stay discreet. You may be driving to celebrity homes, high-profile politicians’ residences or other top-secret locations. You could see people who expect their identities to be kept secret. It’s important that you keep everything you know to yourself. Additionally, never reveal your escort’s real identity or residence to anyone else. (She expects discretion, too.)
  11. Obey the law. When you’re driving your escort, it’s essential that you avoid traffic tickets or getting pulled over by the police. Park legally and for no more than the posted times, don’t speed and avoid breaking any other traffic laws. Drawing law enforcement attention to you and your escort will not be constructive for her business or her clients.
  12. Keep your vehicle fit. You never want your car to break down as you are transporting your escort to and from her encounters. She depends on you to get her places safely and in a timely manner; the last thing she needs is to be late due to car trouble. Make sure your tires are in good shape, the oil is regularly changed, the tank is fueled up and other repairs are tended to. Also, it’s important to keep your car detailed. Your escort wants to be transported in a clean, nice smelling vehicle; she should never arrive to an encounter smelling like smoke from your car or soiled from dirty seats. Wash your car regularly; a clean car provides a better image for your escort.
  13. Always carry the phone. This tip should go without saying, but it’s probably the most important thing to remember as an escort driver. Your phone is your lifeline to your escort. She will use it to notify you of any changes in the schedule, assistance she needs with a client or other aspects of the job.
  14. Dress appropriately. You should wear a black suit or slacks and a nice dress shirt. As you accompany your escort to the door for outcalls, you want to leave a favorable impression. Your clothing should be pressed, clean and good quality. You are helping your escort establish her brand, and your appearance enables her to look successful and professional.
  15. Avoid a relationship with your escort. While you and she may be spending significant amounts of time together as you drive her around, it’s never a good idea to share too many personal details or become involved in her personal life. Don’t volunteer to pick up her kids, get her dry cleaning or buy her groceries. Avoid giving advice (you’re not her therapist) or getting sucked into family drama. Just like escorts avoid sharing too many personal details with their clients, you should adopt the same rule for a professional relationship with your escort. And, while you shouldn’t get personally involved, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be pleasant and enjoy hanging out with your escort in the car.
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