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10 overlooked health risks of escorts’ wardrobe

As you zip it up, it probably doesn’t even occur to you that your extra-tight, little black dress could be damaging your health, especially paired with the body shaper you have on underneath. Unfortunately, many of the staples included in escorts’ wardrobes may be unhealthy choices and, if worn continuously, could cause long-term health problems. While there may not be many other choices for some of your clothing and accessories, you can make efforts to offset negative health impacts.
Check out the top 10 ways you are harming your health with your escort wardrobe:

  1. Thong underwear: Thong panties are a necessary item for all escorts. Clients expect an escort to wear them, often in a lace or sheer variety. Many escorts sport them regularly to avoid the dreaded VPL (visible panty lines). In fact, after you’ve become accustomed to the way they fit, you probably wear them all of the time because they are comfortable. However, thong panties can carry bacteria from your rectum to your vagina. That bacteria can cause yeast infections and urinary tract problems. All thongs have the capacity to transfer bacteria, but the string thongs are the worst culprits. If you feel you must continue wearing thongs, look for panties with a thicker strip of fabric reaching from the back to the front of the garment. Additionally, avoid silk or nylon panties, because they don’t allow proper wicking; increased moisture in vaginal areas can cause irritation. Choose a cotton blend, instead.
  2. Synthetic fabrics: Garments constructed with synthetic fabrics such as spandex, nylon or polyester may cause your skin to become irritated or break out into a rash, called dermatitis. Wool is also an irritating fabric. Many manmade fabrics are not breathable, and they allow moisture to collect on your skin, providing places for fungal infections to manifest, especially if exposure is extended. While you may love your black wool dress, get rid of it if it makes you itch or causes a rash. Do the same with any garments that cause redness or swelling when you wear them.
  3. High heels: Escorts can rarely get by without wearing high heels, even though they are extremely harmful to your health. Studies have shown that two-inch heels worn for extended periods of time cause muscle fatigue, muscle shortening and tightness in the Achilles tendon. Additionally, three-and-one-half-inch heels create more bone-on-bone movement in the knee, which can lead to osteoarthritis problems later in life. Three-inch or higher heels also create seven times more stress on the body than one-inch heels do. The American Society of Podiatric Sports Medicine cites that stilettos cause poor posture and headaches, in addition to back pain, unsteadiness (which can lead to sprained ankles) and pump bumps (also known as Morton’s neuroma, an enlargement of the bony area at the back of the heel). There are few alternatives to wearing stilettos when you’re an escort, but many experts recommend platform heels, because they place the foot at a more natural angle. Additionally, you can wear flats or other well-fitting shoes to your appointments, changing prior to meeting up with your client, which saves your feet from extended wear in heels.
  4. Pointed-toed shoes: In addition to the height of your heels, the design of the toe may be causing damage to your feet, too. The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society credits pointed-toed shoes with causing severe damage to women’s feet including crowding of the toes, misshapen feet, hammertoes, bunions, stress fractures and toenail problems. Physicians blame extended wear of such shoes for millions of foot surgeries performed each year. Instead of shoes with pointy toes, look for rounded-toe options that give your toes wiggle room. Your clients aren’t going to care whether your shoes have pointy toes or rounded ones.
  5. Heavy bags: Escorts carry a vast array of items with them when they travel to encounters. Extra clothing, lube, sex toys, shower gel, make-up and a selection of condoms are necessities, in addition to the usual amount of junk a woman stocks her handbag with. These items create a very heavy load, and this extra weight can cause back pain and damage to your posture. Because the load is often distributed unevenly on one shoulder or the other, it knocks your spine out of whack, creating muscle fatigue and misalignment that can result in severe pain. Experts suggest limiting your load to 15 to 17 percent of your body weight. For instance, if you weigh 120 pounds, your regular bag should not weigh more than 18 pounds. If it does, you should attempt to decrease the amount in your bag by taking out your laptop or other unnecessary items. If that’s not possible, you should redistribute your load by packing it into two bags that you can carry on each side of your body. Rolling bags provide great alternatives for heavy loads, too.
  6. Jewelry: Even if you’ve worn the same jewelry all your life, it’s possible to develop an allergy to it. One in seven people are allergic to jewelry. Most common allergies are reaction to nickel. Symptoms are itching, redness, rashes and blisters. In lieu of not wearing jewelry (which really isn’t a good option for escorts), you can look for items made from hypoallergenic metals such as titanium, sterling silver or 18k yellow gold. The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology recommends surgical-grade stainless steel as an alternative. If you’ve got a favorite piece of jewelry that irritates your skin, but you want to continue wearing it, ask a jeweler to replate it with platinum or another metal you tolerate. Keep in mind, your problems may not always be with your jewelry, itself; the clasp could be made from a cheaper metal that you are allergic to, which is easy to replace.
  7. Dry cleanable garments: Escorts love taking their clothes to the cleaners, because they come back clean, pressed and ready for wearing next time. However, the chemicals that remain on your clothing after getting them back may be toxic to your skin, liver, kidneys and nervous system, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These same chemicals have also proven to be carcinogenic in lab tests. While it’s nice to take your garments in for a quick refreshing and pressing, it’s healthier to get as much wear out of your garments between cleaning as possible. Rewear them or freshen them up with steam cleaner systems in your dryer at home. Additionally, to reduce the long-term effects of the chemicals, you should allow clothes from the cleaners to air out for 24 hours or more before wearing them. Or switch to a green cleaner. They use natural chemicals and are found in large cities.
  8. Handbags: After the lead scare a few years ago, it’s no surprise that items in your wardrobe may contain unhealthy levels of lead. However, many escorts may not even consider their handbags to be a potential source. The Center for Environmental Health tested over 100 bags from Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s and Nordstrom. Most of them contained more lead than designer knock-offs from China. Many of them included hardware with 30 to 100 times the legal federal limit of lead for consumer products. While it’s difficult to determine which handbags and their hardware may contain lead or other toxic chemicals, you can still take precautions to avoid overexposure. Swap out your handbags regularly. And, avoid touching the hardware on your purses and directly touching your mouth. Attempt to wash your hands after handling the hardware on your purse.
  9. Clothing that is too tight: Squeezing into a skin-tight dress is the name of the game for many escorts. However, it can create several health risks. Garments that are too tight may cause constriction of the femoral cutaneous nerve, near the groin region. The condition is called meralgia paresthetica and causes leg and buttock numbness. Skinny jeans or extremely tight shapewear, such as Spanx, may have the same effect. The symptoms are alleviated by wearing looser clothing. The compression of the nerve may cause long-term damage if constricted for extended periods. Additional health problems that may be experienced when your clothing is too constrictive include: back pain, yeast infections, fainting, blurred vision, acid reflux or heart burn, abdominal pain, blood clots or headaches. Even though your clients may enjoy seeing you in skin-tight outfits, you should avoid wearing them excessively. And, if any garment causes you to feel pain or light-headed, you should exchange it in favor of something else just as sexy in a looser fit.
  10. Bras: Even though escorts should be lingerie experts, most are not. The majority of American women wear an incorrect bra size, which may result in bad posture; back, neck and breast pain; breathing difficulties; skin irritation; circulation problems and irritable bowel syndrome. Bras that fit too tightly constrict through the chest region, causing respiratory problems. And, bras that are too loose may not provide substantial support, creating spine misalignment issues. Additionally, many escorts fail to wear the type of bras that may be most supportive for their cup sizes. It’s difficult to find pretty (and supportive) bras as your cup size increases. It’s essential that when you’re not seeing clients, you wear a bra that provides adequate lift and appropriate stretch, reducing back and shoulder pain.

While it’s probably not feasible to completely replace your wardrobe with health-conscious options and garments, it’s important that you take into account any damage that can be done to your body by excessive wear of problematic items. In addition to your wardrobe, other beauty habits you embrace may put you at risk, too.
For instance, eyeliner applied too closely to the inner eye may cause blocked tear ducts. Your tear ducts need to be clear to keep your eyes moist and capable of washing away dirt or particles that get into your eye. Tight ponytails (or buns that are the current trend) may create strain on the connective tissue in your scalp. This can lead to headaches and, eventually, hair loss. Acrylic nails that many escorts are partial to may allow for growth of fungal infections or damage to the nail beds.
Being beautiful is a dangerous task, but you can emphasize your natural beauty and create an alluring image with common sense.

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