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10 marketing blunders that reveal an escort’s inexperience – and how to avoid them

There’s no shame in being inexperienced when starting your career in the escort industry just as there is no need to demonstrate your novice status through blatant marketing errors. Prospective clients who are accustomed to booking encounters can read through your blunders and determine you are a newbie. As a result, they may book you just to attempt to get special privileges or push boundaries that experienced escorts do not allow. Or they may pass you by, choosing to look for a better established escort.
Don’t let this happen to you simply because you accidentally reveal your industry innocence through your directory profiles or website:

  1. Your profile or site uses music
    Problem: music is very personal.
    Solution: don’t use it.Although your life may be played out to the soundtrack that runs in your mind, your directory profiles, website or blog should not include it. Clients look for discreet websites that don’t automatically blare music when they log onto them. Your music selection will send prospective clients quickly scrambling for the mute buttons on their keyboards or the back button on their Internet browsers. Most clients attempt to search for an escort in secret. If they’ve forgotten to turn off their speakers, your music will alert others around them they are looking at online content. Additionally, many new escorts will choose inappropriate music that is distasteful or lacks the class and sophistication that most high-end escorts try to project to clients. And, even if the music choice isn’t distasteful, it may not be an appropriate choice for your targeted clientele.
  2. Your ads state the obvious
    Problem: obvious = boring.
    Solution: skip the obvious.If you are beautiful, classy or sophisticated, you should not have to state it. Your pictures should demonstrate these things to clients viewing your profile. Additionally, the details you reveal in your profile description or other areas should tell a client about yourself, without having to blatantly say it. Clients are intelligent. Don’t shortchange them. And, allow them to come to their own conclusions about you. In fact, they may come up with better descriptions than the cliche “sophisticated” modifier. Give your profile great thought as you write it. Reread it from a client’s perspective to ensure that it doesn’t immediately give you away as the new girl.
  3. Your texts are long and/or hard to read
    Problem: reading is hard enough, fancy fonts make it harder.
    Solution: write very little and use plain fonts.When you’re given a choice of fonts to use in your marketing, select easy-to-read options without a lot of extra flourishes. If a client can’t decipher your information quickly, much less your email address or phone number, he isn’t going to book an encounter. While the fancy font may add style to your banner ad or other marketing pieces, it may take away from your success if it’s too difficult to read. Instead, select a basic font such as Arial or Times New Roman for essential information in your ad. If you feel compelled to use a flashier font, use it for information that is not required for a client to know in order to get in touch with you. All experienced escorts know they must provide legible contact information for clients in order to succeed, and you’re demonstrating your inexperience by doing anything other.
  4. Your posts are old
    Problem: old means you don’t care about the business.
    Solution: update often.If you’ve started a blog, engage in social media or utilize an online calendar for clients to see your availability, you must update regularly. Once a client starts to follow your online presence (whether by visiting your website or subscribing to your blog), he expects semi-regular communications at the very least. If he goes to your calendar to see if you’re available for a booking and your calendar is two months behind, he could assume that you’re not in business any more or are not tending to certain aspects of your business. Failing to follow through with this aspect of your marketing suggests that you are inexperienced and unaware of the power of your communications and updates.
  5. Your posts are like everybody else’s
    Problem: common = unnoticed.
    Solution: by crook or by hook, make your offer clear, interesting and memorable.It’s a common error to think that you can put up an escort profile with a few pictures and the kinds of clients you want will automatically call you. You may get clients, but they are rarely going to be the kind you are actually shooting for. The most successful escorts attempt to develop a persona for their careers. They may brand themselves as the “girl next door”, “Goth babe” or “country girl”, among many others. But if you fail to identify yourself in any means, and it doesn’t have to be traditional categories, you’re missing the opportunity to target your ideal client demographic. When an escort doesn’t attempt to brand herself, it’s a fairly definite sign that she’s inexperienced and doesn’t really comprehend how the industry works.
  6. Your ads are too niche
    Problem: slang or pop references in your ads make you sound young or inexperienced.
    Solution: clean and simple never go out of style.Current slang terms should never replace good grammar or clear writing when you are creating your profile content. Even if you are young and “hip”, slang has its place and it’s not in your profile where you are attempting to attract wealthy, successful clients. Use proper English, good grammar and correct punctuation. Also, it may be acceptable to compare yourself to someone in popular culture, but too many references take away from your overall message. It can also make you seem extremely young if your references are about people, music or movies that older clients may not be familiar with. Keep in mind that your references to pop culture should be timeless and create positive impressions on your clients.
  7. Your rates are way off
    Problem: you charge too much or too little.
    Solution: use reason, not emotions, to set your rates.Even though you may expect to end up making $1,000 per encounter eventually, charging that rate as you start out is a far cry from reality. You must find out what the rates are in your geographic market, and then determine the rates that inexperienced escorts are able to earn regularly. Even if you think you have extra skills or qualifications that put you a step above other new escorts, your rates have to be based on what the clients in your market will pay an escort without an established client list or a long list of reviews. Trying to command extremely high rates may put you out of competition with others. As you gain experience and clients, feel free to raise your rates, but you’ve still got to set them in a realistic fashion. It’s easy to become overcome with ambition and expect to set your rates high, but it also demonstrates your innocence in the industry.
  8. You fall for every marketing scheme
    Problem: you are overstretching yourself.
    Solution: stay focused.In the escort industry, many companies are reaching out for your hard-earned money. They may try to impress you with their large membership rosters, the significant number of hits their sites get and other data they will throw at you. Instead of spreading your marketing dollars out here, there and everywhere, you should carefully research the opportunities and determine which sites will get you the clients you want most. Advertising your specialties on sites that don’t include clients you want isn’t doing anything positive for your career. It’s a sure sign that an escort is inexperienced when her marketing methods don’t seem to have any consistency. Make sure that you have carefully thought over each and every marketing decision before investing your dollars in them.
  9. You show everything in your ads or profile
    Problem: your ads show your face and everything else.
    Solution: stay prudent, leave something untold.Showing your face is a sign of poor privacy. Full nudity in ads or in profiles is a sign of desperation for business and/or lack of teasing expertise. Many escorts attempt to keep their real identities hidden, as they have “real” lives with families and friends that don’t fit into the escort industry. When you post photos of yourself online with your face or other distinguishing marks present, it allows anyone to identify you from your pictures. It also provides law enforcement with more evidence to use against you if they ever suspect you are doing anything illegal. Any sensible client will wonder about safety of their privacy around you. Avoid posting photos that show your full face. This little bit of privacy can be a huge protection for you in many ways.
  10. You use your real name or other personal info
    Problem: disrespect for your own privacy means a threat to the privacy of your customers.
    Solution: keep your work and life completely separate.Seasoned escorts would never allow their real names to be associated with any of their marketing, websites, email addresses, mobile phones or other items they use for their careers. Would-be clients can look up your information and possibly discover your real name, which leads to finding out where you live and details about your family. Protect yourself by using a fake name for your escort name and setting up email accounts and phones under a different pseudonym. There is also no need to mention your high school and the year of graduation
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