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10 time-tracking techniques for escorts

Successful escorts are diligent about many details of their careers, including the amount of time they spend with clients. Just like other professionals who are paid for their time (like attorneys, masseurs and consultants), escorts must keep careful track of the time they spend during an encounter to ensure they make their targeted wage. Being careful to limit client encounters to the booked time not only keeps an escort on track for future appointments, but it also guarantees that she isn’t giving away her time for a discounted or free rate.
Time spent with a client can go quickly or drag on for seemingly forever, depending on the client. Because the essence of time is so relative, it’s essential that escorts establish effective timekeeping methods that help them avoid going over time with clients. Here are the top 10 ways to track time during encounters:

  1. Keep a clock in sight. While it’s never good to be a clock watcher, having one in easy view is essential for keeping track of how much time you’ve spent with a client. Put the clock in a location that will be visible to you, but out of sight of the client during most of the encounter. You know how you situate your clients during your encounters with them: place a clock on a wall or a bedside table that is not in their obvious view, but is clearly visible to you. If the clock is strategically placed behind the client, it’s extremely easy to glance at it when you look at him. Additionally, if you have a clock that chimes every half hour and hour, that’s even better, because your clock doesn’t have to be visible for you to keep track of time. You can easily set it about five minutes ahead of time, so that when it chimes on the hour, you know that just a few minutes remain for the encounter.
  2. Wear a watch. When you wear a watch on your wrist, it’s convenient to casually glance at it when you twist it or reposition it throughout the visit with your client. But, there are some things to consider when you wear a watch during an encounter. The watch must be classy and complement your outfit. If it looks out of place, your client is sure to notice and recommend that you remove it. It should not be oversized and raised against your arm. Extremely large watches tend to catch on things, including body hair or other tender parts, causing pain. The face of the watch must be easy to read with a glance. If you can’t quickly tell the time with the watch, it’s a waste to wear it. The clock face must be clear and mostly non-reflective. Finally, your watch shouldn’t slide around on your arm constantly. It’s a distraction to you and a bother to your client when it doesn’t fit properly. Ensure that it fits snugly (and comfortably) so it doesn’t take away from your client’s experience. Finally, when you wear your watch, don’t get caught looking at it. Learn to non-chalantly look at it without making expressions or comments, unless time is nearly up.
  3. Use a CD or iPod playlist that is set for the encounter time. Create playlists full of love-makin’ music that fit specific time intervals that are common for your clients, such as 60-minute, 90-minute and 120-minute blocks. Familiarize yourself with your playlist so that you know when the last few songs are playing, as a warning to you that time is nearly up. Some escorts even become so familiar with their playlists, they know when they’ve reached the half-way point in them. Clients may catch on to what you’re doing, if they’re regulars, but it’s a non-offensive way to keep track of time and things going smoothly. You can even warn your clients, if you choose, that the playlist is specially designed to last for the length of the encounter and no longer.
  4. Use a timer to keep track of the encounter. Some clients might get a charge out of your encounter being timed by an hourglass (if it’s fairly exact), as they can see how time elapses, too. If an hourglass isn’t your style, consider a digital timer, an alarm clock or the alarm on your phone that will alert you when the time has expired. If you’re visiting a client at an outcall at a hotel, consider scheduling a wake-up call for when the encounter should end. If you use your mobile phone for the timer, you can set your alarm tone to vibrate or some other low, soothing tone. Otherwise, you will need to warn your client that you’ve set up an alarm to ring when time is expired. Most clients won’t mind, but they could be put off by hearing an alarm without notice.
  5. Use your internal clock. Many escorts develop a sixth sense, so to speak, about when a client is lying or dangerous. Much like the internal alarms that go off to keep you safe, many escorts develop an internal clock that helps them determine when an encounter is nearly over. Whether hunger pangs kick in or you know approximately how long it takes a client to go through the various services you provide him, you may be able to judge approximately how much time has elapsed during a booking. It’s much like how many people don’t have to use an alarm clock if they get up at the same time every morning; their internal clocks wake them naturally. If you have such an internal clock, use it to your advantage. But, always have a back-up method available to double-check yourself before leaving a client. It would be awful to charge him for a full hour and leave 15 minutes early, because your internal clock was wrong.
  6. Listen for external clues about the time. Depending on where you live, you may be able to know the time according to things you hear or occurrences in your neighborhood. For instance, if you are located near (or within earshot of) a church, you may hear the bells toll the time each and every hour. A bus or delivery truck might arrive somewhere nearby each day at a designated time. Learn to listen for these consistent occurrences that happen without fail each day at certain times. While you should still double-check the time before you send a client on his way, they are good ways to prompt you to verify the time. It’s a great way to avoid watching the clock, especially during an encounter that seems to drag along.
  7. Schedule your coffee maker to begin brewing a few minutes before your encounter is over. It may sound a bit odd, but many clients would enjoy a cup of coffee on their way out after a visit with you. It’s a nice way to send them back to their lives. And, it’s a great way to trigger the end of an encounter. When you notice that your coffee pot has started to brew, it’s time to start wrapping things up with your client. However, this only works if you are close to your kitchen or have the coffee maker plugged in somewhere nearby. In a hotel room during an outcall, this is easy. However, if your incall is large, this option may not be as effective.
  8. Set up a call from your security person alerting you that the encounter is nearly over. Not only does it ensure that your client knows, indeed, that someone is watching out for you, but it also helps you know that the visit should conclude soon. Even if you don’t answer it, the ringing from the call should be enough to indicate that time is nearly up. Explain to your client that your security person helps you out in this manner, and he expects you back very soon when time has elapsed. However, you can always encourage your client to book more time, if he is so inclined. If he does expand his encounter, be sure to call your security person back with that information. And, repeat the process when the remaining time has elapsed.
  9. Use the outdoor light as your guide. If you’re visiting with a client at your incall, you may know that every day at 4 p.m. you have to close your blinds because the sun begins to shine inside. If this is the case, utilize this to your advantage as a way to track time with your client. Of course, on cloudy days this won’t work nearly as well. Also, depending on the season, the sunrise and sunset times get later and earlier. So, while this is not an exact method to tell time, it can help you determine an approximate time in some cases. Use it as a gauge when it’s applicable.
  10. Make your client responsible for keeping time. He will likely have a watch on or with him, so he can easily check at his convenience. And, if you want to up the ante a bit, suggest to him that he is liable for any extra time that he goes over from the scheduled booking. Inform him that you expect payment for any interval over 15 minutes. (Of course, this won’t work if you’ve got a tight schedule to make it for the next encounter.) Many clients like feeling empowered this way and enjoy the fact that you are not watching the clock, waiting for the time to elapse. And, those who don’t want to pay extra, may be extremely intent on keeping track of the time. This non-traditional method should not be used with first-time clients. It should only be applied to regular, reliable clients.

Keeping track of time during encounters helps you to stay on schedule and earn the money you should based on your rates. It may seem challenging during an encounter that is especially active, but it’s always possible. Surely, at some point, you will get a drink of water or use the restroom. When you do, check the time. It’s simple and most clients will understand. If they don’t seem to, make a comment that will make them feel good. Say, “Wow! I can’t believe that 45 minutes have already sped by! Time flies when we’re having fun!”

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