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20 weirdest fetishes escorts may encounter out there

When you’re an escort, you’ve heard nearly everything. Your clients may tell you things they don’t feel comfortable confiding in anyone else, ask for sexual favors they can’t expect from their partners and tell you about fantasies they have and hope you will fulfill. Most of their fantasies are still pretty vanilla and aren’t nearly as outrageous as they think they are, yet once in a while you may get a doozie.
And depending on the fetish or how your client wants to explore it, you may or may not want to follow through with a client’s wishes. It’s best to be informed of some of the fetishes that the more liberal clients you have may request.
First of all, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what a fetish is. Dr. Barry McCarthy, a Washington D.C. therapist, told CBS News in 2010 that a fetish may

inhibit a person’s sexual desire for intimate, interactive sex [and] is a narrow, controlling thing in terms of sex response

In other words, a true fetish restricts a person from developing a healthy sexual response to normal stimuli, such as human touch, visual cues or erotic talk. A fetish completely limits its owner to being able to achieve arousal through only specific means, often taboo methods.
So, if one of your usual clients requests an exploration of one of these fetishes, you know that he is not wrapped up in it, because he is able to climax in other methods with you. Odds are that he has never engaged in such activities before and is simply curious. However, if you get a new client who insists that you oblige him by working with his fetish request, he may truly be addicted to this odd method of sexual gratification.
Here are the 20 weirdest fetishes you may encounter with clients:

  1. Agalmatophilia: Agalmatopilia involves the sexual attraction to a doll, mannequin or statue, among other figurative objects. Several media reports have focused on people who consider their life-sized dolls to be their partners, including socially and sexually. The attraction involves sexual and non-sexual encounters with the object and may involve fantasies of realism. When attempting to explore this fetish, some clients may ask you to role-play the part of a mannequin or statue that comes to life. Or, they may want to play the statue. Some clients may even want to bring their partners (aka dolls) to the appointment in order to engage in a threesome.
  2. Ursusagalmatophilia: Sometimes combined with plushophilia, ursusagalmatophilia refers to the attraction to teddy bears and other plush animals. Participants involved in the fetish may dress up like stuffed animals or teddy bears and have sexual intercourse with others dressed in similar costumes. In large cities, there are fairly large “furry” scenes where people gather in their costumes for sexual encounters and fun. They call themselves “furries” and “plushies”. Sometimes, participants engage in sexual acts with their plush animals and figures. When your client requests that you engage in this with him, he may want you to dress up in a costume and engage in intimate acts with him. Or, he may simply want to involve a special plush animal in your encounter.
  3. Salirophilia: A fetish that involves sexual gratification from soiling or disheveling an attractive person’s appearance, salirophilia may involve ripping clothing, covering someone in mud or dirt or smearing make up or messing up hair. Participants do not intend to harm one another, but they do desire to make each other unattractive. Partners may force each other to wear torn or poorly-fitting clothing or go without bathing for days on end. Some people who engage in the fetish may deface statues or pictures of attractive people, including ejaculating on photos (often referred to as “facepainting” by those in the culture). They are aroused by these actions, and they keep defaced art as mementos for future enjoyment. A video of a fetishist ejaculating on a picture is called a “tribute”. Mud wrestling may be considered a tame form of this fetish, along with any experience where a partner rips your clothing as he engages in foreplay.
  4. Paraphilic Infantilism: The act of portraying an infant and requiring personalized care is known as infantilism. From soiling diapers to being fed with a bottle, participants enjoy the freedom they experience to let it all go and be taken care through this fetish. Sexual intercourse is usually not an activity of the fetish, because it wouldn’t be babyish. But, most adult babies obtain sexual arousal through the process. If a client asks you to engage in this activity, it may involve diapering him in adult-sized diapers, powdering his bottom and bathing him. Of course, if your client has an adult-sized crib or adult baby clothes, the role-play is much more extensive.
  5. Hybristophilia: Also called the Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome, many women (and men) are attracted to others who are criminals or engage in criminal activity. Going a far step beyond being interested in “bad boys”, women who engage in this fetish become involved with men who are locked up in prison for violent crimes, and they report the notoriety, power and wildness are huge attractions for them. When a client wants to act out this fantasy, he or she may want you to play the part of a criminal, robbing a bank, taking someone captive or other activities. Depending on how real your client wants the role play to become, you may choose to end the encounter.
  6. Hematolagnia: The sexual interest in blood, as a part of the vampire sex lifestyle, hematolagnia uses blood as a way to increase erotic feelings. Through drinking actual blood or simply thinking about it, arousal is achieved. The vampire culture has evolved greatly over the past several years with several occurrences in pop culture; however, the lifestyle has been promoted through literature for centuries. Eroticism through the lifestyle has been projected through biting and drinking blood. Modern-day vampirism includes participants who sleep in coffins, only go out at night and role play drinking blood. (Although, there are many who actually drink blood and believe it has necessary properties for their health.) A client who wants to engage in this type of fetish exploration may want to pretend to drink blood or bite you. Part of the experience may include aspects of BDSM.
  7. Mechanophilia: Sexual attraction to machinery, including cars, airplanes and bicycles, is mechnaophilia. A crime in some nations, mechanophilia involves a sexual desire for contact with gadgets and gizmos, especially those with power and associations with speed. Often popularized through the science-fiction culture, this fetish may include arousal over a fast car or motorcycle. Many advertisements correlate sex with vehicles and other pieces of machinery. A client who requests the exploration of this fetish with an escort may want to engage in sex on a car or motorcycle. Exhibitionism is a big part of the fetish, too.
  8. Masks: From simple blindfolds to more elaborate party masks, some people become aroused through having sexual intercourse while wearing masks. Whether the thrill comes from the mystery of not being able to see your partner’s face or being able to hide your own, many people find that having sexual intercourse while wearing a mask gives them a stronger orgasm than any other methods of intimacy. A client who asks you to wear a mask during sex may select a Mardi-Gras or Halloween mask. If you are uncomfortable with it in any way, refuse to follow through with the mask. Clients who request their escorts be blindfolded may not really be interested in the fetish, but they could be planning a more sinister purpose. Be careful.
  9. Erotic asphyxia: Escorts asked to engage in erotic asphyxia need to exercise extreme caution. Erotic asphyxia involves cutting off the airway to obtain more intense orgasms. Fetishists report that the lack of oxygen makes the orgasms more powerful. However, a severe risk is associated with asphyxiation. Some fetishists engage in this activity to the point of passing out or choking out their partners. Refrain from repeated periods of asphyxiation and use caution. Only do this with well-established clients you trust.
  10. Robot fetishism: This fetish is associated with sexual attraction to robots or other mechanized gadgets and has evolved from the science-fiction and comic book culture. Your client may ask you to dress up like a robot or role play as an android woman. You may need to watch a few science fiction films to adequately role play in this manner.
  11. Klismaphilia: Klismaphilia refers to receiving sexual arousal from the introduction of liquids into the rectum and colon from the anus, often including the use of enemas. Practiced by both men and women, the fetish also includes the pleasure gained from a water-distended abdomen and the feeling of internal pressure. Often, the behavior is conducted secretly, although getting others to administer the enema is highly desired. Of course, there are significant health risks associated with this fetish. An improperly administered enema may have life-threatening effects.
  12. Psychrophilia: A fetish that involves extreme or freezing cold temperatures, psychrophilia participants experience sexual gratification through exposure to objects that are cold. Cold is used to trigger the body’s neuroceptors for sensual effect, and objects may include ice cubes, refrigerated chocolate syrup, whipped cream, cold vegetables or fruit, frozen metal items or other materials. BDSM activities often accompany this fetish.
  13. Altocalciphilia: The sexual fetish for high heels, your client may request that you wear heels or have them handy to massage him with. Stilettos and platform heels are common requests, and your client may want you to wear them during the entire encounter. Additionally, true fetishists may venture to shoe stores to view and admire the high heels as an alternative to having a partner to engage in the activity with.
  14. Gynonudomania: Gynonudomania is the unexplained urge to rip or tear off a woman’s clothing. Depicted in passionate scenes in many films and television shows, ripping off clothing is demonstrated as a display of extreme arousal. Your clients may request this privilege, but be sure that you’re wearing appropriate clothing. For instance, you may want to invest in some quick tear-off clothing (often used by exotic dancers), held together with Velcro. Otherwise, your clients should be prepared to pay for clothing they destroy.
  15. Tripsolagnia: Tripsolagnia is the act of becoming sexually aroused by having your hair rinsed, shampooed, cut or styled. Those involved in the fetish often find it impossible to go to a public beauty salon or barber shop due to their sexual reactions to what is otherwise thought to be normal activities. Clients who are engaged in this fetish may ask that you wash their hair. It can be an erotic encounter for both of you if done with candles, soft music and tender care.
  16. Coulrophilia: Coulrophilia involves the sexualization of clowns. A counter culture exists that seeks out sexual gratification from clowns and receives sexual arousal from watching clowns as they work. While this fetish may sound a bit off the wall, it’s quite harmless to help your client engage in this. Simply dress up as a clown or paint your face prior to an encounter and your client will be happy.
  17. Fisting: Involving the insertion of a full hand, fist or forearm into the vagina or rectum, fisting is a popular fetish among porn viewers and adult industry professionals. It requires proper lubrication and slow insertion in order to avoid health complications, such as vaginal tears or lacerations and air embolisms. Often, other than sexual arousal on the part of the partner watching, sexual gratification comes more from the stretching of the vagina or anus than due to any thrusting motion involved.
  18. Parthenophilia: This fetish is enjoyed by people who wish to take others’ virginities. The thrill of being someone’s first and seeing their expressions during their first sex is a huge arousal for many people. A client who wants to engage in this fetish may ask you to play a virgin.
  19. Podophilia: Foot fetishes really aren’t too taboo, but if you’ve never had a client request one, it can seem a little different. Foot worship may involve toe sucking, licking of your ankles or simply the desire to massage your feet.
  20. Voyeurism: The thrill of watching someone else pleasure him or herself is the goal of any voyeur. A client may get a thrill from simply watching you masturbate, or he may want to watch you engage in sexual activities with another person. Some voyeuristic clients just want to watch you do something simple, like take a shower or undress in your bedroom.
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