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12 transferable skills of every great escort

Once an escort gets into the industry and enjoys success, it is often difficult to leave the career. However, some do find that the secrecy required for the job and the social stigmas they face are too much to endure for the long term. Some escorts have no worries about the challenges they face as on the job, but they find the industry to be less lucrative as they begin to mature. Regardless of your reasons, choosing to transition to a traditional career can be intimidating, especially with a resume lacking verifiable work history and qualifications. But don’t let that deter you: many of the success-oriented skills you acquired through escorting are transferable.

  1. Superb, practical communication. Whether you are going to work in a retail business or write code for a software development firm, you must have skills that enable you to clearly express yourself and hear what others are telling you. One highly-valued trait employers are looking for, according to Forbes Magazine, is the ability to listen. Listening doesn’t only involve physically hearing a coworker speak. It involves comprehension, reading body language, giving attention to another person and entertaining someone else’s ideas or strategies. Other important traits that boost your communication skills include: a strong vocabulary, eloquence and articulation, tact, management of emotions and personal beliefs, interpersonal skills to get along with others and ability to write well. You have perfected each and every one of these traits through your time as en escort. Communicating with clients and others you network with prepares you well for the “outside” workforce.
  2. Downplayed creativity is a big factor for hiring managers. According to, a job applicant who can demonstrate that she is creative in following orders in the workplace is much more hire-worthy than one who strictly adheres to convention. Hiring managers employ individuals who can implement unique ways of solving problems, remain flexible and adaptable in the workplace, are curious about their work and methods of doing it more effectively, and can think for themselves. Those who can show that they are capable of developing strategies for their jobs that are efficient and fresh are valued highly. Through your career as an escort, you were required to be creative and flexible all of the time. Working in an industry that has no hard-set methods or system of doing things, you were required to come up with your own “rules” or techniques. Each time a client requested a role-play scenario or unexplored fetish experience, you pulled out all of the stops creatively to provide him with an encounter that would please him. Utilize this same creativity in a conventional position.
  3. Human resource managers want to find employees with developed experience using technology. It’s no longer enough to simply know how to use the Internet. Employees must know how to utilize various software, hardware devices, web applications and other cutting-edge innovations. You are primed for this, because you take advantage of technology all of the time to market yourself as an escort. You may have established, designed and uploaded information for your own website. Digital photo editing and uploading has become second nature to you. And, you’re accustomed to communicating through many different means including email, instant message, chat and VoIP (Skype, ooVoo or Google Talk). You’re a social media goddess, and can hide your IP address and hard drive content with the best of them. Your (newly released) smart phone is filled to the brim with the most current apps. In other words, you have kept up-to-date with and used technology all throughout your escorting career; apply your knowledge with confidence in a new working environment.
  4. Employers want their professionals to have strong decision-making skills. Being able to critically weigh the costs against the benefits when making business decisions is important in many roles, especially in management positions or supervisory capacities. The implementation of problem-solving methods in association with being able to evaluate and apply pertinent facts and information to actions is essential. That is no problem for you. Escorts don’t have anyone else to defer decisions to. You rule out negative actions as you evaluate other positive ones, eventually settling on a course of direction. Escorts make choices about their personal boundaries, security screening and whether to see questionable clients. They determine their schedules and make decisions about their budgets, marketing and communication standards. You make choices involving your career everyday; making them in a conventional business environment is no change.
  5. Managers are looking for workers who utilize self-assessment practices to better themselves. Goal-setting, awareness of performance and striving for excellence are traits of conscientious employees. When you work in the escort industry, these practices are commonplace. If you don’t assess your success, nobody else will. To determine whether you’re on track for goals throughout the year, it’s necessary to implement a way to track your progress. It’s likely that you’ve done this regularly as a way to ensure that your budget was going to be met and to continue improving your business year after year. Furthermore, you’re very aware of the performances you give during each and every encounter, possibly critiquing yourself after each one. Obtaining feedback from clients is a demonstration of self-assessment practices, especially if you track their comments and use them to improve yourself. You can easily use these skills and mindset in a separate working environment to excel beyond expectations.
  6. Marketing is a tool that employees need in the workplace. Regardless of what career path you go into, a certain amount of marketing is required, whether it’s sales to outside sources or persuading internal entities to get on board for projects or activities. Image-building, sales skills, “spinning” and branding are necessary tools for an effective employee. Your ability to close a deal, attract and retain clients and demonstrate your worthiness as an escort will transfer well into a workplace that can take advantage of your knack of selling yourself or efforts. You have the insight to know how to sell; it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling your time, a house or a pair of pants.
  7. An employee who demonstrates professionalism is valued highly. First impressions are hard to beat, and someone who exhibits professionalism will always impress. From the appropriate attire and appearance to the confidence and ease that comes with experience, someone who appears to have it together from an external viewpoint will have success in any field of work. Working as an escort helped you piece all of this together. Your confidence and ability to be at ease in all environments will make you a great employee in any new endeavor. When you conduct yourself with poise, maturity and propriety, you demonstrate that you take pride in both yourself and work. While it won’t ensure that you know the ins and outs of your particular career choice, it does say something for your overall abilities and image.
  8. Multi-tasking is a necessary skill in many lines of work. From banking and management to retail and service-oriented careers, being able to handle multiple projects or duties at once is a requirement. Deadlines, proper time management and the simple ability to cover more ground are skills that will help you succeed in the workforce, especially as many companies are downsizing and relying on fewer employees to do more work. Serving as an escort has required you to wear many hats and complete numerous projects. You’ve not only been the “worker bee” as an escort, but you’ve also been your company’s CEO, marketing manager, public relations specialist, scheduler, business manager, web master, and, possibly, photographer or graphic designer. Filling various roles has prepared you for jobs that will require you to take on many projects and deadlines, being able to juggle them for efficiency and quality.
  9. Being organized is a trait that managers seek in employees. Organization doesn’t mean that your desk or work space must be spotless. But, it does entail having a system so that your deadlines and priorities are met in an efficient way. Wasting time looking for a missing file or tracking down information you looked for a week ago aren’t signs of being organized. Your escorting schedule required that you create a system of organization so that you showed up to encounters on time, knew information about your clients and paid all of your bills in a timely fashion. It doesn’t matter whether you used virtual methods of organization or old-fashioned appointment books. The important thing is that you perfected ways to stay organized and on-top of your workload. You can transfer these same methods and skills to any job in the public or private sector.
  10. Hiring professionals appreciate employees who can plan ahead. Not only does being prepared involve a bit of complex thought, but it also requires an employee to show that she can develop a strategy for success. Knowing what information or data you might need for a business meeting or working ahead so that you can take off early on a Friday are ways that employees work more effectively. When you work as an escort, this ability to plan ahead is a necessity. You may have to start planning a week or more ahead of time for encounters with clients that require customized attire, requested toys or fetishes you’re not familiar with. Making sure that your handbag has its essentials when you go on outcalls is also a precaution you take when you plan ahead. Part of being good at your job is thinking to the future and working to make tasks down the road easier.
  11. Employees who have principles are hard to come by. In this day and age, many people are afraid of losing their employment, so they become complacent and subjects of their jobs. But, thriving businesses look for people who stand up for what they believe in and respect themselves enough to uphold their principles. This could simply mean that you express your opinion during business meetings or that you take it a step further and speak up when you reasonably disagree with a managerial policy or decision. Escorts apply their principles every day when they meet and communicate with clients. They don’t allow clients to disrespect them, disobey their rules or ignore their personal boundaries. When you apply this same attitude about yourself and your beliefs in alternative work environments, you will earn respect of others around you.
  12. The work environment should be a nice place to be, and employers are looking for employees who know how to be mindful of one another. Simply being nice and courteous are lost art forms in today’s workplace. People are dedicated to getting ahead and forget to be human. However, your escorting skills were all about being nice and building others up. Your efforts to be kind to every one of your clients, despite traits in them you might not like, can be well applied in the work setting. You don’t have to become best friends with your coworkers (much like your clients), but working alongside them is considerably easier when you can be considerate to one another. Being nice can get you farther than you think in a new job.
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