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14 simple tips for escorts who provide a fantasy vacation experience

It’s not only flattering when a client wants to take you on vacation with him, but it’s also exciting that you will get to travel somewhere fun and exotic (hopefully!). Once you get over the butterflies in your stomach from realizing that you’re actually going to go on a luxury vacation to Paris or the Riviera, reality has to set in that you’re traveling on someone else’s vacation as an employee.

Your responsibility will be to ensure he is having a good time

Despite what your client tells you about being catered to hand and foot with him, you have to remember that you will be tending to him, as the resort staff serves both of you. While you may have some time to enjoy the locale on your own, the majority of your time will be spent accompanying him as his escort throughout the events on his agenda. It’s an honor to be invited on such a trip. It’s your obligation, should you choose to accept the request, to provide a fantasy vacation experience for your client. Here are the top tricks you can use to give him the best vacation of his life:

  1. Get business out of the way ahead of time by making sure all of your expenses are paid ahead of time. It would be terrible to arrive in an exotic destination only to find out that you don’t have a plane ticket home or that your shuttle or limo to the resort is not reserved. Ensure that your plane tickets, accommodations, meals, inclusive resort fees, baggage fees, transit costs, visa/permit fees or exit fees/taxes are paid up or budgeted for before you leave. And, make sure the payments are non-refundable. It would be awful to end up in a foreign country with no way to get home if you and your client get into a fight. Verify that the expenses are paid so that you don’t have to have business discussions while you are enjoying your vacation. (This includes your fee for the entire trip. Get it ahead of time: the expenses your client incurs should be in addition to your fee.)
  2. Travel to and from your destination separately. Each person travels differently. Some people are really patient, while others are tense and irritable. Despite how you are, traveling together could set the stage for an uncomfortable vacation if your attitudes don’t match up in the beginning. Going to your destination alone can also help you mentally prepare yourself for an entire vacation with your client. And, the trip back home can be a blessing to be by yourself. Depending on the circumstances and how things go with you and your client, you both may be happy to go your separate ways. Tensions may be high by this point, but they can dwindle when you get some time apart. Additionally, traveling back home alone can help you re-transition into everyday life.
  3. Review basic boundaries with your client. He needs to understand that your rules and limitations still apply even though you are going on vacation with him. If certain intimate acts are off limits during regular encounters, they are still taboo for the vacation experience. When you return home, your client must understand that he can’t call you up “just to visit” or arrive at your home or incall unannounced, even though you and he may have become close during your trip. Let him know that despite the amount of fun you and he may have together, it is a business trip for you and all rules must be followed. Many escorts are tempted to drop their boundaries when they gain genuine affection for a client, which could happen on a long trip to a fun location. Don’t allow this to happen if you want to retain a professional relationship with your client.
  4. Negotiate for some activities that you enjoy. Even though the trip is about your client and his pleasure, encourage him to engage in some itinerary items that you are interested in. For instance, your client might enjoy going snorkeling or visiting the Sistine Chapel with you, even if it’s not on his original agenda. Broadening his horizons might be something that he didn’t anticipate, but he may react positively. However, keep in mind that your client may not have the same interests as you do. If he doesn’t, it’s okay. The trip is being bankrolled by him and is intended for his recreation and relaxation. Don’t demand to participate in activities or pout if your client isn’t interested in your opinions. You have been hired by him to accompany him and entertain him as he wishes; it’s not the other way around.
  5. Plan ahead with your client so you know what to expect. Your client will likely establish the itinerary and agenda for the vacation. Encourage him to share his plans with you so that you know what to pack and bring, along with establishing expectations of how the vacation will go. Ask before you leave whether the trip will be a relaxing one with lots of downtime or if activities will keep you both busy all the time. Knowing this will help you bring appropriate clothing and anticipate how much rest you will need both before and after your trip.
  6. Request your own bed. Most clients wouldn’t think of bringing an escort on vacation without providing her with her own bedroom or space to sleep independently at some point. Even though he may hope you will be spending the nights with him, he should realize you need a private place to call your own while you are on vacation with him. If he doesn’t understand this, stipulate this as part of your conditions. You will want your own bed for a brief afternoon nap or to get a good night’s sleep in at least once throughout the trip. Your request for this doesn’t mean that you are unwilling to spend time in your client’s bed. It just simply provides you with a bit of space to call your own. You will both be the better for it, and your client will understand once you both are immersed fully in the trip.
  7. Establish the mindset that you are working. Even if the location is beautiful and the culture invigorating, you are at work. While you can still enjoy the resort or atmosphere, you must do it in such a way that you retain your escort image and persona. You cannot completely unwind and let yourself be wrapped up in the vacation, because you are responsible for making sure that your client has a good time. You must be constantly “on call” for your client, responding to his requests, wishes and whims. If he wants to go back to the room for some nookie when you are enjoying the sun at the pool, you will have to give up your sunbathing time. Enjoying yourself has limitations when you’re a full-time escort on vacation with a client.
  8. Take efforts to hide any bad habits you have. If you gargle every morning or use an ugly green mask at night for your skin, avoid doing these things on vacation with your client. Do your bathroom business during your private time—your client doesn’t want to know about your pooping routine. Avoid unsexy acts like burping, farting or picking your teeth… all things you may do in the privacy of your own home. Keep your part of the suite clean and picked up; avoid unnecessary clutter or mess. Essentially, you must be on your best behavior and attempt to keep your client impressed with you.
  9. Bargain for some private time during the getaway. Even though you will be your client’s escort throughout the trip, some alone time is completely reasonable. Even “real” couples spend some time doing things independently while they are on vacation together. You will need some alone time each day to unwind or engage in your daily routines. Each morning, encourage your client to go to breakfast without you so that you can have some private time to get ready and make yourself presentable. In the afternoon, it’s reasonable to ask for some space to call home, check your email, shop, sunbathe or take a nap in preparation for a lively night. Your client may also appreciate some alone time for himself. If you happen to experience a bit of tension throughout the trip, bits of solitude may help you both survive the encounter.
  10. Limit your indulgences. Even if your client wants to drink margaritas until nearly dawn, you should consider limiting your intake for the good of the encounter. Being hung over and expected to perform intimacies on your client the next day is not a good match. And, getting drunk could put you in positions that might compromise your boundaries or prevent you from continuing with your escort image. Just as you should limit your booze intake, consider eating wisely, too. If you know that a certain food gives you gas or indigestion, avoid eating it, despite your love for it. Don’t eat until you feel like you could burst; feeling uncomfortable from too much dinner will severely limit your skills in the bedroom or enjoyment of any evening activities. In addition to food and drink, go easy on the amount of time you spend in the sun, too. If you get badly sunburned, it can cause your fun with your client to be severely impaired. A sunburn may cause you to not only be tender, but it can also make you tired and grouchy. Stick to moderation when on vacation with a client.
  11. Pack sexy clothing. While on vacation, some people become terrible slobs, opting for comfortable, ill-fitting outfits. You can’t afford to do this when vacationing with your client. He expects you to look sexy at every moment of the day. You are not on this trip for comfort. You are traveling with him to make him hot and bothered, along with providing interesting conversation along the way. Sexy dresses, vixen-like lingerie and other alluring outfits should accompany you on your trip. Don’t think about what will be comfortable. Take items that make you look your best and will cause your client to be proud that he invited you.
  12. Keep yourself organized. Make lists and ensure that they have everything on them you would need, within reason. Pack your bags in an orderly fashion so that your clothing, toiletries and other items are easy to find and pull out when wanted. Your client doesn’t want to have to wait on you to find stuff when you’re getting ready to go out somewhere. He expects you to be organized and prepared. Most of the time, you will have an opportunity to unpack your items when you arrive at your hotel. If you do, organize them, making an effort to avoid taking over the bathroom or suite with your items. Hang up your clothing, sorting them into categories (like dresses or casual separates) or according to days that you anticipate wearing them. The more quickly you can find your clothing, the sooner you can be ready for dates with your client.
  13. Ask your client what he wants. As your vacation progresses, make sure that your client is having a good time by asking him if the trip is what he expected. Encourage him to share with you any changes he’d like to see from you or if there is anything different he wants you to do. Let him know that you are with him to make sure he has a good time, and that you will do anything in your power to ensure he is thrilled with the time you spend together. Throughout the trip, remain attentive and affectionate, but take your client’s lead when you’re out in public. He may be gung ho for PDA; or, he may be rather shy in public, preferring to only hold your hand occasionally. Do your best to follow through with what your client wants from you. After all, if he wanted to just vacation with a woman, he could’ve brought a girlfriend or a dating interest along with him. He is buying a fantasy when he pays you to come with him. Provide it for him.
  14. Remember to thank your client. Just as you would in any business transaction, express appreciation to your client. Escorts should always thank their clients for their patronage. And, when a client is overly generous, you should make sure you let him know that you recognize how thoughtful he is. Your client went the extra mile to take you with him. Even if you worked your buns off during the vacation, you are going home with a considerable amount of money in your pocket. For that, alone, you should sincerely express gratitude.
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