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13 ways escorts can satisfy lazy clients

Most of the time, clients are so excited about an encounter that they tend to be overly touchy-feely when the moment actually arises. They can’t wait to get their hands on their escorts and show their appreciation. However, some clients are not quite as expressive and prefer the attention be showered upon them.
In fact, some clients are down-right lazy when it comes to their involvement during an encounter. They are reluctant to participate fully in the scheduling process and their lack of enthusiasm follows through to the booking, itself, leaving an escort wondering what to do to please this particular type of client.
While it’s difficult to provide a precise prescription for success when dealing with lazy clients, these activities and actions may create a positive experience for everyone:

  1. Prepare yourself mentally for an uninvolved client. A far reach from your normal client who is excited to get his hands on you, a lazy client just won’t help out in order to make the encounter a success. When a client chooses to rely entirely on the escort to make the experience a good one, she has to be mentally psyched for such a role. Ensuring that your client is happy is your overall goal. And, this kind of client wants to get as much satisfaction without having to exert any effort. Realizing, up front, that the action is completely up to you is essential. Know that you will do all the work. And, remind yourself to have patience with your client. After all, he is paying for your time and professionalism. If you accept the booking, you must be willing to put in the work required.
  2. Set up a plan. Once you get the idea that your client is less inclined to exert any effort, you should establish a general agenda that you will use to move the encounter along. Determine the activities you will engage in with your client, set up a basic timeline to follow and select routines that provide you with variety and breaks, if necessary. Many clients of this type provide little direction about their preferences (because they are too lazy to), so you should incorporate different types of standard activities into your plan for the booking. From massage and oral pleasure to cuddling and intercourse, variety may be the secret to success for a client who is lazy and won’t tell you what he wants. Providing a little bit of everything will ensure that he will get something he enjoys during your time with him.
  3. Get some assistance. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some extra “help” into your routine with a lazy client. Doing all of the work to arouse and bring your client to climax may be challenging, especially if your client has ED issues or other problems that delay or prevent climaxing. Use a small vibrator to stimulate the underneath area of the head of his penis. This typically brings a client to arousal quickly and strongly. Consider using other toys or props that are exciting or fun during foreplay or actual intercourse. Another possible use for the vibrator (and a dildo) is to warm up your own libido, too. Usually, clients help an escort achieve arousal through their own excitement. But, when a client is too “relaxed” to help out, an escort may need to utilize other methods to advance past foreplay for herself.
  4. Masturbate. Again, an escort must arouse herself through a certain amount of foreplay during a successful booking. If a client refuses to engage actively, an escort may choose to masturbate in front of a client. Self-pleasure not only warms up an escort, but it may also seriously turn on a client, too, as he watches her arouse herself. Additionally, an escort may incorporate her masturbation into a mutual effect as she stimulates her client through administering hand genital massage to him while she rubs her own clitoris.
  5. Consider a role-play scenario with your client. Even if a client doesn’t choose to actively participate in an encounter, it doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t like to be involved in it. Create a role-play situation around your client that requires little interaction from him. Pretend he is a patient in a hospital bed and you’re a horny nurse. Or, play up to him as though he is watching you from afar, perhaps from a neighboring window or other location. Suggest that he allow you to tie him up and you can pretend that he’s a prisoner and you’re taking advantage of him as his captor. Regardless of the role play scene you choose, selecting one that allows him a role that requires little action may be a great way to create a fun encounter you both will enjoy.
  6. Perform a striptease and lap dance for your client. Most of the time, when an escort strips for a client, he just sits back and enjoys the view. This is the perfect activity for your less active client. He can appreciate your beauty and seductive skills without having to put out any effort of his own. Additionally, a striptease is an activity that you won’t feel silly about performing alone, so it fits in well with your plan. After you strip down to your bare essentials, straddle him and provide the lap dance of his dreams. Don’t expect him to embrace you or attempt to touch you, as he may not. Continue to perform this form of foreplay until you can feel his arousal and move on to something more “fun.”
  7. Ask lots of questions. Even though your client may be lazy and not at all physically involved in the encounter, he may engage in conversation with you that will guide your actions. Inquire about what he likes, whether he’s enjoying himself and if there’s anything he wants you to do. Some clients who seem lazy do not intend to be uninvolved. They may be shy or reserved, so your attempts at questions or conversation may help them feel more engaged and involved in the experience, perhaps, drawing them out so they become more active participants.
  8. Perform oral sex on a lazy client. Most men love blow jobs, so it’s a pretty sure thing that oral sex will be welcomed by your uninvolved client. Even though he’s more passive than your other clients, he can still experience arousal and climax, just like anyone else. Oral sex is easy to perform without much interaction from your client. Position him so that you can comfortably provide him pleasure and go to town, so to speak. (Of course, you should always use a condom when administering oral sex on a client.)
  9. Get on top of things. Many sexual positions require interaction between you and your client, such as the missionary or doggy-style positions. However, when you straddle your client as he lays on his back on the bed, you are completely in control of the intercourse. The speed, intensity, depth of penetration and length of intercourse is all up to you when you are on top of your client. Plus, you don’t need your client to thrust, stand or provide any other kind of assistance or support for this position to be successful. It’s perfect for a lazy client.
  10. Incorporate pornography as a way to increase arousal. An encounter where you do all the work can become a little boring for both you and your client. However, if you switch on a good porn flick during the encounter, it may stimulate him sexually and provide some inspiration for you about how to please your client. Use it as background noise, foreplay activities and a conversation starter. Pornography, while often unrealistic, may give just the boost you need to excite your otherwise lazy and passive client.
  11. Talk dirty to your client. Even if he isn’t the kind of client to tell you what he wants from you, it’s okay for you to tell him what you’re going to do to him. Most men enjoy sexy, dirty talk. Using explicit terms, give him details about the pleasure you’re going to provide. Set up the encounter with dirty talk as your foreplay mechanism and proceed to follow through as you’ve promised him. As you’re engaging in sexual acts, describe to him how they make you feel, again, in language that could be considered dirty talk.
  12. Initiate contact with an interested client when booking the encounter. A lazy client will usually make the first connection, but he will rarely follow up and attempt to schedule an encounter. As a result, an escort who wants to land him as a client must act more boldly than usual by demonstrating that she wants to book time with him and offer her services. Sometimes, he will respond to communication quickly. Other times, though, lazy clients require significant persistence in order to get them to commit to encounters. They are so laid back that nailing down a time with them is difficult.
  13. Be pushy, if necessary. Lazy clients want to be chased after and desire that feeling of being pursued. As a result, they sit back and wait for an escort to push them into making an appointment. For some clients, it’s simply a matter of telling them you’re putting them down for a particular time. Others will dodge your phone calls or refuse to call you back promptly, leaving you to think they are not interested in spending time with you. These clients just need a push to encourage them to follow through with their initial intention of hiring you for some fun time.

Lazy clients can be quite frustrating, until you learn that their indifference is not targeted at you. They treat everyone with a laid-back attitude and aren’t willing to adjust it. Patience, persistence and determination are required to please lazy, uninvolved clients. However, once you learn how to make it through an encounter or two with such a client, they are some of the easiest bookings you can have. They rarely complain, always show up and are extremely loyal to escorts who make efforts to create enjoyable experiences for them. Lazy clients are exasperating, but they are much easier to deal with than high-maintenance or extremely physical ones. Count yourself lucky if you can include a few on your client list.

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