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10 cancellations that clients thank escorts for

Most of the time, when you’re an escort it’s not advisable to cancel bookings with your clients. However, there are certain situations or circumstances that are justifiable for rescheduling or calling an encounter off. In fact, some cancellations may actually be appreciated by your clients, too.
Before you get on the phone to reschedule the booking you have with a client this afternoon, consider the following cancellations that won’t put a bad mark on your reputation professionally:

  1. Cancel a booking when you are sick. The flu, a nasty cold, an STD, a virus or other illnesses are easily spread when you are swapping bodily fluids, breathing each others’ air and involved in intimate activities. Even if intercourse is not a part of the encounter you have planned with a client, close personal contact is typically anticipated. Any kind of a skin-to-skin contact, from a handshake to a hug, can spread nasty germs from you to your client. (Or the other way around.) If you feel that you are coming down with something, or simply not quite all the way recovered, avoid getting your clients sick with your sickness. Most escorts cater to clients who are powerful, busy executives who don’t have time to catch a cold or the flu, especially when it can be avoided. Don’t give your clients the choice to make their own decisions about seeing you (many will show up, without thinking about the consequences); let them know that your policy is to cancel when you contract a bug that may make clients sick.
  2. Put off sessions with clients when you have a personal crisis of any form. You should feel able to tend to any issue in your life that needs your attention, despite your encounter schedule. If your house burned down, your father fell ill or your daughter had a wreck, these are issues that are essential for you to deal with. Sometimes, the crisis might be related to your belongings, such as major issues with your home or car. Other times, it involves your family and friends. Regardless of what your crisis involves, you know that when you are with a client, you will be wishing you had time free to deal with what is wrong in your life. Your focus will be on the crisis, not how to please your client. Sure, you may be able to go through the motions during an encounter, but your client deserves much more from you than that. If you can’t grant your client your full attention due to your concerns about the trouble in your life, call to reschedule for a time when you think you can give your client an encounter worthy of your rates. (Predicting when you can set up an encounter may be difficult, especially if you don’t know how the trouble in your life will progress or remedy itself, but anytime in the future will be better than when you are first dealing with your drama.)
  3. Call off encounters if you are injured. Some escorts become injured through on-the-job risks they take with clients (falling off the bed during particularly physical encounters or slight injuries from bondage experiences), while others incur physical ailments as a result of other situations. Sports-related injuries, accident-related problems or issues from an assault can have tremendous impacts on an escort and her ability to do her job. If you hurt badly due to being tied up too long or a position you were in with a client popped your back out of joint (for example), don’t attempt to see clients until you are healed up. You can continue to injure yourself, causing more pain and, eventually, more recovery time. Also, because of the limitations your injury causes you, it’s probable that you will be unable to perform as usual. Your flexibility, tolerance for certain positions and strength are apt to be affected, which may influence your client’s satisfaction with his encounter. As an escort, it’s your responsibility to let clients know when you are not at your best. This is a time that clients should appreciate a cancellation.
  4. Attempt to reschedule clients when you are too pressed for time to give them the encounter they deserve. Often, a client has a small window of availability that they want you to see them in. However, you may already have other clients booked or other obligations close to this same time. Many escorts try to squeeze a client in, only to discover that she has to call his encounter short, while still being late to the next appointment. Some escorts book clients too closely together at their incalls, causing them to bump into one another, or having to shoo away a client abruptly so encounters don’t overlap. This is never good, and leaves a negative impression with most clients. If you feel that you’ve scheduled clients too closely together or that you’ve got other obligations that occur too close to a booking, try to remedy it. If it requires canceling on a client, you should explain why you need to reschedule with him. When he learns that may have to run out early or arrive late, he will probably be happy to find another available opportunity to see you.
  5. Cancel encounters during inclement weather. Even though times with you may be fun, nobody should risk life or limb when the weather is terrible just for a bit of nookie. Discourage your clients from getting out and about during a blizzard, torrential rain storm or other hazardous conditions (tornados, hurricanes, monsoons, polar vortices, end of the world, etc). Additionally, there is no reason for you to incur injury or other hardship during bad weather just to get to a client for an hour bookings. Even though your client may complain of cabin fever or loneliness if he’s stuck at home during an ice storm, he should appreciate the fact that you have common sense enough to stay home out of the bad weather. And, if you do venture out, you will probably arrive dirty, drenched or late. None of these are preferable qualities for an escort. It’s best to just stay home and wait out the storm. Also, your client doesn’t need to risk these things, either. By canceling on him, you are allowing him to save face from calling the booking off himself.
  6. Call off encounters to your incall when you have emergency repairs. Regardless of your efforts to keep your incall in top-notch condition, things happen. Your plumbing needs work. You need to replace your roof. Or, you have heating/air conditioning issues. Whatever it is, you will have repairmen in and out of your place. Their presence doesn’t lend itself to the highest level of discretion, which your clients appreciate. And, your facilities may not always be in complete working order, which your clients depend on. When you need to get repairs done or are having construction completed, cancel encounters or reschedule them as outcalls.
  7. Avoid following through with a client encounter while you are angry or upset. Even the most professional escorts get ticked off at their clients and find it challenging to keep their attitudes to themselves. During an encounter with a client you are unhappy with, it’s bound to show up one way or another. Through what you say, how you act or what you do, you will probably reveal your thoughts about spending time with your client. And, if you aren’t comfortable with confronting him in person, yet, it’s best to avoid a conversation with him during an encounter. (And, the conversation is bound to come up when he mentions that you don’t seem like yourself.) You can choose to make up an excuse about why you must cancel, or you can directly indicate to the client that you are miffed about an incident or comment and would rather reschedule the encounter and talk about things later. Even though your client may wonder what he’s done or want to talk at the time, he will appreciate the fact that you’re not going to waste his time during an encounter that you don’t want to be present in. Clients want you to be as pumped about seeing them as they are you, and if you’re dreading time with him due to being upset, the encounter won’t go well.
  8. Let your client know you need to cancel a booking, because you can’t or won’t follow through with a special request. Some clients may schedule an encounter, with the hopes that you will perform some act that he’s specified. You may have told him that you would research it and think about it. But, as the encounter gets closer and closer, you may find yourself getting cold feet about engaging in the act he wants done. If you are unwilling to engage in the service he wants, cancel the booking and explain to your client that you can’t comply with his request. It’s not fair to your client to show up at the encounter, take his money, and then tell him you don’t want to do what he wants. Or, it’s not right to waste his time by making him show up to tell him that you can’t provide his requested service. Save everyone the hassle by simply calling off the booking ahead of time. Some clients may say that the service isn’t a deal breaker and want to continue with the encounter, anyways. If so, that’s great. Others, though, will appreciate getting the opportunity to find another escort.
  9. Reschedule repeat bookings that are made too soon. Some clients will want to book more time with you immediately following the encounter they are just wrapping up. You may have performed so well, that they can’t wait for more fun with you. Often, though, the fun isn’t quite as good if it’s enjoyed too soon, such as the next night. Clients will eventually thank you for canceling and creating a more realistic schedule for them for great encounters. The thrill that clients get with you is driven by their desire, and desire is increased by time spent apart. Build your clients’ anticipation and excitement through putting a bit of time between your encounters with them. If necessary, cancel a quick booking and reschedule it for a day or two later.
  10. Cancel an encounter that your client is going to have a hard time making. Through conversation, you may learn that your client is going to be challenged to make it to a booking on time. Through work obligations, family events or other causes, a client may discuss with you his worries about showing up on time… or at all. In these cases, your client sincerely wants to keep his appointment with you. However, to make it easier on him, it often works in everyone’s favor to cancel on him ahead of time, indicating that something came up for you, too. It allows him to save face by not canceling, but provides him with a more realistic opportunity to make it to the encounter and enjoy it.
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