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Footwear fetish and foot worship tips for escorts

Of all of the fetishes and unique requests you may get from clients, the desire to fulfill a foot fetish is by far one of the least invasive and easiest ones to grant. While society still frowns upon men who find women’s feet ultra sexy, beautiful feet are emphasized daily through the media’s obsession with shoes, pedicures and sexy stockings. It’s quite a dichotomy; the media encourages women to sex up their feet, but they discourage men to be aroused by them.
No matter what society thinks, your client may become excited at the prospect of exploring his interest in feet with you. Escorts who venture into the foot fetish and worshipping world need to know a few things before getting started:

  1. Get details about the kind of activities your client desires. Escorts who do foot fetish work will attest to the fact that their clients may run the gamut with what they like. Some want to just touch your foot, while others need to lick or suck on your toes. Others want to wash your feet. Sometimes a client just wants to watch you try on shoes. There are many, many ways that a client may fantasize about your feet. And, he may want to get started and see where things go, finding new things acts as he goes along. But, typically, a client has something in mind when he makes a request. That’s always a good place to start. Ask your client what he wants to do and what (if any) props you need to bring in order to make the encounter happen as he envisions it. Sometimes a client will speak up and let you know that he’s going to bring some items for your to model or wear. The encounter can go any number of ways, so it’s preferable to get on the same page as your client.
  2. Pay extra attention to your feet’s hygiene. Most clients admire an escort’s feet, because they are well taken care of. Prior to meeting up with your client, schedule an in-depth pedicure. When doing your own foot maintenance, try to do regular at-home pedicures. Trim your toenails neatly, attempting to cut them squarely across the tip just above the skin. Shape them by using an Emory board to round the edges slightly. Avoid cutting the edges of your nails, because that can create ingrown toenails. Soak your feet in a mixture of essential oils, lavender and milk (the milk loosens dead skin). Reduce calluses by moisturizing your feet regularly and using a foot file or pumice stone to diminish their presence. Don’t rub too hard, though. If your feet get really red, you should stop, because you may have gotten down to skin that is too soft to continue filing. Massage in moisturizer, paying special attention to your cuticles. Remove all oils from your toenails with an acetone remover and paint them your (or your client’s) favorite color. Wait at least 30 minutes (if not more) for them to dry. With regular attention, your feet should always be in tip-top shape, ready for your foot-loving client.
  3. Learn to desensitize your feet. Because foot-worshipping clients want to touch, caress and, possibly, lick your feet, you have to overcome any sensitivity you have. If your feet are ticklish, you must get over that quickly. Being unable to tolerate your client’s touch on your feet will make a foot fetish encounter miserable for you and impossible for your client. Escorts should focus on other things while their clients are engaging with their feet. From considering what you need from the grocery store to paying close attention to how aroused your client is, distract yourself away from the sensations you are receiving from your client’s touches. Another way to get past being sensitive is to convince yourself that you are not ticklish. For some people, it’s a mind over matter issue. Once you set your mind to be unbothered by the attention to your feet, it won’t affect you most of the time. And, some escorts have to acclimate their feet to various kinds of touching over time…which eventually helps to avoid the sensitive nature. Most escorts indicate that deep breathing and relaxation helps the most.
  4. Keep various lotions and oils on hand for your foot fetish clients. Of course, it’s common for escorts to have various massage options available for their clients. But, when you have feet-loving clients, they will want access to good-smelling substances to slather on your feet and legs. While there isn’t much difference in lotions for body and foot massages, some do feature elements that are strictly for the soles of your feet. Your feet are full of various pressure points and spots that when massaged or touched may help you reduce stress, diminish headaches or increase sexual arousal. Many lotions are created that will help stimulate these pressure points and may activate your senses in various ways. Lotions or oils containing tea tree oil, mint or lavender are excellent choices for foot massages. Some clients prefer to use perfume scented lotions or apply other fragrances at the end of a massage. Have an array of options available for your client, or ask him to bring his favorites.
  5. Consider wearing silky stockings for your client. Escorts who regularly visit with foot worshippers commonly don high-end stockings (complete with garter belt) and allow their clients to fondle their feet through the fabric. Many clients love the feel and look of the sheer silk on a woman’s foot and leg. It’s fairly typical for a client to indulge in caressing an escort’s feet through the stockings for the majority of the time during the encounter, ending eventually with removing the stocking as the climax. It’s a fairly easy task to engage in, although it can get a bit tiresome if you’re not into it. While most clients don’t prefer patterned stockings, they do really like the versions with a line down the back — pin-up style. The one thing you must be most careful about when wearing stockings with a client is keeping them run-free. It’s terribly easy to snag them on an uneven finger nail, rough-edged furniture or anything else. And, a client with rough hands will easily snag and tear luxury stockings. Make sure your client is ready to reimburse you if he destroys or damages them.
  6. Escorts often entertain oral indulgences from foot-fetish clients. Just touching or viewing your feet isn’t enough for some clients who are avid foot lovers. They want to lick them and feel them with their mouths. They want you to penetrate their mouths with your toes. They find it erotic to simulate the in and out thrusting motion with your toes and enjoy the feeling of caressing your toe with their tongues. Some escorts are just not into the oral aspect of foot worship. If that’s not something you are comfortable with, be up front about it with your clients. However, some women find it very arousing, as well. They indicate that the moistness of a client’s mouth is surprisingly soft, warm and very sensual. The act can be a turn-on for both you and your client. Be aware, though, that some clients get a bit over-zealous when they engage in oral play with your feet. Any client who is extra sloppy with his “appreciation” should be asked to keep it a bit dryer. Or, you need to suck it up and be sure to keep a towel handy.
  7. Tease your client with your feet. Some clients not only enjoy seeing and touching your feet, but they also enjoy being teased by your toes, arches and heels. It’s a common scene in movies for a woman to arouse a man at a dinner party under a table-clothed setting by stroking his genital region with her feet or foot. While most things you see in movies or on television are far from realistic, this scene is actually played out somewhat often in real life. While dining in public with your client, reach under the table with your foot and rub up and down his legs, eventually landing in his lap. Go easy, though. It’s fairly easy to rub too hard or end up kicking your client in the penis or testicles, which are very tender. Massage gently, paying close attention to your client’s facial expressions. If going out to eat won’t work for this activity, you can do it during an incall or outcall, in privacy, where your client is more free to express himself openly. As you notice that your client becomes increasingly aroused, back off your efforts, teasing him slightly before you start pleasuring him, again.
  8. Flaunt your pedicure to your client. Escorts are always proud of a stellar pedicure when they get them. However, you should really play it up when you are visiting with a client who has a thing for feet. Arouse him through describing how your feet were massaged, rubbed and soaked. Erotically remove your socks/stockings/etc. to show off your perfectly painted toenails and freshly moisturized foot. Or, if your client responds to this, perform a DIY pedicure in front of your client, but refuse to let him participate. This may drive him wild. If your client is the type to do it, you could even allow him to give you a pedicure. (You may have to give him instructions about how to trim or paint your nails, unless he has experience with this activity.)
  9. Modeling shoes is often a big thing for clients with a passion for feet. Escorts who love shoes will love finding a client like this who will pay her to go shoe shopping and rave about the numerous selections she tries on and models. In privacy, it’s quite erotic to prance around in stilettos (and barely anything else) while your client gains an erection from the beauty of your feet, alone. He appreciates how the high heels make your foot curve, accentuating the ankle and your lower calf. After you’ve pranced around in your heels for a bit, allow your client to remove the shoes and move on to other forms of foot worship, if he wants. Many clients, though, can’t wait for you to put on another pair for him to see. It’s fairly common for clients to ask your shoe size and bring several new pair for you to enjoy with him, leaving them for you to keep afterward. It’s definitely a win-win for you.
  10. Some clients like to participate in a bit of S&M involving feet. Many escorts don’t like to engage in this type of activity with clients, but others are more than happy to oblige the requests. It’s somewhat common for clients who associate pleasure and pain very closely to enjoy being kicked (with or without shoes on) in the genitals by an escort. The pain delivered from your foot equates as pleasure to them. Clients who prefer to play subordinate roles sometimes like to be dominated by being made to lick your shoes or bathe your feet. Some clients even go as far as asking you to force them to eat your toenail clippings or cut-up pieces of your stockings.
  11. Walk all over your client. The desire to be walked on (usually wearing shoes) is a fairly standard request by foot fetish enthusiasts. Commonly, the higher the heels, the happier the client becomes. If you choose to do this, you must keep a few things in mind. First of all, you need to settle on a safe word with your client so you know when you are really hurting him. Depending on the weight difference, you could really injure a client if you step on him wrong. And…when you factor in the fact that you are wearing high heels while walking on him, the points of the shoes could cause some real pain or damage. Additionally, it’s a fall risk for you, since your balance will be off due to being on his back. Make sure that wherever you perform this activity there is something sturdy and steady nearby to help you maintain your balance. For instance, ask your client to lie on the floor near the wall, which you can use to steady yourself. If you start to lose your balance, your heel could slide on your client’s back, which could not only cause him pain, but it could also wound him.
  12. Always accept your client’s obsession with feet as a favorable trait. Often ashamed to admit their desires and fantasies to others in their lives, foot fetishists are usually made to feel negatively about their attraction to women’s feet. Support your client’s attraction to feet by allowing him to confess his wants to you without judging or commenting in such a way that makes him feel weird. Everybody has something different about what turns them on; your client happens to dig feet. Of all of the things that gets his motor going, he could pick something a whole lot worse!
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