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What secrets does an escort’s lingerie tell about her?

Lingerie is as essential of a tool to an escort as a hammer is to a carpenter. And, just like hammers, there are many kinds of lingerie that escorts may incorporate into their encounters with clients. However, while carpenters may select hammers based on preference, escorts often choose their lingerie styles and colors to suit the wishes of their clients.
Many times, an escort is asked to show up wearing an all-black ensemble, complete with garter belt and stockings. Other times, a client may request white cotton panties. Some clients just don’t care, as long as their escort looks sexy.
Escorts play roles for their clients. They realize that clients hire them to fulfill fantasies they aren’t finding in their real lives. Their lingerie may be extra sexy, their heels overly high and their libidos running hot as a way to turn on their clients. But, some aspects of an escort’s lingerie choices may actually reflect things about her true personality. Despite the fact that she sometimes selects her undies based on client requests, other times she freely chooses what she wears to see clients. While a client may never completely uncover an escort’s true identity (especially based on her panties or bras), he may be able to get glimpses of her real persona by observing the types of lingerie she wears when it’s up to her.
Use this guide to help understand your escort better:

  • Full Cup/T-shirt Bras: Escorts rarely wear these types of comfort bras to see clients, but many of them may have them in their lingerie drawers for their time off. Women who wear these kinds of bras are usually low-maintenance personalities, seekers of comfort and live active, busy lives. In their free time, they may pursue artistic endeavors. They often feel that this kind of bra is preferable to the alternative of going braless, which is what they’d rather do. They are somewhat unconcerned with sexiness, because they feel more confident when they are comfortable.
  • Demi or Push-up Bras: These are popular choices for escorts to wear with clients, especially for women who are not as well-endowed in the cleavage department. These kinds of bras help to enhance “the girls” and make the best of what you have. Women who wear these bras are focused on enhancing their assets and trying to look their bests. They utilize methods to place them in more competitive positions in both the bedroom and in other realms of their lives, too. They are optimistic, thus proven by being able to make more out of their busts than they originally have, due to the boosting effects from these bras. They aren’t afraid to fake it a little to get what they want.
  • Corset or Longline Bras: Women who indulge in these more restrictive bras are seductive and playful. They are comfortable with their sexuality and use it to attract the opposite sex. They are usually pleasers and are a lot of fun in the bedroom, due to their adventurous spirits. They know what men want, and they are happy to provide it.
  • Lacy Bras: Regardless of color, this kind of bra makes every woman appear feminine and sexy. Most wearers are girly-girls and may exhibit dual personalities: conservative and sexy. It’s common for a woman who appears to be a soccer mom or librarian to wear ultra-sexy lacy undies, waiting to be discovered during an erotic tryst. Women who wear lacy bras are also detail-oriented and selective about the accessories they wear, along with dedicated to living up to the expectations they’ve set for their lives. They are super-moms, wonder women and women who can do it all. They rarely ask for help, but readily accept it when it’s offered.


  • Briefs: Otherwise known as “Granny panties,” briefs are the go-to choice for women who are uncomplicated, practical and perfectionists in all other areas of their lives. Despite the fact that nearly all women have a pair or two hanging out in their lingerie drawers, briefs are the choice of women who are more concerned with comfort and coverage than they are with sex appeal. They may try other kinds of panties, but to no avail; they stick by their old stand-bys. These women are loyal, live according to the rules and are focused on their lives outside of the bedroom.
  • Boy Shorts: They have the comfort of briefs, but the sexiness of panties with much less coverage. They are the hybrid panty and provide comfort and coverage, but with enough sex appeal to taunt a male admirer. Women who wear these tend to be tomboys and are associated with always being “one of the guys.” They like to get dirty, can drink their share of beer and enjoy sporting events. They see sex as something fun, and enjoy the tease and seduction associated with it.
  • G-string or V-string Panties: Many women choose these kinds of undies for the simple fact they leave no visible panty lines. Many women who live in these types of underwear are confident, modern and hip. They have to be in good physical shape in order to truly “rock” these panties, and they don’t give a flip about others’ opinions about them. Often, women who are confident enough to wear this daring panty style are also secure enough to make the first move in a relationship. And, they certainly aren’t a shrinking violet in the bedroom: they know what they want and are eager to go after it.
  • Bikini: The most popular panty in the world, the bikini panty is for many women the epitome of comfort and fashion. Much less prudish than the brief, the bikini is the mullet of panties: business in the back with good coverage and party in the front. Women who wear these panties may be a bit of both worlds: innocence mixed with a bit of wildness.
  • Control Briefs: Able to be found in sexy styles, the control brief has come a long way since its popularity in the 1950s. No longer is it simply a garment to slim, it’s now an item with a bit of sex appeal. However, the control brief is often worn by women who have issues with control in their own lives. They feel the need for consistency and regularity, often to the point of boringness. They are worried about appearing fat and may have insecurity issues, especially if their schedules are turned upside down.
  • Side-tie Panties: Thongs, bikinis and other forms of panties come in side-tie varieties. Often, the side-tie is a direct implication that the wearer knows they aren’t going to stay on for long. They are ready, passionate and eager for a good romp in bed.
  • Brazilian Panties: Much cheekier than boy shorts, the Brazilian panty provides coverage with a sexy hint of seduction. Women who wear a Brazilian style enjoy freedom in their lifestyles, a great deal of confidence and the knowledge they possess vast sex appeal. Often, these women have a long list of desires, sometimes wanting their cake and the right to eat it, too. They are accustomed to privilege and special allowances, which may make them high-maintenance.
  • French Panties: These old-fashioned, glamorous panties exude luxury and style for a girl who wears them. Escorts who show up with these kinds of panties may consider herself old-fashioned and is extremely comfortable in her own skin. She takes things slowly and embraces life.
  • Boxer Shorts: Boxers have their own style in the ladies’ lingerie department, and many women choose them for their style of choice. They provide exposure for the upper thigh and backside, while still maintaining a degree of modesty. The women who wear these panties are adventurous, active, strong and unconventional. They enjoy challenges and may be extremely feminine, despite their non-traditional appearances.

Experts all agree that women who take extra effort to deliberately match their panty and bra selections are often fashion forward and pay great attention to detail. They may also be extremely high maintenance. For example, if they pay that much attention to their underwear, they are also apt to be extremely choosy about all other aspects of their lives and maintain high expectations for all experiences.
Many lingerie sales professionals believe that the fabric that one’s undies are constructed of are also an indicator of the type of person who wears them. Silky under things may reveal that a woman cherishes her body and enjoys pleasure. The softness against her skin is soothing. Women who choose soft, fluffy undies (such as flannel, terry or other soft fabrics) may be playful and fun-loving. Anyone who wears leather is adventurous, but may also be instable in relationships. The leather indicates they are used to discomfort and adjust well to it.
Colors may also provide insight about a woman:

  • Pink or pastel patterns: The woman who selects pink or pastel patterns may be girly, romantic and gentle. She is likely looking for affection and will never take the lead in a relationship, choosing to let her partner play the dominant role. She responds to seduction and appreciation of her beauty.
  • Hot pink: Women who don hot pink underwear are usually seductive and sensual. They are willing to take the lead and are passionate in their displays of affection.
  • Red: Escorts who sport red lingerie are usually energetic and comfortable with their sexuality. They embrace the drama in their lives and are extremely passionate. They are driven and compelled to go after what they want in life and relationships.
  • Purple and yellow: Women who wear these colors are often a bit quirky. They are original and unique, and often imaginative and creative, especially in the bedroom. They have artistic spirits and enjoy a bit of adventure.
  • Blue: Women who wear blue lingerie are usually sensitive. They are emotional and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Empathy and consideration are elemental parts of their personalities.
  • Green: Escorts who wear green lingerie have great leadership skills and like to be in charge. They lead stable lifestyles (or desire to) and are skilled at giving good directions. They inspire respect and admiration among others, especially clients.
  • Black: Self-confidence can be automatically assumed by an escort who regularly wears black underwear. She knows what she wants and possesses a powerful personality. Sultriness is part of her allure, along with a strong sex drive.
  • Bright colors or funny pictures pattern: Quirky and self-sufficient is a way to describe women who wear fun underwear. They don’t care what others think and are accustomed to being different from the average woman. Fitting in isn’t a desirable trait for them, and they embrace their uniquity.
  • White: Low-frills and low-maintenance can be used to describe women who prefer white skivvies. Often, they are innocent, but willing learners, usually open to suggestion. They lead uncomplicated lives and intend to keep their lifestyles that way.
  • Nude: Women wearing nude bras or panties are relaxed and feel they have nothing to hide. What you see is what you get with them.

Overall, women who choose underwear based on its comfort are practical and feel that time is a luxury. They choose panties and bras that are functional and will last. Their focus is on other, more important aspects of their lives than sex. Conversely, women who wear shapewear regularly are extremely focused on their appearances, wanting to appear slimmer than they actually are, constantly worrying about what others think of them. They are attempting to build confidence, but often demonstrate insecurities by attempting to shield their flaws. And, some women are retro lingerie fans. They are old-fashioned, romantic sirens who enjoy glamour of days gone past. Aspiring to pin-up adulation, they hope to inspire lust and ardor among those who are privileged enough to catch glimpses of them.
Again, remember that an escort plays a role with her clients. She may choose her lingerie based on the image she portrays or according to client requests. But, odds are that if you see an escort often enough, you may begin to see a pattern in the types or colors she wears, which could provide insight to her real personality.

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