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12 unexpected locations for escorting

Your incall, a client’s home and numerous hotel rooms are fairly common places for you to meet up with clients. And it’s fairly common to run into perspective clients at bars or night clubs, but other less traditional locations can be successful spots to attract clients, too.
Even though your online marketing may be quite successful, it’s always fun to shake things up once in awhile and incorporate practices that are not customary to your usual routine. It helps to avoid burn out and may open your eyes to new possibilities. But while these unconventional locations could produce results for you, it’s also important to consider risks and issues associated with them.
Because you are entering areas that you may be less familiar with, from an escorting perspective at least, you need to carefully think out your plan of action and expectations with each of these non-traditional escorting scenes:

  1. Working in resort areas provides an excellent opportunity to attract new clients. Resort locations are all about fun and activities. Whether you’re considering traveling to Vegas (where escorting is already very popular) or other well-traveled U.S. locations such as Phoenix, Orlando, Anaheim, Aspen (or Vail or Denver), or places on the Gulf Coast, you must plan to advertise your availability ahead of time. Use online resources to publicize that you will be visiting, much like you would if you were touring. However, actually staying on a resort property may open more opportunities than just staying in a city where you are touring. Of course, you can take advantage of the amenities for your own mini-vacation. But, you also may be able to attract business through meeting others staying on the property. Walking on the beach, working out in the gym or enjoying other activities special to the resort may put you in contact with potential clients who are looking to become better acquainted. The best way to find perspective clients and fly under the radar is to make friends with resort staff members. Be a generous tipper and an easy-to-please guest. If an employee seems trustworthy, divulge your secret and encourage him that referring clients who book time with you will earn a desirable “tip” for him. Additionally, be weary of hotel security guards who may question several people going to and from your suite. Attempt to provide keycard access or other easy entry to clients who are not guests of the resort property, and ask for a chauffeured ride to clients who are staying on nearby resort properties. (It’s easier and more discreet to enter a high-profile resort if you’re riding in a car owned by a registered guest.) Even though many men go on vacation with their families and partners, many are excited to get away for some personalized time for themselves.
  2. You can create a dream vacation for clients when you meet them at Disney locations. While you shouldn’t anticipate hooking up with a client on The Pirates of the Caribbean ride, you could easily identify one at one of the upscale restaurants in the parks. Or, the resorts are swarming with frustrated dads looking for some grown-up entertainment. Many business conferences and seminars are held on Disney properties, and lonely executives are often up for some fun and games with an attractive escort. Another option that is less obvious includes couples who come to Disney. While Disney is traditionally a family-themed destination, many swinging couples visit the parks and would love to engage in some fun away from home. However, be aware that the Disney staffers are ordered to report suspicious activity that threatens its wholesome atmosphere. Prostitution plagues suburbs surrounding the resorts and parks; law enforcement attempts to patrol all areas to remove “seedy” characters. But rest assured: the escort industry has a veiled presence at Disney. Several Disney park employees have been arrested for prostitution and related crimes throughout the years, and various rides (including Splash Mountain) have had issues with adult behavior appearing in camera shots. (Mainly passengers on the ride flashing the camera, although other sexual acts have been witnessed as well.) Great locations to hang out as an escort might include five-star dining spots, the PGA golf courses, spas, dance clubs and events such as wine-tastings. Advertising ahead of time may also net you some clients who find time to get away for an encounter.
  3. Cruise lines are geared for sun, fun and promiscuity, making them perfect locations for an escort to do business. Cruise line organizers have always known their passengers need companionship; gentleman dance hosts have been employed for years to accompany single women on board. However, the companionship provided by these dance hosts is a bit different from the type of company you offer. Just the same, many lonely people travel on cruises. Identify cruise ships with targeted demographics similar to yours. Trips are often designed for young singles; older singles; families; and many other types, even specialty itineraries for fans of particular music and hobbies. Find a cruise and destination that is right for you and enjoy yourself! Keep in mind that the laws about sex and money still apply while on international waters, but guidelines are a bit sketchier. Avoid fraternizing with cruise ship personnel (unless you happen to attract the captain!), because they can be fired for involvement with passengers. However, it is somewhat common for cruise ship employees to engage in prostitution with travelers. Visit the casinos, bars, dance clubs and pool decks for interactions with interested, potential clients.
  4. Retirement communities may offer significant business for you. U.S. locations with high populations of retired seniors could be the perfect place for you to establish a business targeting older, professional gentleman who are looking to feel young again. Active retirement communities exist all over the U.S. Popular locations for wealthy retirees are Florida, Texas, Arizona and Las Vegas. While your efforts could include socializing in the community or engaging in social activities with area seniors, you can also take advantage of online marketing. 67% of seniors between the ages of 66 and 74 years old use the Internet regularly, according to the Pew Research Center. And, of those Internet users, 59% of them use it for “fun”, and 68% look up information about hobbies or special interests. They are open to finding what they are looking for online. They use email and text messages, and retirees are great candidates for clients. Although a retirement community or village is a less conventional location to conduct encounters or meet clients, they are being used by other escorts. For instance, residents living in a retirement community in New Jersey were recently busted by law enforcement for prostitution. Keep in mind that when you visit clients in a retirement village, nosey neighbors are pretty prevalent. Dress professionally and make efforts to appear as though you are conducting business when you visit. Remember that many of these clients may have physical limitations when it comes to intimacies that you are willing to provide. Take your time with them, and they will come back for more.
  5. Sporting events are great opportunities to find new clients. Even though women love sports, too, events such as the Super Bowl, NFR Finals Rodeo, Stanley Cup Series, World Series baseball games and professional golf majors are excellent locations to see LOTS of men in one location. Men are usually in the majority, and it’s a great way to rub elbows with some extremely wealthy ones if you’re willing to cough up the money for premium tickets. Additionally, attending these events puts you in the right spot at the right time to advertise your availability after or before the event. Men who are traveling for the event may be in town and lonely for a warm body. Market online, much like you would if you were touring, for clients associated with the activity. Being interested in the same event gives you common ground with a client, which may entice him to call you. However, realize that many big sporting events do draw in other professional escorts, so competition could be tough. That’s where your actual attendance at the event could garner you some additional contacts.
  6. Go where the prospective clients are; follow them to convention centers and expo centers while they are working. Executives and other professionals gather in large cities across the U.S. for business, and they are often looking for some entertainment after hours. Look for well-attended events, and create a presence for yourself during the expo periods or at the bar afterward. Visit social functions associated with the event. (If you arrive an hour or two into the event, conference staff is unlikely to check for your admittance pass.) Other spots to find eligible, prospective clients include the pool, spa, hotel lobby and fine restaurants onsite. In addition to business conferences, sci-fi and hobby-related gatherings could provide you with excellent prospects. Besides making contacts in person, utilize social media and online marketing to schedule appointments with conference attendees.
  7. Follow the money by attending high-end auctions. Automobile collectors, art connoisseurs and antiques fans will pay outrageous amounts of money for items they desire. Your presence at these events may give you the opportunity to hobnob with the extremely rich and seduce them with your wit, personality and intoxicating smile. The caveat to this practice is that it admission or membership to these sales or auction houses can be expensive. However, if you land an extremely well-off client, it will pay off in the end.
  8. High-end community charity events puts the men you want to attract as clients all in one room for you. Wealthy prospects often engage in community philanthropy, and meeting up with them face-to-face gives you an excellent opportunity to make a powerful impression. They can witness your social grace and sophistication, along with noticing your beauty, all at the same time. Opportunities to converse with wealthy attendees may open up doors for future communications, where you can encourage individuals to become clients. If you can’t afford the price of a ticket for an event, most organizations are looking for volunteers to help with related tasks.
  9. Country clubs that host social events and golf or tennis tournaments are prime spots to market your escort services to rich clients. Through innocent social interaction, you can build a foundation for further discussions about how a man can get to you know better by booking an encounter. Caution is suggested, though, when engaging in promoting yourself at such clubs. Discretion and subtlety is required at all costs. Never dress provocatively or act in any way that would suggest you lack ladylike class. Avoid unwanted attention and jealousy from other women by either flying under the radar or making friends with them.
  10. Politicians and their events are no strange bedfellows for the escort industry. Volunteering for or attending political rallies, fundraisers or other events can put you in the right place at the right time to not only attempt to promote your personal beliefs, but it can also put you in “touch” with perspective clients. Politicians are all about power and secrets; few can resist temptation and the lust for taboo sexual encounters. The news headlines prove that politicians are worthy targets for your sights; they feed on the adrenaline and thrill acquired from illicit rendezvous with others. In addition to being involved with the political activities, it may be enough to simply make yourself available during such events. Advertise online for clients, and you may have a long list of interested dates.
  11. Venturing out to wealthy neighborhoods may create interest from potential clients. Join a gym or a sports club that caters to the upper class, and you will gain access to well-to-do gentleman who may be great prospects for your client list. Shopping where they shop, drinking where they drink and eating at their favorite restaurants puts you in their sight, which can create situations that call for conversations that could lead to something more. Discretion is still key, but it’s possible to ease into discussions that include reasons for getting to know each other better.
  12. Luxury hunting lodges offer potential for meeting up with wealthy clients. If you’re an outdoorsy girl who isn’t afraid of getting a little dirty, a trip to Montana, Canada, Texas or Alaska could be beneficial to your career. Hunting trips taken by extremely rich men are usually getaways with “the guys”. And, as boys will be boys, they are easily taken with a pretty face, especially one who is available at the hunting resort they are staying at. Upscale hunting lodges are hardly rustic; they offer five-star dining, pools, gyms and other amenities that elevate them to resort levels. Your stay at such a lodge can be extremely relaxing and enjoyable, in addition to drawing in some business traffic, too. Be sure to attend all social events you can at the lodge, and dine out and drink at the bar regularly. Publicize your availability online; you never know what wealthy client in the area might take advantage of the services of an escort who is comfortable in the wilderness.
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