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13 reasons for all escorts to seek professional mental health counseling

Nobody is insinuating that you are crazy if they suggest you seek some help from a professional mental health counselor. Many individuals regularly benefit from the expert insight available from therapists, counselors, psychologists and other mental health providers. In fact, 27% (59 million) of Americans receive treatment each year, according to Psychology Today. The societal stigma that was previously attached to receiving mental health treatment is no longer prevalent today, so escorts (and others) who feel the pressures of life should not hesitate to visit clinicians for advice or input.
However, despite the public taboo being gone for years, over 24 million Americans who need treatment fail to get it. Escorts find themselves living extremely stressful lifestyles. As a result, they attempt to deal with their personal issues, anxiety and dilemmas on their own, when assistance from someone else could be extremely helpful. Consider the various reasons you should seek professional mental health counseling:

  1. Escorts need someone to vent to. Psychologists and other mental health professionals respect the need for their clients to “vent”. While others may consider it complaining or ranting, professionals in the mental health field feel that being able to unload your troubles, concerns and dissatisfactions onto another person is extremely liberating. It’s emotional cleansing, of a sort. Escorts who live privately within their own existences in the escort industry don’t have anyone they can fully bear their souls to. If they want to gripe about an inconsiderate client or being tired from engaging in too much physical intimacy during encounters, they have to veil their complaints so that they don’t give away their secrets to the listener. Worrying as much about revealing their discreet lifestyles as they are the issues they are dealing with doesn’t help relieve pressure when escorts do talk with someone else about their worries or troubles. Mental health counselors can simply provide a sounding board for escorts to use to discuss what’s on their minds. It’s a free, open time that they can complain about family, friends, clients or even their landlord, if they choose. No rules nor social niceties have to be observed about their emotions or feelings; they are free to express themselves openly without limitations.
  2. Many escorts have a fear of intimacy, which should be addressed to avoid future loneliness and depression. A fear of intimacy is often the result of trauma, abuse or past relationship problems. However, it can be a product of mistrust, learned early in life through teachings or experiences. Basically, anyone who has a fear of intimacy lacks the abilities to form meaningful relationships with others. Physical and emotional relationships are often impacted, causing escorts to never fully bond or connect in a significant manner with anyone. Many escorts suffer from this fear, feeling they become extremely vulnerable if they open up too much to others. Additionally, they begin to become so immersed into their escorting careers that it becomes difficult to separate their superficial interactions with clients with genuine ones they reserve for people in their private lives. If they cannot relate to others, their lives become quite lonely and escorts feel even more isolated than ever before. Escorts who have a fear of intimacy can benefit greatly from the help of a mental health professional, eventually being able to open themselves up more fully to others.
  3. Trust issues are huge concerns for escorts. And, while anyone may have problems trusting others due to life experiences, escorts have examples before them every day that demonstrate how untrustworthy people can be. Clients who lie about their identities, set up encounters and fail to arrive for them and don’t follow through on promises or agreements are prime cases in point for why escorts have trust issues. And, then, factor in that many clients are married or involved with significant others as partners, lying to each of them in order to spend time with an escort. It’s really no surprise that an escort may have hesitations when it concerns trusting others and their intentions. Perhaps, being taken advantage of, lied to, cheated on or hurt by people whom they trusted have caused escorts to have difficulties having faith in others. Good therapists can help escorts realize that not everyone is dishonest. Through discussions and exploration about the root causes of an escort’s distrust, a mental health provider can suggest ways that small baby steps toward deeper trust and understanding of others can be implemented.
  4. Self-worth and image problems are prevalent reasons to seek mental health counseling. Even though escorts may receive ample praise and compliments from clients, they may still feel that they lack love and appreciation from others whose opinions matter to them. Knowing that clients usually compliment them on superficial things (such as their appearance or bodies), escorts begin to question whether they have worth beyond what they can physically offer to others. Furthermore, the public’s stereotypical judgment of escorts doesn’t help to enhance an escort’s self-esteem, either. As society judges escorts harshly for being “whores” who have no morals, it’s easy for escorts to begin to think the same of themselves. When you start to feel this way, it’s time to book some time on the psychologist couch for true insight to the wonderful things that make you “you”. You can gain direction by carefully-led discussions that will help you identify good things about yourself that you can be proud of. For instance, a counselor may point out that you are generous, smart, kind and funny, helping you to observe these qualities in yourself. Just a few sessions may be all it takes to open your eyes up and accept your good traits.
  5. Escorts’ family relationships are impacted through career choices. Once your family discovers that you’re an escort, dysfunction may ensure. Estrangement, criticism, judgment and disappointment may be results of your secret profession coming to light with your family members. If negative interactions are causing problems for you with your family, it may help to seek counseling. A therapist can help you to see the situation through your family’s eyes and provide ways you can cope with their actions and words. While it’s never acceptable to allow others to degrade or judge you, acceptance of family beliefs or attitudes may be necessary in order to move on. Or, a psychologist may be able to help you finesse the crazy dynamics of your family in order to make situations more livable and enjoyable, again.
  6. Abuse, assault or other violence against an escort can create mental health issues that should be treated by a trained professional. Even though escorts don’t like to admit the possibility of being the victim of violence or abuse through their work in the industry, it is a real possibility. And, many escorts are the target of harmful acts at the hands of clients. Any escort who has been attacked or hurt may need some reassurance and counseling in order to heal and recover from the incident. Crime victims often need to be told, repeatedly, that their attack was not their fault and that they are not to blame. Mental health providers can give the skilled insight and assistance needed to recover from debilitating situations and move past them.
  7. Many escorts experience depression, which is treatable through mental health assistance. According to WebMD. com, cognitive behavior therapy is extremely beneficial when treating depression, which affects at least 19 million Americans annually. With the crazy lifestyles and demanding schedules that escorts maintain, it’s no great surprise that many of them are depressed or experience symptoms of the disorder. Other factors including societal judgment, family dysfunction and self-worth opinions factor heavily into how and why an escort might become depressed. If you suspect that you might be depressed, consult a psychologist or clinic soon. In addition to therapies that can help you overcome your extreme sadness, clinicians may be able to prescribe medications that will help regulate your moods, creating a brighter lifestyle for you and those around you.
  8. Substance addiction becomes a problem for some escorts and may require mental health counseling to overcome. Even though it’s not a prevalent problem for escorts in the industry, substance addiction can happen to anyone. Whether too many prescription painkillers become a problem or the wine goes down too fast and too often, escorts need to be able to realize they have problems before they escalate to the point of ruining their careers. If you notice that you are missing encounters, failing to communicate with clients or have to get a “fix” in order to visit with your clients, it’s time to seek professional health. Mental health providers can give you the counseling you need to get past your habits and seek healthier alternatives. Additionally, they can help you get to the underlying symptoms that caused you to turn to the substance in the first place.
  9. Escorts experience significant stress on the job, resulting in anxiety in their private lives. Anxiety in extreme amounts is never good. When it starts affecting your private life, it’s time to seek some professional help in order to reduce it. As an escort, you are expected to be many things. And, client expectations vary across the board: one client may want you to be sweet, while another asks you to be salty. Some want a bad girl, while others want an escort they can pamper. It’s demanding to attempt to be all of these people for your clients. Additionally, the schedules you keep as an escort can be taxing on your body, resulting in your emotions running on high all of the time. The work you do with clients is physically demanding, making you tired and stressed, too. As a result, you juggle a lot of pressure, which can result in the need for some mental health counseling from time to time in order to balance it all out. Setting priorities, putting things into perspective and managing your time can be things that a mental health provider can help you with.
  10. An escort’s personal romantic relationships often suffer from the career. When the career becomes too much for your relationship with your significant other, it might be time to resort to couples counseling. Even though this could be something that anyone (industry-related or not) could seek out, it is especially recommended for escorts, because the type of lifestyle you lead is not traditionally conducive to maintaining consistent, long-term relationships. Typical marriages rely on monogamy in order to sustain. When you’re an escort, sexual monogamy is not usually an option, although your partner may wish it were. Several issues may evolve that challenge your relationship in ways that more conservative careers do not. It’s sometimes best to engage non-biased professionals in helping you and your partner sort emotions and obstacles out in order to succeed in your romantic endeavors.
  11. Your identity as a person is sometimes challenged when you’re an escort. Many escorts need reminding, from time to time, that their stilettos and fishnets are only their costumes for their jobs and not links to who they really are on the inside. Being forced to create a marketable image for your career sometimes influences how you think about yourself as a person. Confusing the “real” you with your professional persona is something that happens frequently among escorts. And, with society’s views about escorts being constantly stereotypical and negative, it’s easy to self-identify with those impressions, if you’re not careful. As a result, meeting up with a counselor from time to time may help keep you grounded and in touch with who you are when you’re not playing dress up for work.
  12. With over 25% of the U.S. population in mental health treatment for various issues, it’s not surprising that an escort would have concerns in her own life that call for a therapist

    And as if the pressures of your work aren’t enough, escorts have lives that create stress and issues, too. Ailing parents, failed friendships, financial issues, life disappointments and other things can cause people to seek out the input of a psychologist. Even if you just need a visit or two to clear your head about an issue at hand, meeting with a mental health professional may be all it takes to fix your insight about a problem.

  13. Physical health impacts may create the need for mental health counseling. If your stress and concern over issues in your life begin to manifest themselves with physical health problems, it’s a sure sign that you need to reduce your stress. Escorts who begin to experience high blood pressure, headaches, weight gain or loss and ulcers may be internalizing too much stress and worry. If you begin to feel ill physically as a result of your problems, consult with a counselor in attempts to reduce your load. Even if he or she can’t solve your issues, knowing that someone listens may be enough to lessen your burdens.

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