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How to escort a female client?

Even though the escort industry is predominantly geared to serve male clients, female ones do exist and book encounters. Most escorts don’t frequently receive calls or emails from women, but if they do, they expect an encounter that is much different than those they provide to their male clients.
Often, escorts haven’t even thought about entertaining a female client, but when the opportunity arises, they are intrigued enough to explore the adventure.
However, when you offer services to female clients, you should be aware that you may have to implement different methods to satisfy her during an encounter.

  1. Think about what you like and offer it to her. Even though all women are different, the anatomy is somewhat similar and the parts work the same…to an extent. You know what you like. Chances are that she will like some variation of the same treatment. Whether it’s having your breasts stroked, shoulders rubbed or some other intimate touching, include it in your efforts to enhance her experience.
  2. Use protection with your female client. Even though you’re not actually having penetrative intercourse with her, there is still a need to use protection to avoid potential spread of STDs or other infections and bacteria. Anytime that bodily fluids are exchanged, there is a chance of transmission. Utilize dental dams when administering or receiving oral pleasure, and use finger cots when touching your client’s genitals. These two items of protection may not be readily available at your local pharmacy (depending on where you live), but you can easily acquire them online from various vendors. Even though many escorts provide unprotected services to female clients, it’s not wise and creates risks that you don’t have to take. Implement the same policies regarding protection with your female clients as you do your male ones.
  3. Foreplay is a prominent feature of an encounter with a woman. One of the biggest complaints women have about intercourse with men is that foreplay is never long enough to adequately arouse them and bring them to a point where climax during penetration is easily reachable. Keep this in mind when you are becoming intimate with your female client. Don’t attempt to rush through the beginning stages of your encounter with her. Give her plenty of time to get warmed up, with lots of slow, sensual touching and talking. Just like you hate it when a client grabs immediately for your breasts or genital region, avoid doing the same for her. Gradually build up to more intimate exploration through slow caresses through the clothing and gentle teasing underneath.
  4. Offer to use toys. Often, to get the full effect of pleasure, toys are essential during a female-female encounter. Dildos, vibrators and other items can enhance the experience through simulation of penetration, along with other clitoral stimulation. Allow your client to bring her own bag of goodies, if she prefers, or bring out your stash that you use with clients. And, as always, sterilize and clean them properly after using with her. Do not use any toy on yourself after she has used it, as that’s a way to spread disease or bacteria. And, just as with a male client, do not allow any device to penetrate the anal region and then be put inside the vagina; bacteria can cause serious infections and discomfort.
  5. Use conversation to create passion. Women respond to mental images created through words. Describe a scenario that is both sensual and arousing. If creating an imaginary story in your head doesn’t work for you, attempt to say in detail to your client what you are going to do to her and how it makes you feel. Stress your arousal and excitement. Emphasize that it makes you close to climax just thinking about it. Because women’s arousal is dependent on mental images, in addition to physical sensations, this step is essential in order to achieve maximum excitement. Most women will respond well to conversation that is more soft-core porn version. However, others may prefer a more direct type of language through x-rated dirty talk. Talk to your client to find out what she likes better, and if she likes it a little on the grittier side, prepare to roll out the more explicit version.
  6. Expect a more sensual experience. Many male clients who are eager to book an encounter are excited about an opportunity for physical, intense intercourse. They like deep, impactful penetration and intimate acts that may include rough thrusting and fast sex. However, when you meet up with a female client, that is rarely what she is looking for from another woman. If she wants rough intercourse, she can engage in that with a man. But, a softer, gentler kind of experience is often more difficult to find. Your female client may be seeking an adventure that explores a slower, more intense way of arousal and climax. She, of course, will appreciate passion, but expect to engage her in ways that heighten her senses and bring her to orgasm slowly, but with the intensity gained from the gradual build up of excitement.
  7. Female clients may experience multiple climaxes during an encounter. Male clients are usually limited to one or two orgasms during an intense encounter, due to the refractory period that stops them from getting an erection immediately after they experience release. Unless you have extremely lengthy encounters with them, most men cannot achieve more than two orgasms per booking. However, women do not have recovery periods after their climaxes. In fact, after a woman experiences orgasm once, her potential to have repeated climaxes is increased due to her heightened sensitivity. During one encounter, it is likely that your female client may experience several instances of physical release and pleasure. However, you must be careful to avoid over stimulating her. It’s common for a woman’s vaginal and clitoral areas to be extremely sensitive after orgasm, to the point that any physical contact is uncomfortable for a few minutes.
  8. Atmosphere is more important for female clients than males. Although your male clients certainly appreciate your efforts to consider all of the smaller details that help make their encounters feel complete, most don’t really care whether you have candles lit and soft music playing or not, when it really comes down to it. They can become aroused easily without the aid of these elements in their surroundings. They are more focused on you when you come out in your lingerie than how the comforter feels or whether they hear the train outside. But, female clients are different. The way they feel when they enter your incall is based on their senses. Pay attention to how your incall smells, what sounds you can hear and the view you get as you enter. Create the most appealing version of your incall that you can, adding a flair of seduction with a musky scent, candles, sultry music and anything else you think might entice your client.
  9. Realize that a female client may require a longer warm-up period. Even with your most awkward clients, after a few minutes of small talk, they are ready to proceed with something a bit more intimate. However, women respond differently and may need a bit more time to adjust to the situation. Give her plenty of space and allow her to make the first move (unless settled differently ahead of time), thus providing her a chance to get comfortable with you. Your small talk subjects may have to vary a bit, ranging from issues other than sports or the weather. Consider commenting on her attire or hair, or discussing previous experiences with women. Definitely take her lead and converse about whatever she wants to, but always be focused on making her feel appreciated.
  10. Expect to make more of a connection with a female client. Even though most of your encounters are based on making a connection with your client, an experience with a woman is much more bonding than those with men, simply because of the truly intimate nature of the physical acts you may share. Women also tend to talk more, so it’s very possible you may get to know her better than you do your male clients. Women share their feelings, emotions, thoughts and concerns, while men often discuss issues and topics, such as sports headlines or current events. As a result, you may feel much more connected to your female clients than your male ones, because you get glimpses into what makes them tick and how they think. Use this connection to enhance your encounters with your female clients. Even though you can never be expected to read minds, use the knowledge you’ve gained through discussions to customize encounters that might be more appealing or exciting to your client, personally.
  11. Communication while booking the encounter is probably going to be better with a female client. Male clients are often men of few words. They attempt to get the encounter booked using as few of words as possible. They don’t usually like to talk on the phone (unless they are timewasters), and their emails are often short and sweet. Women, however, are known for being better communicators. They express themselves more fully and may explain their expectations of the encounter more understandably, so that both of you are on the same page. They are clear with details, such as location and time. And, they are excellent planners. (Men often are not.) The booking process is typically more seamless and complete with female clients, which is a nice change. (Of course, this is generalizing men, and there are many exceptions to this rule.)
  12. You must be more cautious about what you say to female clients. Escorts who see female clients regularly will attest to the fact that women take things to heart more easily. It’s easy to make an innocent comment about someone’s weight, appearance or other traits that indirectly insults a client. If you talk about someone being fat, your client may take offense and think that you believe she is, too. She is much more sensitive to the things you don’t say than your male clients. She notices if you don’t tell her she looks nice and will think that you don’t like her appearance. She will remember that you didn’t thank her for the encounter, and may not return to you as a result. You have to be very clear about what you, thinking ahead of time about how you say things. Despite women being better communicators, they are also pettier and more tender-hearted, making them susceptible to misunderstandings easily.
  13. Many female clients want to experiment. Some women are eager to explore their bisexual sides, but they have never found a good opportunity to do it. These kinds of women end up calling an escort with the hopes that they can learn about their desires in a non-judgmental environment, with no strings attached. Plus, they don’t have to worry about anyone else finding out. Many are completely inexperienced, except for maybe a drunken kiss with another girl in college (or maybe not even that). It will be up to you to teach her a few things. Most female clients who as far as to hire an escort become fully engaged during an encounter, finding it satisfying and exciting. However, others may decide it’s not for them and leave part way through. Either way, it’s important to be understanding and encouraging, never pressuring.
  14. Ultimately, male and female clients hire escorts for exactly the same reasons. Convenience, no strings and sexual pleasure top the lists for why escorts receive calls from both male and female clients. So, even though the methods you use and the communications you have with female clients may differ, the ultimate goals of the booking are the same. Your job is to discuss with the client his or her expectations, attempt to pleasure them, make them know they are appreciated, create a welcoming and understanding environment and ensure they leave happy. The acts you perform may be different, but your services should still be client-focused and driven by your desire to perform the best you can as an escort. Male and female clients may have varying ways of reaching satisfaction, but your job doesn’t change based on gender.
  15. Avoid booking female clients if you are uncomfortable with the prospect. Some escorts are not interested in intimate acts with other women. If you find the thought of being with another woman to be less than arousing, don’t accept these kinds of bookings. It won’t work out and you will gain negative reviews. Stick to what you’re comfortable with.

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