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Escort’s guide to dealing with clients who use legal stimulants

Across the United States, use of legal stimulants is spreading quickly. In a society where people are trained to always seek out sensations, it’s no surprise that stimulant use reaches all classes and demographic groups—including your clients.
Aside from coffee and tobacco, clients who use (and often abuse) legal stimulants are taking huge risks with their health and venturing into territory that may cause them to act in ways that are unbecoming to their characters.
Many escorts get requests from clients to be allowed to take legal stimulants prior to or during their encounters to enhance the experience. But, as an escort, the choice is entirely up to whether you allow this behavior or not. Legal stimulants may vary in many ways. They can be prescription drugs that are legally and regularly used by a client to fight ADHD or other health conditions. However, some people abuse others’ prescriptions in search of their own highs. Additionally, chemical substances are sold online and throughout the country that are labeled to discourage human consumption, despite their actual purposes as drugs.
For instance, bath salts (currently illegal) were sold at convenience stores for years, and were highly addictive and high-inducing with erratic effects. Others that have recently been banned, but were legally sold as commercial products, include: Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky, Bliss, Meow Meow and 5-IT. As research is conducted on various new products, legislation tries to keep up with the most recent developments by banning them from store shelves and illegalizing them. However, just as soon as drugs are banned, new formulas pop up with similar chemical compositions and effects.
Use these tips for dealing with clients who request your permission to use legal stimulants while they are with you:

  1. Refer to your zero tolerance policy on drugs. Inform your client that you feel these forms of drugs do not create behaviors you are willing to accommodate during an encounter. Discuss the fact that you are against the use of any form of drugs, except for any that are medically necessary. Tell him that recreational drug use is simply not acceptable to you, and that you have the right to refuse service at any time, for any reason. It’s important to stress to him that you mean what you say and will not see clients who insist on using the drugs, despite your warnings. Be firm and clear as you talk to your client about this. He may be just feeling you out to determine what your stance is, just wondering if he could experiment with the sensation with you. Don’t yell at a client for the request; he may only be curious. However, don’t be wishy-washy, either. This may give a client encouragement that you don’t really mean what you say.
  2. Know the signs of stimulant use. Escorts should always be able to recognize the obvious signs of drug use so she can make an informed decision about staying with or leaving a client she suspects is under the influence. Most users of legal stimulants experience increased heart rates, higher body temperatures, talkativeness and dilated pupils. They may act erratically or be unable to stay focused on one thought or task for very long. They change the subject rapidly during conversation, and they can’t sit still. Depending on how the client took the drug, signs may differ. If a client orally ingested pills, effects may be more gradual and show up slowly. However, if he snorted the drug, his symptoms may be immediate and demonstrate an automatic change in personality. Sometimes, paranoia, delusions and unexplained euphoria are a part of the user’s experience. Most clients will want to use stimulants, because sexual pleasure is typically enhanced through heightened sensitivities caused by the drugs.
  3. Tell a client to leave if he appears to be under the influence, despite your warnings. If a client shows up at your incall, obviously affected by some sort of drugs, refuse to let him in and make him leave. Unless your client is incredibly high, he will probably accept what you tell him and go. However, be aware that some clients will act erratically. Feel the situation out as you encourage him to come back another time. Perhaps, it might even be better to tell him that he has the wrong time or date, in case he becomes agitated at your refusal to let him come in. Another excuse you could use to get him to leave is that you are very ill with the flu or some other condition. Regardless of the situation, you need to take efforts to get him to leave. If you’ve made excuses to encourage him to go, be sure to contact him at a later date and inform him of the real reason you turned him away, maybe even going as far as telling him you are blocking him as a client. If you’ve warned him that you don’t accept the use of legal stimulants, you have every right to turn him away in the future.
  4. Ask for information about the kind of drugs your client wants to use. Some clients simply want to take a few herbal pills that contain ginseng or caffeine. Others, though, want to inhale aerosol substances or snort crushed up tablets of some other form. Get details about the type of drug your client intends to take and research it online. It might even be worth looking up its legal status, in addition to side effects. Many drugs are being outlawed every day, with new versions with tweaked chemical compositions showing up. Find out what your client is talking about before making a final decision. Some more conservative clients may simply want to take something that will only have slight effects similar to those of an energy drink or cup of coffee. By creating a blanket policy, you may be outlawing substances that won’t cause any significant effects on the encounter or result in any threatening behaviors.
  5. Know that legal stimulants can cause erratic and violent behavior. Throughout the news and media, many stories have been shared about murders and assaults being committed while the perpetrator was high on legal stimulants of varying kinds. Because some of them create feelings of aggression, agitation and paranoia, users of these drugs may act in ways they feel are defensive or appropriate for the situations in their delusions or hallucinations. If you decide to allow a client to indulge in any of form of drugs, including legal stimulants, during your encounter with him, make sure you have security in place in case of a situation gone awry. Security must be on-site and not just available by phone. If a client becomes angered and begins acting out, you may need immediate assistance to subdue him or eject him from your incall. If you are venturing to an outcall with a client who is using, your security partner should be within earshot of your at all times. Even though your client may be mild-mannered normally, drugs can vastly change a person’s characteristics. Escorts should always use a security partner, but failing to have one in these instances is asking for trouble.
  6. Get your money before allowing your client to take the stimulant. If you’ve decided that you’re going to go along with your client’s request, it’s wise to ensure you get payment before the drug starts to take effect. You never know exactly how your client will act afterward, so it’s best to get paid while he is still sober. All escorts should implement the practice of collecting their fees up front, but relationships with regular clients can sometimes cause the rate exchange to get a bit lax. As the stimulant’s sensations begin to take effect on your client, you may notice extreme or subtle changes in his demeanor. He may try to persuade you to take more money or attempt to get a refund on his gift to you. You should never take advantage of your sober while he is under the influence, and you do not have to administer a refund to your client when he is high, either.
  7. Limit the amount of the drug your client takes. Allowing your client to indulge in a drug while you are with him is a risk, but you may be able to control it to an extent by controlling the amount taken. Tell your client that you will only agree to the encounter with him if he compromises and only uses a small dose of the drug. Do your research on the drug ahead of time so you know what a typical dose should be; a dose should provide slight effects from the drug, but limit the extent of the high to a reasonable, manageable level. Anything more than that is unacceptable and you can tell your client that, too. Escorts sometimes allow their clients to drink alcohol during encounters, as long as they do not become drunk. This limitation is much similar and should be agreeable to your client.
  8. Avoid giving your client a chance to use the drug if you’ve denied the request. If you suspect that a client is going to use the drug at his first opportunity with you, despite your prohibition of the drug, do your best to avoid giving him an opportunity to get by with it. Don’t leave him alone for even a minute. If he requests to use the restroom, get him undressed first and don’t allow him to take anything in with him. Refuse to be misdirected to the other room for even a moment, which might give him a chance to snort a quick line or pop a pill. Escorts who catch their clients using drugs during an encounter, despite their warnings, have the right to call the encounter off then and there and refuse any further time with the client. However, if you are able to avoid leaving your client alone, you may avoid this issue altogether.
  9. Arrive at an outcall early so your client won’t have a chance to use before you get there. Many clients plan to get high immediately before their escort arrives. Botch his plan by getting there a few minutes early. If he knows you are against the stimulant use, he won’t do the drug in front of you. And, he may be intimidated enough, he will feel prohibited from using it while you are there. Nipping his behavior in the bud may be the best way to avoid any issues over the drug’s use.
  10. Suggest that the client find a new escort. After a frank discussion about legal stimulants and your attitudes against them, it’s reasonable to recommend that your client find a different escort to book if he chooses to use drugs. Although he may feel that he is not breaking the law, the use of the stimulants is against your personal policies. Referring him down the road is the best thing you can do for yourself if you don’t want added drama in your professional life. Otherwise, you will always wonder if a determined client is going to use during an encounter with you. Some clients only want to try it out, so it’s perfectly acceptable to refer him temporarily and take him back on when he wants sober encounters.
  11. Inform your client of the risks of legal stimulants. Excluding nicotine and caffeine, many legal stimulants have severe health effects that are not even fully researched. The once-legal bath salts proved to be more addictive than meth and cause extreme brain damage with short-term use. Other possible health risks include heart attack, coma, stroke, seizure and long-term organ issues. Use of aerosol inhalants may cause lung issues for a user’s entire life, in addition to other problems. Although a client may experience heightened sexual arousal or euphoria as a result of the use of the drug, tell him that he could end up dead on your bathroom floor, too, if he overdoses on it or it interacts negatively with other prescription drugs he uses or health conditions he has. It’s realistic to tell him you don’t want to deal with the possible health complications that could occur during the encounter if his body reacts negatively to the drugs.
  12. Realize that there are many legal issues surrounding so-called legal stimulants. Many are on a watch list or have recently been banned by the federal government. Possession of these substances warrant incarceration, along with other punishments if conviction occurs. Seeing a client who brings these drugs into your incall or visiting with him in an outcall with these present can seriously implicate you if law enforcement were to become involved. While some drugs are still available legally, others are being put on restricted lists daily, as new research provides information about their safety.

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