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7 tips for interviewing a prospective escort agency employee

If you are ready to start an escort agency or already running one, you will need to prepare interview questions to ask prospective escort employees. Using the correct interview and pre-interview questions can help you to pick quality escorts to join your business.

It’s not just rejecting the good candidates that kills a business, but also hiring the bad ones.

  1. Before meeting in person, it’s important to run a mini-interview over the telephone. Here are some questions to ask:
    • “Have you ever worked as an escort previously?” Interviewees who have no experience within the escorting industry may not be good prospective escorts for your business, unless you have enough patience. While an interviewee might be teachable, it takes extra time and attention to mentor a young, inexperienced escort. If an interviewee has no experience, politely inform the caller that you require previous experience as an escort. If the caller has experience, find out where, when and for how long. Also, ask the caller why he or she is no longer working as an escort.
    • “Why do you think you want to work for my agency?” Ask the caller how they found out about your agency, what he or she knows about it and why he or she thinks it would be a positive experience to work for you. You will find out if your caller has done his or her homework by checking out your website or ads, in addition to discovering if the escort is simply calling everyone in the yellow pages looking for “easy” work.
    • “What hours and days are you available?” Any escort who tells you he or she is available 24 hours per day/seven days a week won’t be. Nobody is available that much. Any caller who tells you that she or he can’t work after 9pm is not someone you want to hire, either. Many of your appointments will occur after 9pm on a regular basis. If the caller indicates she or he will be available a few nights per week for the majority of the evening, in addition to some daytime slots, it might be a good idea to consider meeting with him or her.
    • “Describe yourself.” Request the caller to describe his or her physical characteristics. Ask for age information, weight and height statistics, measurements and hair color/style. Request the caller to email or text you a photo of him or herself in appropriate escort attire. (This does not mean in lingerie or in the buff.) Any caller who describes herself as the Big Beautiful Woman type should be stopped right there. While there is a market for the BBW type, it is not a prevalent market that you will want to hire for. If the caller indicates he or she is height/weight proportionate, that is what you are looking for. Additionally, the caller should be over the age of 21 for you to consider him or her seriously: they simply haven’t lived long enough. Escorts who are over 21 have more experience and, often, a better handle on things.
    • If the answers to these questions are satisfactory, ask to meet with the caller for an in-person interview. Request the caller to dress as though he or she is meeting a client for dinner and schedule your interview in the evening at a local coffee shop.
  2. Start the interview with small talk. Each escort you hire must be a competent small talker. The art of small talk, along with many other things, is essential to the success of an escort. He or she must be able to put clients at ease through small talk. If your interviewee is not good at general conversation, politely end the interview and explain to the person that he or she isn’t a good fit for your agency.
  3. During the interview, ask why he or she wants to work as an escort. If anything at all in their answers doesn’t sound right, gut feeling is enough: this person shouldn’t work in your escort agency. Don’t give it a second thought, trust yourselfEscorting is hard, emotionally challenging work, and your potential escort should realize this. Hiring someone who is unaware of the level of commitment and difficulty associated with escorting may mean that he or she won’t work for you very long.
  4. Ask to see the interviewee’s Social Security card and driver’s license. It’s important to know that you are working with someone who is being honest about his or her identity to you. You cannot work with someone who is working under a false identity.
  5. Ask the interviewee to share with you how he or she handles stress, embarrassing situations and uncomfortable settings.
  6. Ask them about their worst failure. This will (a) give you an idea about their life experience and (b) show you how honest and determined they are to work for you.
  7. Ask them about their best moment for the same reasons as the previous question, as well as to neutralize the effect of forcing them to re-live bad memories.

It doesn’t really matter what they say. What matters is your reaction. You are not hiring a Ph.D. in rocket surgery—all you need is an honest, nice, smart, and good looking person. If you want your interview to last beyond schedule, hire them.

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