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What are the 12 justifiable reasons for an escort to stop seeing a client?

Typically, when an escort has a client she considers a loyal regular, she nurtures the relationship with him in order to keep it strong and intact. However, from time to time, it becomes necessary to “break up” with that client for specific reasons. Basic escort logic denies the concept of wanting to sever contact with a consistent client you’ve seen several times.
However, there are justifiable arguments for wanting to cut an existing client from your list of current customers. Also, keep in mind that nobody else has to approve your decisions for letting a client go; you are an independent escort and may see clients base on your own preferences and choices.
You may choose to never see a client again for simple reasons such as you don’t like the way he smells, he kisses roughly or he reminds you of your seventh grade science teacher. But, in addition to these personal reasons that you may decide against seeing a client, there are some universal justifications that all escorts may identify with when examining their client lists:

  1. Get rid of clients who haggle with you about your rates. Anytime that you and a client disagree about what your time with him is actually worth, he demonstrates his lack of respect for your professionalism and personal value. After repeated encounters, he should realize that your fee is standard and is not likely to be discounted. If he continually attempts to negotiate with you to get a bargain or a freebie, you should feel completely validated in cutting him loose. Some escorts don’t even tolerate a client who attempts to get a cheaper rate during the first encounter; they certainly won’t continue to see a client who makes a deal of it each and every time. In addition to the client who tries to get a cheap visit, there are others who don’t transition well to a rate increase. As escorts improve and become more experienced, they often raise their fees to reflect their better statuses. Any client who won’t accept your new rates (especially after being gradually worked into the new rates) isn’t a client you need. Give this client one more chance to forego the haggling bit before cutting him off.
  2. Clients who become increasingly needy can be removed from your client list. In the beginning, it’s fairly standard for a new client to ask lots of questions and require some gentle reassurance about encounters with you. But, after a few successful meetings, your client should get the gist of how the process works and require less attention and coddling from you. Some clients don’t know when to back off, though. They assume they deserve even more attention as your relationship with them progresses over time. While this would be natural in a dating relationship, it’s inconvenient and excessive when you’re simply his escort. If after addressing his neediness and constant attempts for your affections during non-encounter times he doesn’t change his ways, you should consider breaking up with him. No escort has time to provide small talk and friendly commentary to a client on a consistent basis when scheduling an encounter is not involved. For that matter, any client who regularly makes up excuses about scheduling questions or inquiries about the encounter should be limited to little communication. Clients don’t need your attention regularly when a booking is not involved. Removing this type of client from your list will enable you more time to focus on other important aspects of your career.
  3. Refer your client to another escort if you change your niche. As you progress in your career, your personal style and preferences may change. Often, escorts may identify certain niches they want to explore or expand into as they work as a basic escort. When you decide it’s time for you to direct your attention to different types of clients, your previous ones may no longer fit the demographic you are hoping to attract or service. Additionally, when you adapt your niche, you will probably alter the way you look, too. This may directly affect how your current clients are attracted to you. When you have a client who doesn’t want to accept your new look, it may be time to refer him to an escort who fits his desires better than you do at the present time with your new image. For instance, when an escort chooses to go Goth or get several tattoos, her appearance is no longer that of the squeaky clean girl next door. If your client only wants you to show up to encounters looking like your old self, he may be ready to move on to another escort. Sending him along his way is the best thing you can do for both of you. Part amicably and wish him luck with the new escort.
  4. Clients who exhibit negative changes in their personalities should be removed from your regulars. Clients lead real lives with crises and drama, just like escorts do. Sometimes, when a client experiences a significant life-changing situation, his personality may change. A client may realize that life is short and start acting the way he pleases, instead of the way he should. Or, he may become bitter and angry at the world, allowing that to taint his behavior. Regardless of what the motivating factors are to his negative behavior adaptations, you don’t have to put up with it. If he’s recently become hateful or demeaning, get rid of him from your client list. Clients may become increasingly violent, if they are seeming angrier and less satisfied with life. Often, big personality changes predict other more serious problems in the future, such as criminal actions, addictions or other unacceptable acts. Escorts should cut ties with clients who seem to be morphing before their very eyes as a way to avoid inevitable trouble.
  5. Avoid future interactions with clients who continue to be abusive. In the beginning of your career, you may have overlooked behaviors that are simply not acceptable to you now. If a client had said things to you that you felt were verbally abusive, you may have made the excuse that you had to tolerate it, because you didn’t have enough clients to make up for him. Or, you may have put up with a client who physically pushed you around or became too rough during sexual activities, due to needing his business. As you become more successful and confident, the excuses you made previously for these kinds of clients no longer hold water. You can’t justify taking their ill treatment when you no longer need their business in order to survive. When you finally come to this conclusion, it’s essential to know that it’s never too late to deny a client. There may come a day that you’ve simply had enough of a client who always pushes you around or insists on telling you how worthless you are. You can stop seeing him at any time. Simply because you’ve allowed him to become a regular is no reason to allow him to treat you badly. Cease your relationship with him when you please.
  6. When clients take up habits you don’t approve of, you are justified in ending your relationships with them. Many escorts have started seeing clients who seemed perfectly nice and good in the beginning, only to learn later that they’ve developed a drug or alcohol addiction or changed their ways in other manners. A substance abuse problem may cause a client to start acting in various ways that completely differ from how he first presented himself to you. The meek, mild-mannered attorney may turn into a raging, ranting sex maniac when he’s high or strung out. An alcoholic may become angered quickly if he hasn’t had the drink or two he thinks he needs when he comes to an encounter. These habits can seriously change a client, and they present you with adequate grounds to terminate your relationships with them. In addition to habits that change their behaviors, some clients adjust their methods of living, too. A once clean, shaved client may experience a crisis in his life and resort to poor hygiene. He will appear for an encounter unshaven, dirty and smelly. If his behavior continues, you don’t have to keep booking him. Habits that completely alter your original impression of your client may cause you to determine you won’t see him any longer.
  7. Boundary pushers can be blocked at any time. Escorts may start out with a client who accepts her limitations and is willing to proceed with encounters despite the “fun” he is missing. However, as time progresses, this same client can become pushier about his “needs” and attempt to persuade you to participate in activities you have clearly prohibited. Over more bookings, he often becomes more aggressive with his attempts to encourage you to step past your boundaries. He may offer you more money, tips and gifts; some clients say they will give their business to other escorts or out you to your family or friends. Others may make more serious threats that involve your safety or well-being. After being continually pushed by a client, it’s common to desire to drop him from your list. And, if he threatens you, breaking things off with him is more than justifiable. In fact, it would question your sanity if you continued to see him for bookings.
  8. Escorts who reduce their level of business or numbers of clients will need to drop someone from their client lists. Some escorts find themselves in the position that they want to reduce the size of their client lists due to taking on full-time jobs, having children, meeting a new partner, health concerns or establishing more lucrative arrangements with a few clients. Regardless of your reasons, when you decide to shave your list, you’re going to have to break up with some of your clients. The clients who are given the boot may not understand why they are the ones chosen to be eliminated from your schedule, but that’s not your problem. You can set their feelings at ease, though, by letting them know you were scaling back and several clients were referred to other escorts. This can happen at any time, and it’s best to plan ahead when you start eliminating clients, choosing to do this all at once.
  9. Some clients must be eliminated when you gain better ones. Unless you want to expand your work schedule by a lot, it’s necessary to terminate your relationships with some clients when you obtain others to take their places. (The others are, obviously, preferable in some way: they pay more, are better looking or are more fun to be with.) But, it’s often difficult to break up with clients once you’ve established a consistent relationship with them. The best thing to do is to choose the clients you wish to remove from your clientele, before you do anything. Once you’ve chosen the clients who didn’t make the cut, tell them personally during your next encounter with them. It’s unfortunate that becoming more successful sometimes means saying goodbye to good clients, but it’s a choice that an escort has to make. More regulars may mean a an expanded work schedule, which is probably not what you’re working toward, unless you are in the beginning stages of your career.
  10. Eliminate clients who get on your nerves. For unexplained reasons, some clients are just annoying. The way they breathe while you’re performing oral sex may drive you crazy (and, not in a good way). Others may have other frustrating habits that become deal breakers at some point during your relationship with them. Even if a client is a great guy, otherwise, you have the right to avoid seeing clients who make you miserable when you are with them. It may not be a testimony about their ill character, but if they make you uncomfortable, stressed or unhappy for any reason, you don’t need to continue seeing them. Feel free to suggest that these clients find another escort next time.
  11. Escorts who decide to quit the industry will have to stop seeing their clients, even the ones they really like. Once you’ve made the decision to leave your career as an escort, it’s essential to cut all ties. It’s not fair to yourself to keep one or two clients, on the side, if your intention is to get out of the business, altogether. Even though you may feel it’s difficult to leave a few of your favorite clients, it’s necessary if you want to remove yourself from this career.
  12. Escorts who get too involved with clients should end their relationships with them. The most justifiable reason on the list to break up with current clients, it’s necessary for you to terminate relationships you have formed with clients where you have become emotionally attached or romantically involved. Unless you and your client are both serious about moving your relationship forward, it’s best to pretend that it never happened and remove yourself from the situation and temptation altogether. In most cases, the fairy-tale scenario where an escort is swept off her feet by a knight-in-shining armor client is just that: a fairy tale. It doesn’t happen like that. Pursuing the relationship usually spells disaster for both you and your client, so it’s best to nip things in the bud and send your client on his way.

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