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Which 15 practices can help escorts stay fit for a busy work schedule?

It’s common for escorts to work crazy hours in order to meet the demands of clients. Not only will they work long days in order to make encounters happen, but they may work late-night or all-night bookings for client satisfaction. By working an irregular schedule that affects sleep patterns, you let your hectic habits take a serious toll on your body and mind.
According to the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, 22 million Americans work evening, rotating or on-call shifts. Their irregular schedules often negatively affect their attention spans, concentration abilities, reaction times, memory capabilities and moods. But, there are several things you can do to counteract the ill effects of an escort schedule that evolves based on client availability:

  1. Maintain a healthy diet. Many people who work irregular schedules eat poorly and at odd times. Even if you have to adjust your normal meal times for your erratically booked encounters or life’s other obligations, attempt to maintain space between three to five regular meals each day. Your meals usually serve as time cues for your body’s rest clock, so it’s important to fuel up at semi-regular intervals. Ensure that you eat a balanced diet with healthy portions that include natural foods such as fruits, veggies and lean proteins. Try to incorporate low-fat options, and make sure you are hydrating with at least 64 oz. of water daily. Reduce your alcohol intake, because it can make it difficult to rest when your schedule finally allows it. Avoid junk and fast food choices, because they may cause your body to react sluggishly, especially over time. The fuel that you put into your body helps create the energy you need to go about your business with clients. Ensure that you are eating properly in order to keep up your energy and immune system.
  2. Get enough rest. Despite your crazy schedule, try to fit in at least eight continuous hours of sleep daily. Sleep experts from indicate that anytime the body begins to function on less sleep than eight hours per day, it malfunctions. All systems of the body are negatively impacted by lack of adequate sleep. And, the experts all agree that sleep patterns that include interrupted sleep shifts are not sufficient alternatives to a continuous eight-hour stretch of slumber. However, as an escort, it is sometimes necessary to resort to any method you can get to obtain a few extra zzz’s. In these cases, physicians concur that some sleep is better than none at all. However, experts who counsel rotating shift workers encourage people who know they will experience a change in their schedules to attempt to transition their sleep patterns ahead of time by altering the time they lay down for bed. By going to sleep an hour earlier, it’s possible to get up earlier, too. If enough time allows, doing this repeatedly for a night or two, gradually transitioning to a closer sleep schedule will ease your body’s reactions to the new patterns. Of course, if you anticipate only one or two nights where your patterns are affected, it’s best to simply get more sleep when you can ahead of time.
  3. Don’t allow interruptions. When you do get to lay your head down for some rest during a period of crazy encounters, prohibit others from disturbing you. Tell friends and family members you don’t want to be disturbed, set your phone to silent and tuck your laptop or tablet away from you so you’re not tempted to use it. Interruptions to your rest period may cause you to lose valuable time sleeping, for no good reason. Give yourself the best chance possible to succeed at an erratic sleep schedule.
  4. Utilizing sleep aids or stimulants should only be temporary solutions. If you’re anticipating a drastic shift in your schedule for a night or two with clients, you might consider using Lunesta, Ambien or Sonata (among other sleep aids) to help you fall asleep earlier and stay asleep as a means to rest up ahead of time. Use as a temporary solution is perfectly reasonable. However, relying on these sleep aids for long-term solutions is not good for your body, as it can become accustomed to this medicinal cue to go to sleep. Some physicians recommend melatonin, a natural hormone, as an over-the-counter option to induce sleepiness. It might be just enough extra help to fall asleep naturally during times that your schedule is irregular. Additionally, stimulants such as caffeine are great ways to jolt your body awake when you need to be alert. Caffeinated beverages and coffee are great ways to perk yourself up when you need a boost. Medicines including Nuvigil and Provigil are used when you need a little more “oomph” than coffee provides. However, it is unhealthy to rely on these medications consistently. Over time, they may have reduced effects, discourage sleep when you need it and cause difficulties trying to reset your body to normal rhythms.
  5. Take naps. Naps ranging from 60 to 90 minutes are the most effective for restoring alertness and helping to feel refreshed, according to a sleep study performed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Escorts who feel they are not getting adequate amounts of sleep to help them function with family and clients should consider sneaking in a power nap at some point in their schedule. Experts reveal that even if you don’t fall asleep, the down time you spend relaxing helps to recharge your body, restoring some energy. If you have late-night clients, try to slip in a few moments rest before or after seeing them. Little bits of extra sleep won’t take the place of an entire missed night of rest, but they will assist your body and its functions. Additionally, a nap restores a balance of hormones, increases digestion and improves your mental clarity. In fact, even if your schedule is fairly consistent and you get the requisite eight hours of sleep per night, a short daily nap may help you beat the afternoon’s doldrums that create heavy eyes and a tired mind.
  6. Reduce stress. If you know you’ve got a hectic schedule coming up, do what you can to reduce the complications affecting your daily activities. Pay bills, clear the air with family members and complete other tasks that you’ve left previously undone. Knowing that everything is taken care of the best that you can will help you focus better during your irregular schedule. Stress is an energy sucker that causes the body to worry and dwell on issues that may be difficult to fix while you’re extra busy. Even if you’ve got stress in your life that you can’t control, attempt to defer your thoughts to more positive concepts. Your body is tired and under additional pressure from your odd escorting schedule; do your best to life other concerns from your mind for the time being until things return to normal.
  7. Avoid scheduling late- or all-night bookings several nights in a row. Sleep experts indicate that adjusting your schedule for a night or two here and there where you lose sleep is acceptable and won’t cause damage to your body’s rhythms. However, if your schedule is affected for three or more nights consecutively, your sleep patterns and cognitive functions will be negatively affected. Keep this in mind as you book encounters with clients. Also, remember this as you schedule extended encounters, such as vacations with clients. You may be up later than usual many nights in a row, so this is also a change to your normal schedule. Don’t expect your body to react without symptoms of being tired.
  8. Irregular scheduling of late-night encounters should not include long commutes. Escorts who book clients into late-night slots should think about how far away the outcall is from them. When you book an outcall that is several miles from you, you run the risk of getting sleepy during your commute. Whether it’s time spent in the car as your driver transports you or time alone as you drive yourself, this span of time may allow you to become extremely sleepy. Driving yourself late at night for encounters may be dangerous, because your reaction times are decreased and your alertness is diminished. You could wreck or get lost, due to being tired. Additionally, if you take the train or subway to outcalls, your fellow riders may be less desirable late at night than they are during the day. Long commutes simply add up to challenges that you don’t need when you’re already extremely tired. If you must schedule encounters at odd times for you, encourage your clients to come to you for an incall.
  9. Utilize bright lights as a way to increase your alertness. If you are preparing for an encounter that starts at 1 AM, turn on all the lights in your bedroom and bathroom, in an attempt to make it as light and day-like as possible. You can sort of “fool” your body into believing that it’s a reasonable time to be up and functional by subjecting it to bright lights. Many shift workers use light boxes or other methods to stimulate artificial sunlight for extended night-time shifts. However, if your escort schedule only includes occasional night bookings, you can probably fake your body into alertness using your indoor lighting. Much in the same fashion, if you are attempting to catch up on your rest during daylight hours (after a late encounter), reduce the light in your bedroom using black-out blinds, shades or heavy curtains. If you don’t have these types of window coverings, consider putting a blanket or heavy comforter over your windows temporarily until your rest is over. The darkness may trigger drowsiness and enhance sleep.
  10. Attend to all health issues when your schedule is off. What may seem like a trivial health condition may become a more serious or sufferable one during a time where your schedule is upended. As your body is getting less rest due to lack of sleep, it is more challenged to handle health issues. For instance, if you catch a cold during a time where you’re working odd hours, you should go see your doctor to fend off a sinus infection or other complications. Other more serious conditions should definitely receive attention, too, because they will not remedy themselves during a time where your body is stressed simply trying to keep up.
  11. Get plenty of exercise. Just like during your regular routine, exercise is important to your health and energy. It can also help your body wake up and be more alert. By incorporating a consistent work-out into your irregular routine, you are helping keep your body healthy and energized. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic report that people who exercise regularly have more energy than those who don’t. And, it’s fairly evident that when you’re working crazy hours, you need all of the energy you can get. Utilize your exercise routines at all times in order to keep your body healthy and awake.
  12. Try to fit in time for things you enjoy. Despite a hectic schedule with irregular hours, you may still find yourself with some free time you can use for hobbies or other activities that you like to do. Whether you like to read or sew, try to incorporate some time to embrace your hobbies. If you’re so busy that you never get to do anything that makes you happy, the time you spend with an irregular schedule will be extremely difficult. If you enjoy part of your time, it will go by much more quickly, returning you to your old schedule soon. Additionally, it’s good for your mental health to do things you enjoy, especially when you’re engaged in a pattern of activities that seems unusual or overly hectic.
  13. Get support. When your schedule changes erratically, you may need some help, especially if you have a family to take care of. Enlist babysitters, friends for carpooling and others for extra assistance when you need it to fulfill the needs of your family members if you can’t be there. Call a friend to watch your baby while you get a few hours of sleep after a late night. It’s tempting to try to do it all yourself. But you will simply wear yourself down.
  14. Set rules for your clients that prohibit booking encounters at times you are normally unavailable. There is no crime in the escort industry in telling clients that you are not available for a 2 a.m. encounter. Just because a client is able to see you then doesn’t mean that you have to go along with his request. Protect yourself and your schedule by refusing bookings that don’t fall within your scheduled openings. Many escorts think they have to operate with an extremely versatile and flexible schedule. You don’t. And, when you start allowing clients to schedule crazy booking times, you start down a slippery slope of allowances that will continually keep you at clients’ beck and call.
  15. Work less. First, you will never make all the money in the world: Bernanke will always win. Second, you will die anyway, and whether your net worth is 100 or 100 gazillion dollars, you won’t be able to take a single penny with you.

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