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12 ways an escort can deal with a jealous spouse

In an escort’s perfect world, all clients are so discreet that their partners or spouses never discover their wayward wanderings. However, reality sets in and partners find out that they’ve been cheated on — and with an escort to boot! Some partners are so hurt and surprised that they never retaliate against the other woman. Others want to immediately release their wrath on the so-called home wrecker that ruined their marriages or relationships.
They call, text, stalk and confront escorts about their men, hoping to get revenge, gain information or simply find reason. But, escorts are put into the middle of a private issue that is not their concern or business. Escorts are only doing their jobs when contacted by clients. They aren’t home wreckers or whores out to steal married men. They are simply providing companionship to clients who seek out their services. But, escorts still have to deal with jealous partners from time to time. When incidents arise, consider these options for handling situations involving clients’ partners:

  1. Don’t answer phone calls from numbers you don’t know. Most escorts require clients to leave messages, text them or email requests before they speak to them directly. It’s a quick way to screen out timewasters and other people you don’t want to talk to, including spouses or partners of clients. Always check voicemails before returning a call, and do a reverse look-up on numbers you don’t recognize. Being smart about inviting communications into your life can save you a lot of difficulties down the line with people who aren’t calling to book encounters. And, don’t feel obligated to reply or call your client’s spouses back when they leave messages. It doesn’t matter if they’ve left you a message asking for a return phone call; it is unnecessary for you to become involved.
  2. Always answer your phone professionally. Even if the number calling appears to be from one of your regular clients, resist the temptation to answer the caller with a sexy greeting. A spouse, colleague or family member of your client could be using his phone to call your number to investigate who he’s been communicating with. By answering with a greeting that indicates you are a legitimate business or colleague, it decreases the suspicion that your client is cheating or monkeying around with something he shouldn’t be. Always do your best to cover your tracks, just in case.
  3. Inform your client if you’ve been contacted by his partner. Clients aren’t always aware when their significant others have started to suspect that something is going on or when they’ve been found out. Attempt to communicate with your client to give him a head’s up he could be in for trouble. Help him get his cover story straight, so that he’s clear on what to tell a jealous, distrusting partner. Many issues can be avoided if they are met head on or with an effective strategy that is realistic and not overly complicated.
  4. Deny that anything is going on. If you are approached, point-blank by your client’s significant other, and asked about your relationship with him, deny any and everything. In fact, you should insist that you barely know him and was working on a consulting project with him briefly, or whatever other story seems to work in your case. If you are asked whether you had sex with the client, deny it. If the question about other intimate acts is brought up, deny any intimacy ever occurring between the two of you. Deny that you’re involved with your client in the slightest way. Even though denial isn’t always effective, because the truth may reveal your lies, it’s the most immediate way to defuse an explosive situation.
  5. Explain your relationship with your client using the business cover story you’ve concocted. You can be a special consultant, a colleague, a personal masseuse, an assistant or any other role that you’ve used as your secret life. You should use this pseudo career to your advantage when you are pressured by a client’s wife to spill the beans about how well you know him. Discuss what you know about him from a business standpoint and convincingly explain that your relationship with him is purely professional, due to the fact that you never mix business with pleasure. After you’ve done this, be sure to fill your client in on what you and his significant other discussed. He needs to know what the lie is in order to follow through with it.
  6. Make your client do the dirty work. If/when you are contacted by an angry, jealous spouse, refer him or her back to your client. Refuse to share any details about the extent of your relationship or familiarity with him, and suggest that the questions should be directed toward the client. It isn’t your fault that the spouse discovered your client’s indiscretions and involvement with you. You didn’t lure him away from the client. And, you should never intervene into a client’s problems with his significant other. You will always be in the wrong, according to someone, so it’s best to simply stay out of it. However, it doesn’t always work. The best thing to do is to be firm, kind and quick about stating that the spouse should ask the client these questions, because he knows best how to answer them.
  7. Firmly tell your client’s partner to stop communicating with you. You’ve already told the significant other that you’re not willing to speak to him or her. Now, you need to simply inform them they should cease all communications with you immediately. Don’t tolerate any future calls, texts or emails. Set up blockers so that these calls don’t even come through, tempting you to answer them and say something you shouldn’t. Call blockers are available on most mobile phones and through many free apps. Additionally, email can be filtered so that you never even see these messages from undesired sources, especially when you have a direct email address to use for a block target. If you don’t see these communications come through, you don’t have to worry about answering them.
  8. Threaten a jealous spouse with harassment. Most out-of-control partners don’t want to get involved with the police. They want to simply follow or call you in order to agitate you, as their simple, passive-aggressive method to seek revenge. Don’t allow yourself to become a hostage or hermit as a result of attention from a jealous lover. Inform the partner that you have recorded/filed/saved each and every communication they have sent/exchanged with you…along with keeping careful records about how much you’ve been followed. If and when the time comes, let the stalker know that you have ample information to move forward with that could seriously cause her some issues with law enforcement. Most crazy partners will back off, once they realize that you really will go to the police over their harassment.
  9. Avoid physical confrontations with partners. The last thing you want is to be involved in some catfight with another woman over your client. After all, you certainly don’t want him for anything else than an encounter or two here and there. But, the spouse, in her flawed thinking, surmises that you’re trying to take him away, so she wants to fight you. If you and the partner meet face-to-face, violence is apt to erupt. If the spouse really feels betrayed or jilted, weapons could be entered into the situation, which causes a much more serious scenario. Do what you can to avoid the spouse’s neighborhood, including shopping in new locations to avoid an accidental meeting.
  10. Explain to the partner that you, as an escort, are not the issue between her and your client. Suggest that your client picked you randomly, from a long list of prospective escorts. Challenge your client’s partner to think rationally about whether you were really the cause of their break-up, or if something else was at work. Recommend that the partner focus on the issues that drove your client to you, instead of cementing her bonds with him. Encourage her to examine the relationship, observing that it was not in good shape, with or without your involvement. Most clients’ partners will begin to comprehend that an escort isn’t an evil woman who lured their husbands away from them; in fact, they may realize that an escort was in the wrong place at the wrong time, by becoming involved in something beyond her own control.
  11. Refuse to see your client any longer. If his wife or partner is really making life difficult for you, drop him from your client list. When a spouse is giving an escort the dickens over her involvement with a married man, it’s best to cut the client loose in order to forego any future complications with the spouse. Even though the client may be perfectly wonderful, there are other escorts he can see if he continues to partake of the pleasures from the industry. You don’t need to complicate your life further by continuing to agitate a spouse with your involvement with her husband. Additionally, it may help you to get rid of a headache client who can’t be discreet. If he is so sloppy that his wife discovers what’s going on, there is really no limit to how many other people know your situation with him.
  12. Educate your client about discretion. When a client fails to be discreet enough to hide his involvement with you from his significant other, it’s time to do a little one-on-one lesson about how to cover his tracks. Teach him about hiding his communications on his tablet, mobile phone and laptop. Encourage him to schedule encounters at opportune times that allow for the easiest explanations about his whereabouts. Persuade him to shower before he heads home after seeing you. And, insist that he doesn’t change other things about himself, as a result of seeing you. Show him that he needs to remain as consistent in her personality and dressing style as possible, since this is one of the first ways that men give away to wives that something is going on with another woman.

Most of the time, an escort will only get a call or two from a curious, jealous wife. Other times, the wife may get a little crazy and follow the escort around. But, this is completely safe the majority of the time, despite the creepiness of it. Regardless of whether a spouse presents a threat or not, it’s always best for an escort to avoid becoming involved in a client’s personal life. It’s not a place that has any room for you, nor is it a place that you want to be engaged in. Avoid being pressured into becoming involved, rescuing your client or helping him to save face. Also, know that the best piece of advice you can give your client is to do the best he can to avoid this happening in the first place.
While all of the articles always say this, it’s true: discretion is key to a positively functioning relationship between an escort and her client. Once third parties (such as spouses) become embroiled in the dynamics of the relationship, nothing is ever the same, again.

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