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Snapchat and Instagram: Escorts’ indispensable marketing tools

Mobile social media apps are still hot. Anyone with a mobile phone can communicate in a multitude of ways with pictures, text, voice and video. For an escort, it makes perfect sense to harness this visual method of communication for marketing purposes. Despite the arguments that it’s generally a younger demographic that uses Snapchat and Instagram, you can create quite a following with both applications, if you use them resourcefully.
Snapchat is an app for iOS and Android devices, which allows users to send and receive photo and video messages that automatically delete themselves after being viewed. That’s an immense huge boon to the privacy of escort-client communication built right into the product.
When you send a picture to a client, he doesn’t have to worry about getting caught with the evidence, because the photo disappears automatically after opening, unless he saves a screenshot. The Snapchat community is growing rapidly and has shared more than a billion snaps since it was introduced. In November 2013, CNet reported that the app users shared 400 million snaps daily.
Instagram is a social app much like Facebook (and, coincidentally owned by the social networking giant) that uses photos as a means of expression, instead of textual posts. In March 2014, it was estimated by the company that it had 200 million active users in any given month. Its popularity has soared in the past year, and it’s a favorite for visually-influenced businesses.
Together, the pair could be a strong marketing tool for you, especially when you factor in information like this:

According to a McAfee survey, 45% of U.S. adults say they stored intimate content that they have received in comparison to 40% who store risqué photos, videos or messages they have sent

Your clients want to use their mobile devices for more than just contacting you via text or phone. They are looking for ways to interact with you on several levels, with hopes of developing a system of engagement beyond their scheduled encounters. This would include text, email, phone, social network, chatting and virtual connections. It’s important, especially as technology becomes more and more a part of everyday life, that you strive to engage with them through mobile apps.
Consider these tips for using both Snapchat and Instagram as marketing tools:

  • Learn the basics of the apps. Don’t jump in and start using either of these apps until you understand them and have observed what others are posting. Join and be a lurker for a while, without stumbling around. It may be best to join as an individual first and experiment with the various tools and functions. If you goof up, it won’t look unprofessional from a business standpoint, because you’ll only be interacting with friends or family members. When you begin posting from your escort profile, you want your connections to be impressed with your smooth ability to utilize the app to its fullest, not amused by your ineptness with the technology. It will also help you to scroll through others’ posts in order to see what seems to be relevant and most followed. Getting the feel for the attitudes of users is important.
  • Determine overall goals for your posts and profile. Much like with any other form of marketing, you must know what your intentions are for the actions you are taking. Without a goal in mind, it’s always unclear exactly what you should be doing or when you’ve accomplished something successfully. Establish your intentions for a post prior to putting it out there to the world. Will it attract a new client? Will it cause a prospective client to call? Is the post just to say hello to your clients? Or, do you want to provide some eye candy as a thank you for their support? Regardless of what the purpose is, you have to establish it as you craft your post. A post that is hoped to create some engagement with your clients has to be better thought out than one that is simply to give them a quick thrill on a boring afternoon. Know what you want to accomplish and be purposeful with each and every post.
  • Create multiple profiles. Until you’ve really worked the app, you won’t know what is going to be successful at reaching out to clients. Consider using contrasting marketing ideas and names. Posting at entirely different periods of the day will help you find the most effective timeframe to connect with followers. Utilization of various keywords may help attract different followers. Try out diverse picture styles, making use of filters, perspective and unique lighting, in addition to disparate setting and attire. As you test out the assorted marketing styles, analyze which ones get the most positive responses and apply these lessons to a fully polished online persona.
  • Invite clients to follow you. Because you won’t want to be advertising to everyone that you’re on one of these social networks, it’s going to be necessary for you to specially invite your clients to join up and follow you. For many of them, they haven’t even heard of these apps, and they certainly aren’t in the typical demographic for the typical user. You will have to educate them about the apps, show them how they work and demonstrate how they can access your photos and content. (This is kind of a fun process, too, as you’re sharing information and learning together. Your client may even feel like he is getting some kind of “secret” access to you.) As you visit with clients, tell them what they are missing by not following you on an app. And, as you discuss encounters or “business” with prospective clients, you can encourage them to follow you on one of these apps as a way to get more insight about you. These apps are probably not going to be a source of recruitment for clients, but they can nicely augment the directory profile you have online.
  • Create a helpful profile. While you will want to use caution as you establish a profile on either of these sites, it can benefit you to give brief descriptions about what followers can expect from your services. However, it’s best to refer the follower to your directory profile for more information. You can also encourage him or her to call, email or text you for further details, including pricing. Your profile should be a fun way to interact with clients, but it shouldn’t be the platform you base your business on. Your app profile information should be clear and concise, but it should also allow other formats to do the business work for you.
  • Provide behind-the-scenes views for clients. Your clients are always interested in what it takes for you to become the ravenous beauty that you are as you show up at their door for an outcall. Take a series of photos as you get ready for a “date” and post them prior to arriving at a client’s location. (You might even message him to let him know you’ve posted something he might be interested in.) Other things you can post might include shopping for lingerie, picking up a box of condoms at the pharmacy or things you do to spruce up your incall prior to encounters. Some escorts like to reveal details about their personal habits on such platforms with pictures of their favorite perfumes, a bottle of wine they’re about to pop open or anything else that provides insight into their personalities.
  • Demonstrate your personality. Use photos that display characteristics about you, other than just your physical attributes. Maybe you’re a little goofy with a silly sense of humor; take photos of funny things you see throughout life or of you being funny. If you’re mischievous or ornery, post pics that show this side of your personality. Hobbies that you’re involved in are easy to showcase. Because you’re not relying on textual status updates to give information about you to followers, your photos need to reveal details about you. Pay attention to small aspects of your photo that will tell your clients things about your preferences… such as a photo of you at dinner might reveal that you’re a steak lover versus a salad diner. Photos can tell much about you, and it’s essential to pick ones that help show clients what you’re really about.
  • Tell stories with your photos. With Snapchat, there’s an option to post several photos about one experience or time period. For instance, if you want to give clients a bit of insight about how your days progress, take pictures throughout the day and post it to a story link. When clients click on this (which will be available) for 24 hours, they will see photos placed in sequential order that fill them in on what a day in your life is like. You can do similar posts in Instagram, especially if you create a collage and post it as an update. The important thing is to remember that the story you’re telling must be one that your clients will be interested in. They don’t care that you go grocery shopping and run errands. But, they might be interested in the fact that you answer your emails in your underwear, take a bubble bath prior to encounters, put on bright red lipstick and sport stilettos as you walk out the door. While these activities, themselves, may not be overly sexy in and of themselves (a couple might be), they are over-the-top seductive when all the images are put together.
  • Show off your beauty. It’s one of your best assets, so it should be something you focus on when you market yourself. Even if you choose not to show your face in photos, post photos that emphasize your figure, beautiful skin, lips or other physical attributes in the best ways possible. Lingerie shoots, photos of you in your favorite outfits and pictures of you in various states of dress and undress can really amp up the excitement followers have about you. Posting photos that focus on specific parts of your body can really entice clients, too. If you have a terrific booty, post pics of it. Love your legs? Give your clients pictures of your gams. Have great hair? Let those locks show! Your photos should showcase your beauty to drive your marketing, and what better way to do that than through photo-based marketing apps?
  • Create effective captions. Even though both Snapchat and Instagram are photo-based apps, your captions are still important. While your photos may tell a tremendous story about you or your activities, your captions can really drive it home to clients. Additionally, captions are an easy way to demonstrate your personality. A dry wit, zany sense of humor or sarcastic tone can set off your photos so that they reach your client at an entirely different level. Craft your captions with care, and realize that they will help your followers develop opinions about you, even before your first encounter with them. Another thing to consider about your captions is that they should sometimes create a call to action. Part of the time, you need to be encouraging your clients to do something: call you, book an encounter, reply to your post, etc.
  • Offer specials, perks and contests. Many escorts may wonder if something like this will really work for a business like theirs. Of course, contests or discounts are terrific incentives for retail stores or more traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. But, what escorts don’t realize is that they can utilize these kinds of promotions, too. And, Instagram and Snapchat are excellent platforms to use to launch such marketing campaigns. For instance, an escort could invite her followers to submit sexy poses back to her with the promise of 15 or 30 additional minutes being given to the sexiest/funniest client (provided the client books a standard encounter). She could do a drawing from those clients. She could offer the opportunity to try out a special toy or new position with a client who comes up with the most creative name for it. Celebrate a funny holiday. While this may sound trite, crazy “holidays” are quite humorous and give you an excuse to post, without looking completely desperate. For instance, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” gives you an excuse to drag out your wench costume. National Pie Day allows you to talk about sploshing as an interest. Check online for a variety of wacky days and schedule your posts accordingly. Allow your imagination to run wild; clients like to see how creative you can get. (They are fully aware that your creativity may also extend to the bedroom!)
  • Entice your clients with a new purchase. Escorts are always picking up new toys, lingerie or other accessories that can be used during an encounter. Post a picture of a new vibrator or a sexy new bra/panty set for your clients to drool over and fantasize about. It might even be worth promising the first client to book an encounter special privileges with the item. These kinds of pictures will not only seduce your clients, but they may be an inherent call to action that gets them motivated to book an encounter.
  • Know what makes for a good picture to post to an app. Don’t waste time on photos that aren’t going to resonate with your followers. You know your clients the best; post quality photos that speak to your clients in a way they will appreciate. Posting photos that don’t intrigue or excite your clients will eventually turn them away and cause them to be uninterested in everything that you post. Keep them excited by staying true to your overall message, whatever it may be. Avoid overposting: don’t post just because you can.
  • Stay classy. Despite the fact that Instagram and Snapchat may both allow some level of nude photos, it doesn’t mean that you should go pornographic with your posts. Keep them dignified and chic. Your photos should never offend or embarrass anyone.
  • Stay safe. Realize that all of the other rules that you follow to keep yourself safe and your privacy intact apply on Instagram and Snapchat, too. Never reveal your location. Be wary of showing your face. (However, with some make up, glasses or a hat, a seductive angle and good lighting, your own mother might not recognize you.) Avoid posting photos that reveal too much information about your life… like photos of your children in the background, your name visible anywhere in the photo or other things that might tell more about you than you want someone to know. Just be aware of what your posting and what it might tell others about you.

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