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The economics of the going rate for escort services

Seasoned clients are accustomed to paying the established fees when they book an escort encounter. But, many clients new to the process often wonder why escorts charge the rates they do. After all, you can get it for free when you pull a one-night stand. And, if you hire a hooker, her services are really cheap. What is so special about an escort that warrants paying several hundred dollars for one hour of her or his time?
Several things factor into how an escort sets her rates. Think about these issues before jumping to the conclusion that your escort’s fee is too high:

  1. An escort charges based on her beauty. With model good looks or an exotic appeal, professional makeup and carefully selected clothes, an escort doesn’t typically look like any other woman you might find shopping for groceries or walking her dog in your neighborhood. She charges for her sex appeal. In her everyday dress, she may look quite common. But, when she gussies herself up for her clients, this escort is more than just pretty. Because she has outstanding features and radiant beauty, she charges for the stunning first impression she has on you. When you hire an escort, you may be looking for many qualities; but, the most obvious trait most clients seek is attractiveness. When your escort has that aspect nailed, she can charge a high fee for her time.
  2. Escorts’ rates are proportional to experience. Even though she may be totally worth it, an escort won’t be able to charge as high of rates on her first encounter as she can on her 100th. Experience in the industry counts for a lot, and an escort can really capitalize on it when she has it. Knowing how to finesse clients, build them up and satisfy them takes time to develop. As an escort works her way up in the field, she can charge higher rates. Additionally, the longer an escort works in the industry, the more time she has to accumulate good reviews. Her experience allows her more opportunities to gather positive feedback. Of course, new clients should never hire an escort based solely on reviews, but they help considerably.
  3. An escort’s other qualities increase her worth. Many escorts are not only highly intelligent, but they are also educated and cultured. Often coming from higher socio-economic statuses than the average middle-income American, high-end escorts were raised with every opportunity to learn, expand their horizons and develop knowledge about high-brow practices. They mingle well socially, due to their upbringings in more privileged environments. They have exceptional communication skills and know how to treat a client in order to make him feel on top of the world. Their personalities are flexible, so they can provide any client with an experience that is fitting his desires. All in all, escorts are accomplished in a variety of ways, which make them highly marketable. This gives them the go-ahead to establish elite rates.
  4. The ambiance of an exotic, high-end transaction makes the encounter seem more worthwhile. Many clients want the very best of everything. From wine and cars to houses, watches, and trophy wives they select the very best things that money can buy. It only makes sense that an escort may charge a high rate in order to attract high-end clients who equate exorbitant fees with exquisite service. When they charge high rates for their time, clients feel like they are receiving elite services, reserved for only clients of a stratospheric class. Where there is a demand for high rates, escorts are happy to oblige.
  5. The general going rate for the market influences the rates that an escort may charge. Locations that have higher costs of living will naturally lead to higher escort rates. For instance, New York City, where a sandwich costs an annual middle-class salary of a third-world country, will support higher rates from escorts than Topeka, Kan. In cities that have higher demands for escorts (which may also mean more population), higher rates are not high, but normal. Additionally, when rates for hotel rooms are steep, escorts can charge rates that are higher than their counterparts in locations without a higher cost of living index. Typically, large, metropolitan areas and resort locations have the highest rates.
  6. An escort’s incall impacts her rates. Setting up a permanent incall can be very expensive for an escort. Leasing or purchasing a condo, house or apartment is costly, but it can be well worth it in the long-run instead of having to pay hotel rates for a temporary incall. It also creates convenience for repeat clients. However, when an escort has an established incall, she has to figure in those expenses as she sets her rates. If her incall is especially luxurious or in an affluent neighborhood, it will hike up her rates quite a bit. However, no client wants to visit an escort whose incall is in a bad part of town or is rundown and shabby. You pay for what you get. If you want to visit an escort in a nice incall, you will pay a higher rate.
  7. She takes serious risks in her job. Most risky careers have premiums built into salaries . The escort industry isn’t really all that different. Escorts face a variety of risks by booking encounters. The first and most worrisome risk is for their safety. Unless a client is a trusted regular, an escort isn’t sure what kind of client she is going to meet. Despite her best attempts at screening a particular client, he could still end up being violent or insane. Additionally, she runs the risk of contracting an STD or infection. Many STDs are easily curable, but they will hinder her ability to work while she’s getting her issue cleared up. Others, though, are lifelong problems and may even cause death (like HIV). Even when escorts use the best precautions with protection, there is still a chance of becoming infected with an STD. Thirdly, the law is always after escorts, even though escorting is legal globally. Law enforcement officials prefer to misinterpret the business exchange that occurs between an escort and a client, which makes escorts always run the risk of entanglement with the law.
  8. The level of sacrifice that is associated with escorting runs the rate up higher. Because escorts work funky schedules, they often miss out on a lot of family and friend functions. Their social life may be a wreck due to canceling plans in order to set up dates with clients. Relationships suffer and may be ruined, not only due to lack of time to nurture them, but also because of revelations about the career. Family members and friends often become estranged over finding out that an escort engages in intimacies with clients. Establishing romantic relationships is difficult, due to the nature of her career. And, being able to move forward and build a family with someone is nearly impossible. An escort sacrifices a lot of personal goals in order to work within the industry. As a result, she is compensated well for missing out on other things.
  9. An escort’s status determines the level of her rate. Escorts who were raised in high-brow social circles can mingle effortlessly with elite levels of society and blend in while at functions with clients. Due to their abilities to shine like a diamond in all situations, they are perceived as more elite. Additionally, escorts with education, culture and a taste of luxury, in addition to killer good looks, may fit in an upscale, courtesan or high-end classification. They are well-known among certain types of clients and in high demand. They may have limited availabilities and extremely high rates, as a result. The rates support their apparel, accessories and other aspects required to help them create the elite experience that clients expect.
  10. The niche that an escort works in will establish higher fees for her services. A run-of-the-mill escort who provides a good (although generic) girlfriend experience (GFE) will command a decent rate. However, an escort that provides a niche experience that is harder to find or a bit more unusual may be able to set a much higher fee, as her services are much more difficult to find. Escorts who are doms, Goth or exceptional in other ways rely on the exclusivity of their services to set higher fees. And, because it’s challenging to locate other escorts who are experts in these services, clients are willing to pay for what they want. It follow the old economics rule of supply and demand. When there’s demand for a product and few suppliers, the product increases in price.
  11. An escort’s expenses associated with a booking drive the rate higher. Escorts have several expenses when they book a client. From just having a bottle of wine and snacks available to the costs associated with maintaining a high-end incall, an escort has to pay for her end of the deal. Often, an escort has travel costs, parking fees and other expenses to just arrive at an outcall appointment. Additionally, she has expenses associated with her marketing efforts, the upkeep of her mobile phone and clothing and lingerie costs. She purchases condoms, lubes and wipes for every client. And she supplies a small arsenal of personal toiletries in her incall bathroom for clients who take a shower after an encounter. She uses her time to communicate with clients to set up bookings and spends time preparing for encounters. All of this is included in the one-hour rate she quotes you for the time you desire to spend with her.
  12. Escorts work hard for their money. Many clients think that all an escort has to do is to show up and get paid. But, so much more goes into that. Escorts spend a lot of time working to make themselves beautiful for clients. Hair, make-up and dressing “just right” is not easy. It takes time and effort. Additionally, she must be a tremendously talented actress to adjust her personality and actions accordingly for each client’s preferences. She works hard to both physically and mentally to please clients, with her witty conversation and sexual prowess. Because some encounters are so demanding, escorts charge rates to adequately compensate themselves.
  13. Escorts are sharing something very personal with clients. Becoming physically intimate with a client is extremely personal. The gesture of her intimacy is invaluable. She is sharing her soul and body with a client. It’s one of the most special things she can share with a person and she believes should be paid well for it. Many escorts open themselves up to clients in ways they never do in real life. They become vulnerable to clients, and that costs a price.
  14. Clients pay for discretion. Sure, a man can have a one-night stand with a hottie in the bar. But, he’s not guaranteed that she won’t call him 12 times the next day or show up unexpectedly to demand a relationship. A one-night stand does not ensure discretion. But, an encounter with an escort does. It’s a chance for no-strings attached fun, without the worry of having to deal with her later. There are no promises for future involvement. And, it’s a sure thing that she won’t be calling late at night for a booty call, interrupting a date with a spouse. Escorts charge a price for their talents and discretion. It’s definitely worth it.
  15. There’s a price associated with doing something illicit. Clients find it thrilling to do something taboo, to break the rules. Visiting an escort is something that is certainly frowned upon by society… but it’s also such an adventure that it creates an adrenaline rush for many clients. Because the excitement over the encounter, itself, is such a turn on, escorts are able to charge a high rate for the added turn-on.

Escorts are the oldest professionals in mankind’s history of service-oriented careers. They will be around when money, law and civilization cease to exist. No matter how high they rate their offers, they will also always be in high demand.

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