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Real world factors that make or break your escorting career

Despite your best marketing attempts, irresistible charm and undeniable beauty, there may be some other factors that are impacting your success (or failure) as an escort. The escort industry is largely affected by many external stimuli. And regardless of how hard you try to overcome them, these issues may dictate your outcome as a professional escort.
As you’re planning your strategies and establishing goals, realistically take into account realities that may strongly affect your abilities to thrive in the competitive world of escorting. Some of these obstacles and opportunities include:

  1. The stock market has a huge impact on your success as an escort. Escorts who cater to Wall Street types and general traders will attest to the fact that when business is good for these clients, their presence is much more frequent in their incalls. When clients get big bonuses for amazing deals or when they get residuals for an overall good quarter, they have a lot more disposable income to wine and dine with escorts. They also are in much better moods and are more apt to want to celebrate with escorts. But, escorts who aren’t in the business of attracting the Wall Street types may also benefit from good stock market periods. The market is an overall indicator of the state of the economy. When the economy is good (represented by happy faces on Wall Street), many escorts have booked schedules. Many clients who do not work in the financial world play the markets or have investments that benefit from positive turns. When their investments pay off, they have more cash to spend on escorts. But, when the stock market collapses out from underneath them, they are left with huge holes in their investment portfolios and rarely feel like planning parties with escorts.
  2. Sports and sporting events create great opportunities for escorts. When a client’s team is winning, he is in the mood to celebrate and talk about the game. If you’re a sports-minded escort, you’re a perfect choice to share the joy with… and you’re much better looking than his boozed up buddies down at the local sports bar. Additionally, if you live in a large metro area that hosts major sporting events or activities, your schedule may be extra full during the time period that the event takes place, as there are many fans who are looking for extra company as they travel. Many sports enthusiasts view their travels to these events as vacations and excuses to splurge on luxuries they would never engage in at home, which includes seeing an escort. If you’re a sports-minded escort, this is the perfect opportunity for you to make some serious coin. Market yourself as a fan, and you will have an instant following. Even if sports aren’t really your thing, it may benefit you to act as though they are for that particular week or weekend.
  3. Politics have a huge impact on the escort industry. Everyone (surely!) has heard or read about various political figures over the years being deeply involved with escorts, high-end call girls and general prostitutes. Politicians are notorious for being oversexed and acting as though they are beyond getting caught by their spouses, the media or the public. Any time that a major convention (or even state conventions) gathers in a city, there are people who come from all around the nation to attend. This is a prime opportunity for an escort to pick up some extra business, if she markets herself well. Additionally, during campaign season, it’s common for staffers and leaders, alike, to request the company of escorts while they are on the road. It can get really lonely visiting a string of cities in such a short amount of time… and, an official may need some relaxation and friendly company, in the arms of an escort. Additionally, as tides turn and new leaders are elected, celebrations and defeats are brought to escort incalls around the U.S.
  4. The full moon affects the sex drives of clients. Emergency room nurses, teachers and law enforcement officials will tell you that the full moon each month strongly impacts the attitudes and behaviors of the people they come into contact with professionally. It will probably be beneficial to you to increase your availability around a full moon and ramp up your marketing, if you’re hoping to attract more business. However, escorts that do take on new clients during the full moon period should be extra careful. Perform your screening checks with extra diligence, weeding out clients with criminal backgrounds. Don’t accept last-minute bookings with clients who have no history with you. And, be on alert for weird or suspicious behavior. The clients you run into may not be dangerous, but they could be influenced by the full moon to be less inhibited, in general. In fact, some of your clients might not have ever called you in the first place, except FOR the full moon. It’s smart to take full advantage of the days surrounding the full moon. But, if you decide that the oddballs that come out of the woodwork during a full moon are too much for you, it might be best to simply black out your schedule for those days and take a break from the grind.
  5. Holidays can make or break your budget plans. Every escort creates their budget based on realistic income goals. Typically, a provider can depend on earning, at the very least, the low side of their usual profits during a normal week or month, especially when she’s established with a strong client base. But, holidays throw a real wrench in the typical system. Some holidays, like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve, may actually increase the income for some escorts, as the demand for their companionship actually increases. However, the Christmas holiday season may actually be very slow for some escorts. Many clients are busy with company parties and family/friends activities. They have so much going on in their personal and professional lives, it’s hard for them to slip away for bookings. To make sure you’re not left in a rough spot due to unexpected income situations, plan ahead and save for a rainy day.
  6. The weather can really mess with your plans. Escorts are not postal workers… there are no deliveries during snow, sleet, hail, etc. You should never feel obligated to get to outcalls during inclement weather. Clients who call you up for a booking during a blizzard or the chance of a tornado should be turned down, with an option to schedule at a later date. It’s difficult enough to get to an outcall with everything you need and looking great — it’s nearly impossible to do it in torrential rain. It’s okay to cancel or delay these appointments. Additionally, you can’t expect clients to show up for incall bookings when the weather is bad. They don’t want to get out in the snow, travel the bad roads and risk their safety, either. Whether you have planned for the nasty weather conditions or not, it’s going to affect your business by decreasing your window available to work. If you know bad weather is ahead, attempt to reschedule bookings as possible. Otherwise, play it by ear and do the best you can.
  7. Crime rates or recent sprees may diminish interest in booking encounters. If you live or work in a crime-ridden city or neighborhood, you may notice that when crime reports are at a high, your prospective client response is at a low. Clients get shook and become hesitant to book time with you, for fear of becoming a victim of a crime, themselves. Unless they are a regular or have previously enjoyed your company with no issues, prospective clients may not be looking to shake things up with a new escort. Additionally, if crime is rampant in your area, it benefits you to be more cautious as you take on clients. You should screen a little more closely as you accept new bookings, and you need to be extremely careful as you head to outcalls. It might even be a good idea to implement a driver or other security measures, if you don’t already do that. (These things may cut into your profits — but, they could also save your life.)
  8. The general social attitudes and climate of your region may impact your success. Escorts who live in more liberal-thinking areas may have more success, due to fewer social stigmas attached to what they do. (Social ostracizing is done in nearly all social climates against escorts, but regions that tend to think more on the left politically may not be as openly hateful.) If you live in a more conservative area, clients already feel like it’s a sin to communicate with you, little lone to actually meet up with you in person. If you want to experience more success, it may help you to work in a more open-minded area. BUT — don’t totally despair if you live in the Bible belt. If you pay attention to the media, even those who consider themselves the highest of Christians and nearest to God, visit with escorts and engage in socially unacceptable activities, despite their declarations otherwise. You may get some closeted freaks among the clients in your list.
  9. The socio-economic status of your area may limit your potential to earn. Living and working in an economically depressed region may diminish the chances of attracting the level of clients you are working toward. If you’re looking for the very wealthy as clients, you won’t find them in areas where they don’t live or work. Unless you have extremely effective marketing and are willing to travel long distances for bookings, you just don’t have the earning potential in a poorer region. If you really want to succeed as an escort, you have to be close in proximity to an area where your target market are at. For instance, if you live in a small, rural area, you are probably not going to have the large numbers of wealthy individuals to draw from that you would if you worked in a larger, metro area with a thriving economy. Additionally, if you maintain an incall in a less-than-desirable neighborhood, the number of clients who are willing to come to your incall for bookings will be slim.
  10. Partying will hinder your success. Many escorts fall into the trap of partying with their clients. Whether you drink excessively or do drugs with your clients, it will eventually catch up with you in a variety of ways. Firstly, it puts you at risk for unsafe conditions or engaging in risky behaviors. Secondly, it affects your appearance. The day after is not kind to your good looks. And, finally, it can create a lifestyle that makes it impossible for you to be the best escort possible and perform to your full potential when with clients. For years, many upscale clients have wanted to snort coke or do other “party” things with their escorts. It’s a downward spiral for you if you start this as part of your escort services.
  11. Your own personal availability may influence your success. If you have kids, an ailing parent or other obligations that make it impossible for you have extensive availability, your clients may feel like your schedule doesn’t fit theirs. Sometimes, escorts who are trying to hide their careers from friends or loved ones may have to limit the time they have open for client bookings. The less time you leave open, especially if you’re newer, the fewer clients you will be able to book. Clients are busy and if they see that you’re not open when they have time, they will find an alternate escort. If possible, open your times up more to include a wider array of encounter slots. Otherwise, you’re going to have to find a few steady clients who really like the availability you offer.
  12. Figure it out. There are a number of factors that you can blame for your success or failure in escorting. Of course, some obstacles are easier to work around than others. But, if you truly want to be an escort and make a significant living at it, you can strategize solutions that will enable you to reach a degree of true prosperity. Some circumstances bring benefits, while others arrive with disadvantages. If you find yourself unable to change some of your conditions, make the most of other positive points you have working for you. Escorting is hard work, regardless of how perfect your scenario is. Resound yourself to knowing that you may need to travel to meet clients. Or, that you have to change your schedule more than you’d like to. You may have to make some sacrifices… but what career doesn’t require that at some point?

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