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How escorts can handle a public payment from clients

Often, a client may ask an escort to meet him somewhere for dinner or drinks to begin an encounter. However, due to the fact that escorts require payment up front, the exchange of money may seem a bit awkward and too visible. You don’t have to be skilled in covert tactics to circumvent the awkward money hand-off. By thinking of instances that it might be normal for people to exchange an item with one another, you are creating opportunities for your client to pay you inconspicuously.
Here are some methods you can use to receive payment from your clients when you’re out in public:

  • Pretend it’s a gift occasion: Your client should prepare a small gift bag, complete with tissue paper filling to give to give you when you arrive at his table for dinner or meet in another location. Ask your client to place the money in an envelope inside the gift bag. When he gives you the gift bag, nonchalantly peek into the bag and discreetly count the money in the envelope. Nobody around you has to be the wiser that only your fee was in the bag, instead of a present.
  • Make it a Hallmark moment: There are cards for every event or occasion in life. Your client can present your fee inside a card. Most bystanders won’t think twice if they see you open a card in a public place, because cards are good for birthdays, holidays or “just because” days. Additionally, it’s fairly common to put money inside a card in lieu of a gift, so even if your nosy waiter spies cash inside your card, he shouldn’t be suspicious about it.
  • Shield it with your napkin: Ask your client to place your money in his napkin, fold it over to cover the cash and pass it across the table to you. It shouldn’t seem odd to bystanders for him to give his napkin to you. Nor, should it seem odd for you to open a napkin in your lap while you’re at dinner. As you open the napkin in your lap, count the money under the table and transfer it to your purse or pocket.
  • Do a sneaky trade-off: If you’re somewhere that doesn’t lend itself to exchanging paperwork, a gift or anything else, you may need to resort to a sneaky trade. Much like a diner would discreetly tip a maitre’ de in order to get a better table, your client can discreetly hand you your fee in folded up bills. As soon as you can, excuse yourself to the ladies’ room to count your cash. Be careful of this kind of trade-off, though; you can end up looking more suspicious than smooth by trading off money in what might appear to be a drug deal or other clearly questionable transaction.
  • Get down to business: Sometimes, it’s common to conduct brief business meetings in a bar, hotel lobby, restaurant or other places you might be meeting your client. If you’re both dressed in such a way that might lead others to believe you are meeting for business, you may be able to receive your fee through what looks like a trade of paperwork. A manila folder or envelope may contain random papers in addition to your fee. The folder or envelope can shield anyone else’s view of your money inside of it, and you can discreetly count the cash as you look inside. And, as far as anyone else can tell, your meeting is strictly business.
  • Put yourself on the menu: When you’re out to dinner, it’s common for a restaurant to have different menus to look at including an appetizer menu, a wine list or the entree’ menu. Trading menus won’t seem out of place, and it provides a method for your client to use to give you your fee in a discreet fashion. Most of the time, it works best for your client to place your money in an envelope and put it in the menu, handing it to you for you to look at. However, if your client doesn’t have an envelope, he can simply put the cash inside and hand it to you, too. If you’re meeting your client at a bar or club, they often have drink or appetizer menus this will work with, as well.
  • Pick it up at the bar: Often, when you go to a restaurant, you may stop at the bar first for a cocktail. Instruct your client to leave your fee for you at the bar in a sealed, plain-looking envelope with your name on it. When you arrive, ask the bartender if anyone left something for you. (Avoid doing this unless you are a regular customer of the bar.) Take your envelope, order a beverage and casually count your money as the bartender is busy preparing your order.
  • Read a book: People borrow books from others all the time. It wouldn’t seem out of place for your client to bring you a book when you meet somewhere. Tell your client to put your fee into an envelope and place it inside the book between the cover and the title page. As you open the book to glance at the title page, as many people do when they borrow a book, remove the envelope and place it in your pocket or handbag. Take the first possible opportunity to excuse yourself to go the restroom where you can count your money.
  • Pass it under the table. Some restaurants have tables where you can sit beside your client, instead of across from him. When you’re seated closely enough that your hands can touch under the table, your client can simply pass you your fee under the table, away from the eyes of nosey bystanders. Count the money in your lap to be sure that your client paid you the right amount.
  • Seek out privacy: Even if you’re meeting in a public location, seek out some privacy where your client can pay you. Ask your client to wait outside the restaurant for you, so he can pay you out of the view of the restaurant staff and other diners. Or, if you’re meeting in a hotel bar, meet him directly outside and slip into a nearby corridor to receive your payment.
  • Ignore others: In this day and age, it’s not uncommon for people to give cash to others for many reasons. They may be paying someone back for a loan, giving cash for a gift or, as in your case, paying you for something. Even while the minds of others may be suspicious of you and your client, don’t worry about others’ scrutiny. You are doing nothing illegal, so it’s best to not worry about what others think. You can simply avoid all the trouble of trying to be sneaky or discreet by accepting payment out in the open and proceeding on to having a good time with your client.

When you’re accepting your fee in public, there are a couple of “housekeeping” things to consider:

  • ALWAYS count your money. Even if your client is a well-established, trusted client, he could have made a mistake as he counted out your fee. Less-established clients may try to stiff or short you if they think you will have limited opportunities to count your cash. And, it’s wise to count your money immediately, in front of your client, if possible. If you don’t and you find you’re short, your client may try to insinuate that you are lying and trying to take advantage of him by asking for more money than originally requested.
  • Consider meeting new clients in private locations. Check out new clients to ensure they are not security risks by arriving at their hotel rooms to take a look at things. (Does he appear to have luggage there? Does everything look genuine? Is he hiding something weird or scary in his room?) Furthermore, it’s fairly common for escorts to be called to an encounter that starts at a bar or restaurant only to be gawked at by her time wasting client and his pals, whom she can’t recognize until the taunting or finger-pointing begins. Don’t give timewasters an opportunity to take advantage of you.
  • Position yourself strategically. It’s best to have the room and doors in front of you, and a wall behind you (as long as it has no mirrors). The less neighbors and the further away they are – the better.

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