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Pros and cons of public dates with clients

Weddings, family reunions, work banquets… people often find these the kind of events that one would bring a spouse or a significant other to. If you arrive single and unattached, there are always questions. And, to be honest, many events are just much more fun if you have a partner in crime on your arm. As a result, escorts are known to be asked to accompany clients on public dates.
However, even though you may be chomping at the bit to get out of your incall for some fun, you should realize that there are several pros and cons when considering public dates with clients. Consider these before accepting the booking:
Pros for having a public date:

  1. Going out and about is fun and interesting! Staying out of sight either at your incall or at an outcall of your client’s choosing gets boring and monotonous. Being invited out to dinner, a big party or, even, a family wedding at the Ritz is something to look forward to that breaks the normal consistency that makes your schedule so dull. And, while predictability makes for good encounters, normally, it’s exciting to get an opportunity to do something new and different. Many times, clients will have fun ideas for activities that you will enjoy, so it ends up being a fun date night. And, if your client isn’t the most entertaining sort, it also helps take the pressure off of you to keep him busy and happy. You can rely on the activity or place you’re going to provide a pleasant atmosphere for you both.
  2. You get to go out in a style you’re not accustomed to. Unless you’re independently wealthy or have arrived at a high level of success as an escort, you’re probably not used to taking a limo to a party or getting to enjoy a suite at a ballgame. But, if you go with your client, you may find that this is his usual style. Attending upscale events, high-end charity functions, Broadway productions or other fun activities will be open to you for, perhaps, the first time in your life. Enjoy the luxury that surrounds you when you’re with your client out on the town. His reservations may get you the best seats in the house, when you’re usually seated near the kitchen. First class excursions in the best possible locations, high-end foods and drinks and the best entertainment available may be in your future when you accept public dates with clients.
  3. You get a chance to really put on the dog. Maybe a client gave you a striking diamond necklace a few months back — but, you never get a chance to wear it. (After all, where can you really wear a high-end diamond necklace, if you’re living a middle-class lifestyle?) Getting the chance to go to high-brow functions gives you the opportunity to put on your fanciest dress, your killer heels and THAT necklace. Or, maybe it provides you with the reason to go shopping for designer duds appropriate for the particular event you will be attending. Getting your hair done, seeking a top-notch manicure and going all out with a spa day may be just what you need in order to fully prep for the night out with your client. Take it all in and utilize the night to feel like you’re Cinderella at the ball. Every girl deserves that once in awhile!
  4. The chance to rub elbows with interesting people is full of fun! While people, in general, are funny, the truly wealthy folks of the world are humorous, too. Often, you will find rather eccentric personalities and people with unique quirks. They, honestly, don’t care what others think of them and will act however they please when out in public. On the other hand, you will observe some individuals with insane egos and many who act amazingly bad, just because they can get away with it. Hobnobbing with celebs and the famous people in your community is pretty exciting, and these chances may only be available to you through elite bookings where public dates are featured. Going to a party where you can watch a movie star or local politician in his/her element and acting naturally is a way to find insight to the people you usually only see on television or the news. And, if you actually get to meet a member of the elite circle, you may have an unforgettable experience.
  5. You get an opportunity to try new things. If you’ve never had top-notch, 80-year-old wine or tasted caviar, you may get a chance to with your client on a public date. He may be used to going to polo matches or venturing out on his yacht. Shopping on Rodeo Drive may be an extravagance he will take you on. Depending on your client, you may get to experience things you’ve never had at your disposal before. Everything from food and drink to actual activities may be new to you when you’re out with a client. He can take you places you’ve never visited and gain VIP access to events you couldn’t even afford general admission tickets to. The world is a wide, amazing place that you may get a formal introduction to if you allow your client to take you on public dates and venture out of your comfort zone.

Cons of having a public date:

  1. You run the risk of being recognized. Depending on how high-profile your client is, it’s a definite possibility that he could attract attention from others in the crowd. Even if he isn’t well-known, it’s a pretty small world and coincidences happen regularly. Either of you could run into someone you know, which could create some real issues in the long run. If he runs into a colleague or neighbor, for instance, he may be asked about his presence with you, especially if he’s married. If you are recognized by a friend or family member, you will be asked about your relationship with the client and it will be brought back up in the future. You can count on it! Even if you venture far away from your community, it’s still possible to run into somebody that you know. It’s a sticky situation that requires quick thinking and a story that will hold up over time.
  2. Get your story straight, or the adventure will fail miserably. If you’re attending an event, such as wedding or work dinner, with your client, you need to prepare each other prior to the date. You need to know a few things about each other and have a tale to spin about how you met, what your relationship is, etc. People are always curious; they won’t be trying to catch you up in the details. They just want know the dirt about how you know each other. If you’re telling the story that you’re dating, you will need to know some basics about your client. His favorite color, his middle name, his mom’s name…things like that. You don’t have to know enough to write a book, but you do need some basic information. And, he needs to know a few details about you and your habits. You can make up a lot as you go along…but, your general story needs to be on the same page. This requires some preparation, which will take extra time. You may need to charge a little extra to compensate you for this effort.
  3. Conditions and details are out of your control when you are out in public. So many things can happen that you don’t expect when you’re at a new place or out in society. At your incall or even when you offer outcall services, you can maintain certain conditions that ensure a safe, productive encounter. But, when you are out and about, you are the mercy of good luck or fate. Anything could go wrong. Additionally, not only do you have to worry about ensuring that your client has a good time, but outside circumstances could dampen the mood. For instance, a rude waiter or a bad cabbie could really make the booking start off badly. If you’ve got tickets to an outdoor event, rain could certainly screw up your plans. When you visit with a client at your incall, you can be the master planner for all elements of your encounter. You can orchestrate the perfect booking.
  4. Paparazzi and the media may cause you problems. Not only do you have to worry about being recognized by friends, colleagues or family members, but when you’re out with high profile clients, you must be conscious of whether the media is on your trail. Members of the media are always excited to track down dirt on celebs, wealthy members of the community’s elite circle or major business leaders. If they find you out in public together, they will dig deep to find out about who you are and what your connections are. They will do major Internet searches on you…which, unless you hide your true identity well, may lead them to who you really are, including your escorting profile. So, not only will your client be exposed as the client of an escort, but you will also be outed to family and friends as a provider. Even though this may seem far-fetched, it’s a risk you take when you go out in public with a client who is known by the local/regional/national media. While it may be fun, it could cause you lots of problems in the long run.
  5. Because you’re working, you won’t actually enjoy the “date.” Even if you’re going to an amazing venue or event, you are on duty. Your role is to make your client look good and give him pleasure. It’s not about whether you have a good time or not. Your job is to create an atmosphere that he is happy with. You are to play a role that he’s created for you, tend to his wants/needs during the booking and to allow him his fantasy. If your enjoyment interferes with any of this, you have to forego your own preferences for his happiness. While these kinds of dates seem alluring and exciting, they are a lot of work and will not be easy. With lots of distractions, your efforts to maintain your client’s interest may be quite challenging.

General tips to keep in mind for going on public dates:

  • Never go out in public with a new client. Going out to public venues is a risky encounter with several things that can go wrong. You want to be sure that you can trust your client, know that he’s not a security risk and be assured that he will conduct himself properly in public. Without having been involved with him previously during a booking, you know nothing about him. You don’t even know if you will “click” enough to have fun together on a date out and about. Your screening process may let you know he’s not wanted for murder, but it’s not going to inform you about his tendency to get in bar fights, heckle the comedian at a club or do other inappropriate things that will attract undue attention to you as a couple. And, when going out in public, you run personal safety risks that you shouldn’t engage in with new clients. Often, you’re alone in private transportation with your client. And, you allow them to control the environment. Both are no-no’s with new clients.
  • Don’t overengage in activities. While you’re out with your client, it’s proper to appropriately participate in the event you attend. However, imbibing too much alcohol is going to cause you problems. You may use poor judgment, embarrass yourself or do other things that will damage your reputation with your client. Additionally, venturing off away from your client for activities will leave him feeling deserted. Or, dancing with others at an event may cause him to get jealous. Learn to walk a fine line between doing your part to fit in and tending to your client.
  • Always get your payment up front. It’s pretty easy for a client to “forget” to pay you after a full night of fun. Or, if things go wrong, to ditch you halfway through the booking. You may be left empty handed, without transportation and somewhere you are unfamiliar with. Don’t do that to yourself. Insist that your client pay you up front for your time. Arrange for emergency transportation, in case things don’t pan out the way you hope they will. And, do some research about the event ahead of time.

It’s entirely up to you whether you accept public dates as bookings with clients. But, you need to know that there are good things and negative issues to expect about them. It may not be perfect, but it could be a lot of fun. Many escorts accept these kinds of encounters sparingly, only with preferred clients. Take it case by case and determine if the benefits outweigh the potential disadvantages.

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