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How and why to switch between the genres of adult entertainment?

The adult entertainment industry includes many unique genres. While they may all have some similarities and provide similar outcomes for customers, they include different methods of achieving client satisfaction. It’s fairly common for providers to begin following one career path, only to change directions as they learn more about other options. Transitioning to another adult entertainment genre is fully possible, if you follow some helpful tips and are altering your path for a good reason.
What are some justifiable and understandable reasons to change career directions within the industry?

  • Curiosity: They say that curiosity killed the cat, but in many cases it can be incredibly helpful in expanding your horizons. Wondering about other genres may be all it takes for you to want to make the leap t a new career. Dancers make the jump from gentlemen’s clubs to escort agencies frequently. Webcam performers stretch their talents to begin performing as exotic dancers or escorts. Erotic massage therapists bridge the gap and become escorts all of the time. Simply being curious about another genre may give you the gumption to make the transition. And, it’s a completely comprehensible reason. After all, it may have been your impetus for getting involved in the adult industry in the first place. Providers are always wondering about the possibilities out there — it’s only natural to want to explore other options.
  • Boredom: Sometimes, providers get bored doing the same old thing over and over, again. The broken record of their professional lives begins to drive them crazy and they need a change. Boredom is one of the top reasons that providers switch up their careers and begin exploring new genres (or, even, niches within their career lines). They are looking for something that challenges them, something that allows them to utilize a little more creativity or something that brings with it more variety than they were experiencing before. Every provider feels differently about the industry, but many grow “comfortable” with their services and, yes, even, their regulars. Free spirits or those who look for “more,” may be compelled to try new things within the industry as a way of maintaining self perseverance or simply to avoid stagnating in a job that doesn’t make them happy on a daily basis. And, considering changing genres doesn’t mean you hate the current services you are providing. It only means that you’re interested in trying something new.
  • Money: It’s pretty common to want to follow the money trail to success. Many providers hear of other opportunities with more potential for higher incomes and growth. Even when you’re satisfied with the kind of services you are providing for customers, it’s hard to ignore the possibility of doubling or tripling your income if you enter a new field within the adult entertainment. Moving from a webcam performer to an escort could triple your earnings, if your career takes off. Or, changing from being an exotic dancer to performing erotic massage could help you amass significant increases in your income. But, don’t jump ship only based on one or two reports of elevated earning potential. Do your research and ensure that you’re capable of charging the rates you think are standard in your area. Just because a dancer in L.A. can earn thousands of dollars in a night does not mean that you can earn that in rural Michigan.
  • Life/situation change: There are times that your life predicates a career change. As a provider, you don’t exactly have the most “normal” schedule, probably. Some genres are worse at this than others. You may need something much more flexible, or the opportunity to work out of your home. You may have had to relocate, which could mean the market you were once working in isn’t as popular where you’ve moved to. Maybe you got married, and your spouse isn’t terribly keen on you being physically intimate with others. Regardless of your situation, the adult entertainment industry offers lots of opportunity to adjust your career path to accommodate new life changes. Figure out what you’re capable of doing and then cross reference it to a line of work in the industry. Web camming, for instance, is a great alternative for a provider who has to move to a less populated area or someone who can’t be away from home as much. (It’s also good if you’ve had a situation that has made you weary about making physical contact with customers. It can help you gain your confidence back.) If you’ve contracted an STD, it might be wise to move from escorting to exotic dancing. Or, if you’re a dancer and experienced an injury, you might want to transition into web camming or erotic massage. There are many ways to still work in the industry, even with situation changes that impact your abilities.

When you decide that it’s time to change genres within the industry, there are some tips you can follow to ease the transition. Just like in any industry, there may be pitfalls you can easily fall into. But, if you know what to do, you may be able to avoid them.

  1. Do your research: Don’t just assume that you know what the new genre entails without checking into it. Ask another provider in that genre for some candid information about what a typical day is like in her world. Do some information gathering online. Consider trying it out, before jumping in with both feet. There’s a distinct possibility that what you’re looking to avoid in your old genre still exists in the new one. In every field, there are benefits and disadvantages to jobs. No career is perfect. Just because the grass appears greener on the other side of the fence does not ensure that it’s not actually just your offset perception. Once you’ve done some research, feel confident to move forward with your decision if the move to a new genre still seems like an advantageous idea. If you’re still unsure, weigh the pros and cons ahead of time.
  2. Invest slowly: As you enter your new genre in the adult entertainment world, avoid the underlying urge to buy everything you think you may need all at once, upfront. Buy the things you absolutely cannot do without as you transition, but leave the others for future purchases after you’ve earned a little income in the new genre. This saves you from a ton of investment upfront, allowing you to retain some of the earnings you’ve made from your previous career. And, it avoids having a lot of useless stuff around if you decide the new genre isn’t for you. Additionally, you may not know what you actually need for your new career until you’ve worked in it a while. You may get all kinds of advice from other providers about what supplies, etc. you should have, but until you work as a provider, you don’t know what you, personally, require to do the job. Most clients will understand if you don’t have every accessory or tool in the world, when they know you’re transitioning from another genre.
  3. Inform your current clients: Don’t just leave your regulars hanging. Let them know, personally, if possible, that you’re going to be moving your business over to a new genre. If you can’t tell them, personally, consider another way to let your regulars know you won’t be providing your old services. Whether this is through your profile listing in a provider directory or through sending out emails, do something to communicate with them. Many of your clients may want one last “hurrah” with you before you transition to a new career. This could result in quite a bit of business before you move to the new services, providing you with a nice rainy day fund for when your new efforts are slow. Some customers may tip you well, as they see you off. And, others may let you know they are still interested if you want to return to your old ways. It’s a nice way to say “thank you” to all of your former customers, too.
  4. Change up your marketing before planning to be active in your new genre: Your business is just like any other that relies on customers and clients for its livelihood. And, no other business would just open its doors, expecting customers to come flocking in, without any kind of advance notice. Before going active in your new genre, advertise that you’re going to be providing new services. Promote yourself and your skill set to potential clients. Provide information about your services and availability, including when your first day “open for business” will be. Some potential customers will try to contact you early, not having fully read your marketing information. But, many will recognize that you’re breaking into the new genre and respect your anticipated availability. When you promote yourself in advance, you are developing name recognition and planting seeds with future customers. If you arrive on the scene unannounced and unknown, you can’t bank on acquiring very much business early on. And, while it may take some extra time to double up on your marketing efforts, it will be worth the effort in the long run.
  5. Realize it will be a challenge: Nothing involving change is easy. Transitioning to a new adult entertainment genre may be quite problematic, at first, as you grapple to find your bearings. Learning new lingo, methods and trends can be frustrating, especially if you were well positioned in your old genre. Building your customer list may take some time as will getting a feel for the new services. There may be new skill sets you’ll have to learn or apply. For example, if you are moving into the escort world, you will have to implement a screening technique that you probably didn’t use if you were a webcam performer. Or, if you’re becoming an erotic massage therapist, you’ll have to learn some simple massage techniques that may not have been required if you were a dancer previously. Some aspects of the change will be hard, especially at first. But, if you are patient and do your best, you’ll be up and running in no time.

One thing that can make the transition easier is bringing your old clients with you for new menu. If you’ve developed relationships with your regulars, they may be excited to explore your new venture with you. This can definitely make those first few weeks a lot easier and more promising. Here are some tips you can use to entice your regulars to follow you into the new genre:

  1. Issue them a special invitation: Without explicitly encouraging them to follow you, your clients may feel like you’re leaving them behind purposely. They could feel like they don’t belong in your new world. However, if you enjoy your regulars, include them in your new adventure. Invite them to partake of your new offering. Give them priority when scheduling. Encourage them to be your guinea pigs as you embark on your new career. Even if your clients haven’t ventured into your new genre, they may be inclined to try it out with your personal attention. They already know and trust you; this may make them feel comfortable enough to try out something new and different.
  2. Provide them with a unique discount: Your customers will feel appreciated and valued when you offer them a special rate for following you into your new career. Of course, you may not be able to honor reduced rates permanently, but you can the first few times. (Trying out your new skills on reliable, tried-and-true clients can be a comfort and a way to hone in on your talents, which is definitely worth offering a discount to your regulars.)
  3. Incorporate your old services with your new ones: Find a way to bridge the gap and provide bits of the old services, along with the new, when your regular customers visit with you. It’s not only a great way to transition them into your new career, but it’s also a fine way to ease into your new skill sets. When you include your previous services with new ones, your reliable clients may find that they feel comfortable trying something new. Otherwise, they may feel out of place and like their needs will no longer be met through your new career. It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone.
  4. Rely on your relationships: Eventually, your regulars may grow to miss you. If they don’t initially follow you to your new efforts in the industry, they may be inclined to be persuaded at a later date, after they’ve had a chance to notice you have been missing. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Depend on this as you wait awhile to invite your clients to visit you. Some may respond enthusiastically at the prospect of getting your attention, again, regardless of the style your affections take.
  5. Avoid disappointment: In a perfect world, every one of your customers would eagerly embark on your new career with you. But, it’s not a perfect world and not every customer is going to follow you into your new journey. Some will, but it may be far from the majority of your previous admirers. As you’ve moved on to a new genre, they will also move on to new providers. Keep in mind you are always replaceable. It’s a hard pill to swallow, ego-wise, but it’s the truth. Save yourself some disappointment and expect the worst case scenario, instead of the best. (It’s always a nice surprise when the opposite happens.)

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