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12 reasons why a client does not return to the same escort

In business, according to McKinsey and Company, the average company loses 10 to 30% of its customers annually. Let’s find out whether the “regular” business guidelines for preserving the customer base are useful for escort.
Anytime that you have a service-oriented business that depends on its clients for success (such as the escort industry), you must carefully consider elements of your business that are working to maintain customer/client retention. Common marketing and customer service complaints may be underlying causes for why some of your clients fail to return for follow-up encounters with you. It will be beneficial to consider these common customer retention issues as why your clients disappear:

  1. You don’t treat your business like a business. Successful entrepreneurs know that they have to take their businesses seriously in order for them to grow. And, when they acquire customers or clients, they have to treat them professionally, with care and attention. However, many escorts don’t view their clients in that same light. They feel that they are doing their clients a service and that attention to their needs beyond the physical encounter is pointless and beyond the requirements of their job. While it is true that an escort shouldn’t be conned into giving a client more attention than he is paying for, she does need to see to it that he’s receiving proper encouragement to schedule and show up for encounters. Additionally, you need to ensure that you are paying attention to your marketing efforts, accounting details and other business aspects that will guarantee your success. It’s pretty obvious to a client when an escort treats her escorting profession like a hobby. It doesn’t allow him to feel as though he’s receiving an elite experience.
  2. Your communication efforts are slacking. One of the most important lessons you can strive to perfect is the need for excellent communication between you and your clients. Keep in mind that communication doesn’t just apply to the brief conversation where you tell your client when and where to meet you. If you’re taking too long to return his phone call or text message, that can be a huge communication problem for your client. The longer he waits for your response, the less likely he may be to actually book an encounter. When he contacts you, he is ready to discuss logistics, ask questions and set up a booking. If he has to wait, he may be discouraged. Additionally, he may take it as a statement that his business is unimportant or not a priority to you. You don’t want him to think either scenario. Additionally, escorts who attempt to get their clients off the phone quickly may cause their clients to feel rushed. This feeling may carry over to their expectations about the encounter, causing them to show up with a negative attitude. Even if the client is a regular, make the effort to engage in a bit of small talk to appear conversational and personal. Despite the fact that your relationship is a purely professional one, you can still maintain niceties and courtesy that emphasize the intimate nature of your business. And, finally, if you never pick up the phone when you state that you are available, many clients will simply quit calling. You must make an effort to refine your contact availability schedule to coincide with when you actually want to talk to clients on the phone. If not, they may not return.
  3. Issues are allowed to evolve into deal breakers. According to McKinsey and Company, many customers will walk away from a business when they feel they weren’t listened to or taken seriously about a complaint or request. When a client comments about something that he is dissatisfied about or that didn’t meet his expectations, you should listen to him and attempt to find a resolution. Many escorts feel that clients are too picky or expect the unattainable. However, some client complaints are valid. Hear them out and try to get to the real issue. Sometimes, a client will explain why he’s disappointed, instead of just what he’s unhappy about. When you hear the “why,” you may be able to fix the problem. (However, it often takes a few minutes to get down to the true reasons.) Make efforts to ensure your clients’ satisfaction. Otherwise, they may not return. Often, escorts will discount a client’s criticism, thinking that they are being petty or focusing on unimportant details. When the overall encounter went well, don’t allow it to be tainted by failing to listen to a client about a small complaint. Odds are that his issue can be easily fixed, leaving him feeling satisfied in more ways than one. However, if you don’t give his beef the attention it deserves, he may look for an escort who will.
  4. Slow customer support kills the mood. Clients often correspond by email to ask questions or because it’s inconvenient to communicate via their phones. Even though email is less instantaneous than other methods of communication, it’s usually assumed that a 24-hour response time is a reasonable expectation. However, if you allow email messages to go unanswered for several days, you may be inadvertently sending another kind of message: you don’t want to talk to the client. Clients who don’t receive a reply from you will look for another escort, despite their enjoyable experience the last time the two of you met up. The best way to avoid this debacle is to simply check and answer your email daily. If this isn’t feasible for you, set up your email account to send out an automated response that provides details about how soon the sender can anticipate your reply. Make sure you adhere to your own guidelines by sending a response back within the timeframe listed in your automated email. Additionally, if email just isn’t your thing, don’t even bother listing an email address in your marketing. This way you can avoid causing clients to think you’re uninterested in their business.
  5. False advertising may pay only once. It’s essential to play up your talents and the things that make you special when you’re marketing yourself as an escort. However, if you make unrealistic promises or post about skills/talents you don’t possess, your clients may call you out on them. The marketing professionals for any company will tell you never to make bold claims that a product can’t live up to. While it’s true that you need to promote yourself by bragging yourself up, you should never market yourself with outcomes you can’t deliver. Never indicate to clients that you will provide them with the best intimate experience they’ve ever had. Don’t insinuate you can work magic. Avoid telling them you’re beautiful or sexy when your pictures can speak for themselves. Exaggerations you make can come back and bite you through disappointing your clients when they use your profile to create expectations for the encounter. Sometimes, your profile may create such high expectations that it would be impossible for any escort to live up to. However, if you’re simply slacking and not giving your client 100 percent during an encounter, you can fix that by attempting to do better. But, beware! Slacking even once can cause a client to feel cheated, giving him good reason to find another escort.
  6. Clients quit calling when they no longer feel appreciated. Many companies offer customer loyalty programs, with coupons or discounts for their services. Escorts really shouldn’t show their gratitude to clients this way, but they can demonstrate their appreciation in other ways. Simply saying “thank you” at the beginning or end of an encounter can speak volumes for how much you value his loyalty and repeat bookings. Additionally, many escorts offer value-added services to their most regular clients. Allowing them to stay a few extra minutes, talking a bit longer on the phone, exchanging miscellaneous text messages or providing a “tide over” photo can be ways that you show your appreciation for your clients. While you should never feel that you have to provide gifts, it’s common to treat a regular client to something special on his birthday or to help him celebrate successes he may have shared with you. For instance, celebrate a promotion with a bottle of bubbly and new lingerie. (You can always wear the lingerie again later in future bookings.) Or, buy a cake for your client on his birthday. Showing your appreciation for a client can be simple, but it means a lot, especially in terms of client retention.
  7. Escorts who fail to bond with clients don’t get repeat business. The Corporate Executive Board Company polled 7,000 consumers and learned that 64 percent of them felt loyal to companies they thought they shared values with. In order to retain your clients, you have to bond with them. Often, bonding with them means establishing common concepts or interests that you both share. As an escort, you often leave yourself open so that you can be every client’s dream woman. However, there comes a time that you must allow pieces of yourself to come through so a client can feel that you’re real and his fondness for you is based on something more genuine. Because it’s never ideal to share details about your personal life, you must limit your involvement to discussing less intimate aspects of your life, such as hobbies or other interests. Maybe you love gardening or the beach. Perhaps, your passion is professional baseball. Whatever it is, bond with your client over it. Attempt to find interests you both share and can talk about together. Establishing that connection is essential to keeping your clients coming back for more. Otherwise, they will move on to another escort they feel they have more in common with.
  8. Every client thinks her needs must be respected. Clients seek out escorts for self-satisfaction purposes. They want their needs to be met when booking you for an encounter. A client who doesn’t feel that an escort really understands what he wants is going to find someone else who does. It’s essential to determine what your clients’ needs are and to attempt to fulfill them. Sometimes, you have to do this very quickly, as an encounter only lasts so long. But, most escorts get pretty good at this as they become more experienced. If you can’t identify what they want, it’s always appropriate to ask. Many escorts will get requests to be something they are not: submissive/dominant, flirty/stand-offish or anything else that may not coincide with their personalities. It’s your job to conform to the client’s ideals and needs during an encounter. Doing your best to keep him happy will keep him calling to book additional encounters.
  9. Every clients thinks she is memorable. Escorts may talk to hundreds of clients and would-be clients weekly. However, you probably only meet up with a handful of those. It’s essential to create some sort of a system to alert yourself that you know the client who is contacting you and to spark some recollection about him. Clients like to be remembered. They don’t want to feel like they were an insignificant experience for you. They may realize that it’s all professional for you, but they need to think it was special or different. Do your best to create a method to recall your clients or create a database where you can record details that will clue you in on them along the way. Additionally, never let on to a client that you don’t remember him. If you’re bad with names or faces, you can admit to that, but you should never confess that you don’t think you’ve ever seen him before. A client needs to feel that he was important enough for you to remember him.
  10. Some clients want an escort to help them figure out what they want. Bain and Company reported in The Harvard Management Update in 2012 that 80 percent of companies said they had superior customer service. But, only 8 percent of their customers agreed. It’s fairly common for companies and business owners to really have no idea about what their clients want and need, little lone expect. The escort industry is no different. You must be in touch with your clients to determine what they want from an encounter with you. Assuming that you know, simply because you’ve been escorting for awhile, is not good enough. Each client is different with needs that are unlike others. You have to take the time to read the client, ask questions and feel your way through, taking their lead along the way. Escorts who fail to pay attention to their clients will lose them to others who will.
  11. People are easily bored. Clients seek out escorts for the excitement the encounters offer. When these experiences become predictable or lack the clandestine anticipation they once held, they will move on to another escort, where the excitement is new and different. Just like the familiarity that develops in most relationships, you must make an effort to make your relationship with clients always seem fresh and impassioned. Don’t allow it to become stale and boring. Additionally, it’s realistic to expect that you will lose some clients due to the natural flow of the escort industry. These clients want variety, which includes the type of women they meet up. Once they’ve had some time with you, they want to move on to another escort. It may have nothing to do with your skill, talent or beauty. It boils down to the fact that your client wants to experience the freedom to become intimate with other women.
  12. Getting caught by an employer, family member or spouse can put a quick stop to a client/escort relationship. Many clients will disappear when they’ve been caught or questioned by someone about their affairs with you. Don’t attempt to contact a client who seems to drop out of thin air. By checking in on him, you may actually get him in worse trouble with others. Additionally, if you want to keep your clients, one service you can provide (in addition to typical intimate activities) is to give tips about how to avoid suspicion when a client is visiting and communicating with you. This is especially helpful when clients get a bit wild and reckless with their boasts about their personal lives.

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