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Overwhelming success: 13 steps to making it as an overweight escort

It’s pretty common knowledge that the majority of escorts are slim, fit and have a lower-than-average BMI. But they are not the only ones achieving success in adult entertainment. Because sexual appetites desire all shapes, sizes and colors of providers, those who are bigger boned or more voluptuous have an equal chance of thriving in the business. BBW escorts should realize, though, they have a unique set of challenges they may face when they enter the industry. Follow these tips and you’ll have higher chances of creating a top-notch career:

  1. Develop confidence: When you’re a full-figured person, it helps to develop a thick skin to simply exist in today’s world. But, when you’re an adult services provider, it’s essential. Even though customers contact you for your services, it isn’t a sure thing that they plan to be nice to you. Many enjoy fat-shaming fetishes that can destroy your self esteem, even though the customer may be fully enjoying himself. They can be condescending and overly critical of your appearance, even when they are not asking for any fetish activities. But, in addition to learning to ignore people’s criticisms and rude comments, it’s necessary to build up your own self confidence. Clients will find you significantly sexier when you exhibit a presence that says you are self assured and feel good about yourself. Think about it: if you don’t find yourself sexy and beautiful, who will? Stop worrying about your size and focus on what you have going for you. Appreciate your curves, personality and other skills. Know that you’re going to rock your clients’ worlds!
  2. Identify your niche: Of course, marketing yourself as a standard, run-of-the-mill provider isn’t going to work for you. (Actually, nobody should market themselves that way — everybody needs to demonstrate how they are unique.) But, BBW providers, especially, have to determine where the clients are who are looking for them. Because not everyone is into a plus-sized entertainer, it’s essential to identify the niches that will work best for you. Initially, it’s wise to simply go for the “BBW” categories. But, as you discern the markets more analytically, you may determine that there is potential for some business opportunity when you market with other niches, too. The dom/sub niche often includes more demands for Rubenesque providers. Sometimes, even, the GFE pursuers are interested in BBW service. Do your homework, get creative and find ways to make yourself marketable in a variety of ways.
  3. Dress appropriately: Tasteful, quality plus-sized fashions are less varied and more difficult to come by than misses-sized options. To that truth, it is more difficult to dress flatteringly due to limited clothing choices and finding a proper fit for your unique body. But, it’s essential to strive for well-fitting, trendy, fashionable garments that will accentuate your assets and de-emphasize your least favorite body parts. Start by finding undergarments and lingerie that will create smooth silhouettes and flatter your curves. Get fitted for the right size bra. A well-fitting bra will make a significant difference in how the rest of your clothing fits. (And, it looks LOTS better when you remove your shirt for your client’s enjoyment!) If your style is tight and slim-fitted, make sure that they skim your body and flow with your curves, instead of cutting in and creating unsightly bulges. If you look options that are more flowy, pick the ones that still show off your curves or other sexy attributes. And, remember, that just because other providers are wearing g-strings and triangle bikini tops, it’s not a sure thing that those options will work best for you. Resist going with the trends if they aren’t flattering.
  4. Exercise: Part of your appeal to customers is your size. So, it’s pretty logical that your fitness aspirations won’t be to lose weight. However, exercise has more purposes than only to drop pounds. Depending on the type of provider you are, you need strength, stamina and flexibility. (Escorts need these traits for bedroom work; dancers need all of those for stage work; and, even film actresses need it for repeated takes on the same scene.) Many types of exercise can develop your muscles and increase your overall strength. (This can also help with posture — which is EXTREMELY important to any plus-sized gal!) In addition, a little bit of exercise can firm up your jiggle slightly enough that your clothes will fit just a bit nicer. AND — it’s good for your health. Carrying extra weight puts a strain on your heart. But, working out increases oxygen flow to your brain and helps strengthen your heart. (But, be cautious exercising without the permission of your physician. Talk to your primary care doctor first to see if she has any concerns.)
  5. Get regular check-ups: Speaking of your primary care doctor (see tip #4), it’s really important that you get regular physicals with your physician. Depending on the kind of adult entertainment work you do, your “female check-ups” are vital to ensure that you are sexually healthy. Getting regular STD testing and assuring that all of your “woman parts” are ok is essential to your overall health and ability to perform your job. But, even more significant is ensuring that the industry and your size aren’t putting you in danger. Being an adult provider can be pretty stressful. Keeping secrets, meeting up with not-so-nice clients and trying to maintain a successful (confidential) career can produce unreal degrees of anxiety and worry. When your body is already stressed from carrying extra weight, the added pressure on it can result in serious health issues. Heart conditions, joint pain and general wear and tear on your body may be exacerbated by your career. Seeing a doctor regularly will help you keep an eye on anything worrisome.
  6. Wear good shoes: While you may LOVE the long, lean look that stilettos give your legs, they are not always the best answer for women — especially for more full-figured ones. If you’re on your feet a lot as a provider, you should invest in some shoes that have support and will take care of your feet. It’s a worry for average-weighted women, but it’s even more of a concern when the extra weight you carry takes an even higher toll on your feet. If you’re a dancer, you might opt to perform barefoot. If you’re an escort, save the high heels for slipping on right before you meet up with your client. Additionally, budget or low quality shoes may not stand up under the wear you give them. Extra weight may break down your shoes more quickly, so choosing sturdier versions of sexy kicks may be a better option than purchasing cheap items from the sale rack.
  7. Get a penis extender: Escorts who seem to have difficulties with penetration in certain positions, due to their size, should invest in a penis extender. A penis extender is usually a silicone sleeve that slips over the tip of a client’s penis that elongates his member and makes penetration easier. It ensures more sensation for you and more satisfaction for him. This device is especially helpful when working with “big and tall” clients, too. When you use it with a client, be sure to explain that it has nothing to do with the size of his penis. Suggest that it’s your fault, so he feels better about utilizing it. It will allow both of you to enjoy positions that would be otherwise impossible and provides for more creativity during the encounter. Purchase one from your favorite online vendor or check them out at your local adult products store. Several varieties are available, but they all serve the same purpose.
  8. Buy strong furniture: Depending on the type of provider you are, strong furniture is essential. If you’re an escort, you need a bed and a couch that will support the extra weight you carry, in addition to the action you’re going to be engaged in upon it. Cheaply made furniture won’t stand up under your efforts. And, well-made furniture with few reinforcements won’t work, either. Select extremely sturdy pieces with lots of wood or metal. Thick cushions or pillows work best. And, realize that you can’t jump on them like you could if you weighed 120 pounds. If your furniture seems to lack strength, choose to rendezvous on the floor. If you’re a dancer, make sure that the pole you use has extra strong brackets. (It would be terrible to fall with a loose or bent pole.) Even though it’s a reality you may not like to recognize, you have to double-check the strengths of furniture, etc. before you utilize them for your performances.
  9. Be honest: All adult service providers have to be honest about their appearances, but BBW providers should be extra diligent to deliver accurate descriptions about themselves. Measurements and current photos can be essential for a customer to fully comprehend your size. Don’t edit the photos to make you look thinner or more svelte; ensure they are accurate and reflect your degree of voluptuousness. Some clients “think” they want a BBW provider, but on second thought, they only want a larger escort…not someone who fits into the BBW niche. Make sure that the customer realizes that you are truly BBW, not just a little fluffy. And, if you’re just a little fluffy, be clear about that, too. Some customers are really desirous of more curvaceous providers and will be disappointed when you don’t have the degree of curves they are expecting.
  10. Respect yourself: As you are marketing yourself to customers, don’t downgrade yourself or use derogatory language. Utilize descriptors that create positive images, such as voluptuous, curvy, Rubeneseque or buxom. Flattering terms will exhibit that you respect yourself. When you respect yourself, that automatically creates the opportunity for them to respect you in return. Additionally, don’t allow customers to fat shame you or act condescendingly about your size. Don’t forgive critical comments. Nor should you accept lower fees, just because you don’t fit society’s mainstream definition of beautiful. You are worth as much as any other adult entertainment provider, whether you’re an escort, dancer, webcam performer or film starlet. Realize your potential and value your worth.
  11. Don’t judge your customers: It’s easy to expect that the majority of your clients will be plus-sized or bigger, as well. But, that won’t be the case. BBW fans come from all walks of life and come in all shapes and sizes, themselves. Many slim, smaller clients will seek refuge in your soft, feminine form. Extremely muscular customers enjoy how curvy you are. And, regular, run-of-the-mill guys will be attracted to you for your mere sexiness. If you judge them ahead of time and assume that they aren’t really attracted to you, you’re missing the boat. Many of those customers will worship you. Don’t expect that just because they could score “any woman in the world,” that they wouldn’t choose one like you. Assume that every client who calls you up is in love with the full-figured female figure and get ready for some fun.
  12. Take care of yourself: As a larger woman, it may be easy to start letting little things about yourself go to pot. If you start feeling unattractive, due to your size, you may slack off on the make-up or shaving your legs. You’ve got to keep up those habits that fulfill your beauty regime to keep looking like a high-end provider. Get your nails done regularly. Do your hair and see your hair dresser consistently. Moisturize your skin. (It’s one of the things many clients will enjoy about you.) In addition to your beauty routines, pay attention to other things you do to take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest. Eat a healthy diet that will fuel your body. And, fulfill what your mind, body and soul needs to get by. Hobbies and social activities will keep you feeling alive.
  13. Don’t pigeonhole yourself: If, for some reason, you decide to lose weight or trim up, don’t let your position as a BBW provider stop you. Realize that there is adult entertainment work for women of all shapes and sizes. Customers out there like women in all forms, so you will still have interest, even if you’re not the exact same shape you are now. Don’t feel like you have to stay in a rut, if you’re not happy.

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